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Learn How To Ride Fast & Safe Around Corners on Dirt and Gravel Roads – Offroad Skills

Riding fast around corners is not that
scary let’s talk about cornering at speed! welcome to MOTOTREK. I’m Dusty Wessels
professional motorcycle instructor for West 38 Moto
Today we’re cornering at speed. what the heck does that mean? it means faster than
first gear probably second third maybe fourth when cornering at speed vision momentum
control and body positions are very important cornering at speed is a blast! I love it!
it’s so much fun when you find a road that you can have fun and go fast on do
it! the most important thing to remember is your vision. you’ve got to look as far
out on that road as you can see. that allows us to scan everything in between
that point and where we are right now to maintain proper control while you’re at
speed make sure you approach that corner at a speed that allows you to stop if
when you get around it you see something that makes you stop a washout a big rock
another car up like in front of you’re down if it’s wide open
once you see it take off When cornering at speed vision and
momentum control go hand in hand use your vision here to look forward
don’t look at the road in front of you keep your eyes focused on the furthest
point away when you come into a corner like this where you can’t see what’s on
the other side you need to control your momentum use the throttle as a dimmer
switch don’t dump it just roll off it a bit if you can see all the way through
the corner keep the throttle consistent roll on it as you exit just like you
would on the pavement check out Bret’s fantastic video explaining all about
vision when cornering at speed off road in a low traction environment it’s
really important to keep your body position in the right place so if I’m on
the pavement and I’m making a left-hand turn I can lean in all day long that’s
fine it’s a high traction environment this is a low traction environment stand
up get your weight to the outside gotta have our weight outside when we’re
offroad how much weight you shift is going to be determined by how sharp the
corner is and how fast you decide to take it drive that outside the end of
the tank keep the inside me against the tank tight drive that thing in there
hold on to that really tight this is very important your cornering at speed
you’ve got to have some stability in a low traction environment when
you’re cornering at speed you want to steer with your feet on the pegs even
though we don’t want any of our midsection weight to the inside
we do want pressure and influence on the inside peg that helps us stabilize at
the knees and feel more comfortable and stable going fast around the corner
you’ve got to initiate the turn by pressing on the inside peg don’t shift
your weight there just put pressure there hold that pressure there all the
way through the corner it’ll stabilize you as you’re throttling and help you
keep your line the reason why you don’t want to put any weight to the inside is
because as you corner the contact patch on your tire is decreasing and if you
add weight to that that’s where you start to feel the wash and you can
completely wash out if you keep your weight neutral or to the outside it puts
more weight vertically right on the contact patch and allows the bike to be
stable through the corner cornering at speed off-road requires
smooth throttle control you don’t want to be abrupt on this either way if I
enter into a corner then I can’t see around the other side and I need to slow
down if I dump the throttle I could lose control the bike I don’t want that to
happen nice and easy just roll-off inversely as I’m rolling out of the
corner if I add too much throttle abruptly I could break the rear wheel
loose if you’re cornering at speed pay attention to the traction underneath you
we’re in a really loose traction environment very easy to break the rear
wheel loose here if you do break traction don’t panic
ride it out slowly let off the throttle whatever you do do not touch your brakes
in that situation when you’re cornering at speed offroad
the only time you should use your brakes in that corner is in an emergency
situation if you use your brakes in a corner it could cause you to crash remember keep your eyes focused on the
furthest point down the road keep your body weight to the outside of the turn
smooth on the throttle and pay attention to the traction surface underneath you

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