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Lifespan Fitness EXER-90H Exercise Bike

Lifespan Fitness EXER-90H Exercise Bike

The Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H is an air
resistance, dual action exercise bike. Our new air resistance system allows for a
dynamic workout experience with resistance increasing as you input more power into the
system – helping you to push your body to its limits. Unlike most exercise bikes, the EXER-90H allows
you to power through a full body workout with both arm and leg controls. Use them independently to isolate either upper
or lower body. Dual controls mean more resistance, higher
intensity, and more calories burned per minute – all without having to worry about interrupting
your workout by adjusting tension. Have all your workout data at your fingertips
with the computer display featuring preset workout and interval programs. The Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Dual action,
dynamic, air powered resistance.

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  1. loved this machine at the gym.>>> Now I have my own! Highly recommend. Works 82% of your muscle groups and is very low impact.

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