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LEGO GBC #19 Ferris wheel

LEGO GBC #19 Ferris wheel

hello LEGO Bengineer here and welcome
to my 19th GBC video this is a large ferris wheel built for Great Ball Pit’s
discord challenge wheels up it is the largest GBC module
that I built by far it’s two feet six inches tall
or 76 centimeters and about the same length so yeah one thing about this is
that I built on all of this from the pieces that I already had so it was
difficult to come up with a design that worked reliably and that I have the
pieces for but I got it in in the end and now it works really reliably
surprisingly reliably after I changed up a little bit I tweaked it until it
worked reliably the input is under ten bricks tall all the output is
over if I flip it around you see this back side doesn’t look as
good and it has all these braces to the front side so it doesn’t fall out it
is powered by an powered by a M motor that goes from a 16 to 40-tooth gear that goes
into a custom-made for tooth gear that powers the theory the ferris wheel
which is in itself of sixty-four tooth gear looking at back around it goes into
another 16 to 40-tooth gear takes the corner and goes into the a agitation and
timing circuit which is right here so here it is an action here is 30 balls it works quite reliably so here is the
close-up of it here is the Inbox here is the agitation which is this
thing right here this thing goes in and out timing that there’s the flipper the
timer circuit it goes into here which picks up the balls and the stud right
here knocks it on the carrier thing and it
goes on to the ferris wheel and then drops into the output then it just rolls
off into the exit or the next module so yeah it’s the largest module that
I made so one more thing um you can take it apart like this comes off as well as
the entire wheel itself can come off and the support beams holding on the wheel
can come off so it can be transported if I take off the battery box it is pretty sturdy so
it can be lifted up by the wheel itself if you need to
if it breaks in a I’m in a loop you just take this off disconnect the motor from
the power source and lift it up and carry it somewhere else to fix it if
needed but it worked pretty well in my test during my testing it got through
like almost a thousand balls without dropping any by the end of my
tweaking so yeah thanks for watching bye

3 comments on “LEGO GBC #19 Ferris wheel

  1. Great module.. amazing that the Soccer panels fit perfectly in the rail-ring! Seems very reliable for the speed it runs at!

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