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Lightweight Road Bike Tech From Eurobike 2019

Lightweight Road Bike Tech From Eurobike 2019

– We’re back at Eurobike,
and we’re on the hunt for lightweight tech, the
lightest bikes and components available to humanity. Now before we show you what we can find, make sure you subscribe to GCN Tech, if you haven’t already. Click the bell icon and
you’ll get notifications. And, uh, John, let’s,
let’s get on the hunt. Step on it, John. (bell rings) Watch out. Oh, Jesus. (fingers snap) (bell rings) (drums beating) – Check this one out, right. This 3T Schrader is both
lightweight and aero, and, well, it’s been
kitted out probably some of the most bling components you can get. Just over six kilos, 6.07. That is lightweight for
a pretty much stock bike. What you can easily just go out and buy, because there’s nothing
on it which is, well, untoward, if you like. We’ve got a SRAM AXS groupset on there. It’s got to different chain
ring; not sure what that is. Could be absolute black, not sure. Got THM Clavicula crankset on there, as well as some lightweight
Meilenstein wheels, now they’re short as well. And a pair of Veloflex
Service Course tubulars. I’ve never actually seen these, believe it or not, and I really like them. I just wish it had a gum sidewall. Handlebars and stem,
they too come from THM, who are part of the 3T group. So we got a Tibia stem, and we got the Ulna
handlebar there as well. And, wow, just over six kilos. This is something oh so special. Right, anyone watching? (laughs) – I’m over at the Tune stand. Now Tune, a German
company who are synonymous with making very high end, very light, carbon fiber components. This is their new Skyracer saddle. It’s really interesting
because you may remember at the Taipei Bike Show I
showed a new kind of technology for making carbon fiber
products using a molding process that could also be recycled. And this is the first product I’ve found that actually utilizes
that kind of process. So its pellets of sort of a
carbon fiber, polymer material. So you’ve got like a high
performance polymer matrix, and then carbon interwoven,
sort of, inside that matrix. And the result is their Skyracer saddle, a one-piece construction
that weighs just 69 grams! This think is so light. Standard rails as well, so
it’ll fit on most seatposts. That’s incredible. If you’re building a
hill climb bike, ideal. But also, wheels. These are the Tune’s
Schwarzbrenner Skyline tubulars, and they’re just absolutely
ridiculously light: 1,021 grams a pair I believe. Just ridiculous. Tubulars; they also do a clincher
version, slightly heavier, and a (mumbles) version, as well. I’m going to do a freehub sound
check on the freehub (mumbles). Check this out. (hub clicking) – Ooh (hub clicking) – I absolutely love something lightweight, and, well, the brand Carbon Ti from Italy, they’ve got a range of
color-coded accessories that you can deck your bike out, and to save a little bit of weight. And, in fact, when I
snoop around pros bikes, I quite often see parts
there fitted onto bikes; I think Vincenzo Nibali
is one name in particular that rings a bell. Take, for instance, we’ve
got a headset topcap cover, 5.2 grams, pretty lightweight. A pair of skewers, just 31 grams. And, well, I quite like
that green, actually. It’s a shame most of
it’s hidden up by the hub of your wheel, but you
are going to save probably about 100 grams over a stock product. I’m going to move over, though,
on to this wall over here because this is what really took my eye. I love a fancy chainring. I love an odd-shaped one, too. Now, Carbon Ti, again, they produce standard-shaped chainrings, as well as oval ones there, as well. And check this out,
we’ve got carbon there, and then it’s glued and also
pinned onto the outer teeth that your actual chain
is going to engage with. I love bits of tech like this. – Pedals can weigh a surprising amount, but not if you come
over to the Time stand. So we’ve got the full range
of Time Xpresso pedals here, with the top of the range Xpresso 15’s, which are titanium axle
and ceramic bearing. They’ve been updated
since I last saw them. They used to have sort of
an open bottom like this. Now, it’s sort of covered which, I guess, makes them probably a
little bit more aerodynamic underneath the shoe as
well, a bit like Speedplay. But on to the thing you all want to know, the weight of these bad boys. Just 174 grams a pair, which quick maths, I make that to be 87.3 grams each, which is even lighter than the new Look Keo Blade carbon,
titanium, ceramic pedals, which are 95 grams each. Whoo Nice – A brand I’ve been dying,
literally, to get my hands on for quite some time now
is Darimo from Spain. A relatively small brand,
it’s almost like a startup, if you like. And they are making some
of the lightest components I’ve ever touched in my life. Just now I picked up this seatpost. It’s a whopper, just look at
the length of it, for a start. It’s 31.6 mil, 400 in length. This thing weighs nothing. In fact, when I handed
it over to the cameraman, the look on his face was
absolutely brilliant. I wish right now somehow
you could reach out into your screens and feel
just how light this is. In fact, you can play along at home. Put your hands out now and lift up. That’s literally as much as
it weighs; it weighs nothing. I will weigh them, don’t worry. But the good news is for
you weight weenies out there who want to pimp your ride, I hope that’s not trademarked, you can actually get now seatposts in non (mumbles) versions. So here we got one, pretty
sure that looks like for a Canyon probably,
something like that. That one there, got to
be for a mountain bike; it says MTB on it. We’ve also got one here. That looks to be for a
Specialized, the Tarmac. Again, they are so light. The wood in there probably
weighs more than the rest of it. Only joking, but it’s very, very light. We’ve got loads more,
other bits and pieces here. Look at the length of that. Check that out. It must be for a Brompton or something. I mean that is 163 grams, 163 grams. Honestly, I can’t get my head around it. I’ve broken their stand, but we’re not going to
worry about that. (laughs) We’ve also got loads of
handlebars here, too, including these ones here, down
to 36 centimeters in width. They are so light. Also, let’s just check out
their stems whilst I’m here. Because you’ve also got the
(mumbles) inch and a half, or inch and quarter, sorry,
steerer tubes, there; becoming more and more common place. And then also with these stems: you can see the way that
they are actually clamping the handlebars into position. There’s no threads inside of the carbon, or anything like that, because that simply wouldn’t
necessarily be that strong. I have seen it done before, some inserts put inside the carbon. But here, we’ve got like
a backing nut there. As you can see it’s cylindrical shaped to hold it in place. Now, the actual stem itself can
open by about 8 millimeters, which is enough so you can
thread your handlebar through and you’re not going to
scratch up your beautiful, new, super-light ones. And then you can clamp it in place. I absolutely love it. You remember Darimo, actually. I think we spoke back
a bit, not too long ago on the GCN Tech show, and we spoke about their seatpost that used the Dyneema to actually hold it in position, as opposed to a standard bolt or anything like that. And I’ve not even spoken
about this AX Lightness that belongs to one of the guys. This thing looks super light. I’m going to take some inspiration, because I’ve got an idea of
an upcoming video pretty soon. Go on, take your guesses. How much do you reckon it weighs? How much? Not even close. Ready? 4.93 That is super light. – Tune isn’t the only
super-light saddle I’ve found. I’ve come over to Shimano, and they’ve got a brand new version of their Pro Stealth saddle, and it’s called the Superlight. Now, it’s a little bit
heavier than the Tune one, it’s 145 grams, but it does
have significantly more padding. But check this out. So the Stealth is their
truncated, short-nosed saddle that Pro have been making, Pro being the subsidiary of Shimano, and this one features a
much more pared back design, very light indeed. Look at that. And it’s available in two widths as well, depending on your
preference of your sit bone: 142 and 152 millimeters. Nice. – Now if you don’t want
to weigh down your bicycle with a heavy bell, well check out this. This is a really tiny,
little bicycle bell isn’t it? (bell rings) Sounds good, too. So simply straps onto your handlebar with this rubber strap with
this little plastic bit there, which joins it on. But this one here has to be my favorite. Get this; this one actually clips onto your brake lever hood. So, you undo it. I’m going to try and do
it and not drop anything because they’re all watching me. But you unscrew the bell
itself to release the clamp, and that can then slide
onto your brake lever hood, and then tighten it up like
so, do my best, and then (bell rings) That’s genius. I’ve got to get one. I’ve got to get one. There we are, just some
of our favorite bits of lightweight tech here at Eurobike. Let me know in the
comments section down below what you enjoyed, and
also what did we miss, because there is so much here to checkout. Right, remember as well to
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