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Live PD: Alright, Where’s Mom & Dad? (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Alright, Where’s Mom & Dad? (Season 4) | A&E

– Stop. [beeping] – Relax, relax. Relax. Put your kickstand down. All right, where’s mom and dad? – Oh, at home. – OK, have a seat. What are you guys doing, man? You can’t be running. – Huh? – You can’t be
running like that. – I wasn’t running. – You looked– both of you
looked at me with my lights on. – Yeah, and I was stopping
right here for you. – Dude, that was way back there. That was way back off College. – I didn’t see you
back there then. – We didn’t. – You guys accelerated
across the parking lot when I hit my lights. – I actually didn’t see you.
– OK? – I swear we didn’t. – I’m so sorry. – We would have stopped. – OK, have a seat, boys. – On the ground?
– Yes. Who’s got a cell phone? – Like this? – Just sir on your butt, man. – I don’t want to
get my pants dirty. – Then sit on the grass. – Who’s bike? – My friend said I can ride it. – OK. – Well, he left it on my house. And then he said that I
could ride it if I wanted to. And he hasn’t been
back for a few days. – OK. Do you want the good
news or bad news? – I don’t care. – OK, there’s no good news. – OK.
– OK. The bad news is you have to
have a driver’s license– – Well–
– –to ride this. – We was just going to– I was going to drop him off. – There’s no license plate. Your light’s not
working right here. You didn’t stop at a stop sign. – This one? – OK? And you probably
don’t have insurance. All right, what’s mom–
mom or dad’s phone number? – Can I type it in? or not? – Hello. – So we got a possible stolen
hit on this motorcycle. Their parents are en route. And we’re going to
take that up with them. Have you given your
boys permission to ride that motorcycle? – I did. – OK. They said you gave
them permission to ride on the street. – What’s that? – Whose bike is it? – You bought it?
– Yeah. – So it’s yours? – Well, it is I guess. – OK. – Who’d you buy it from? – OK. If we receive confirmation– [police radio chatter] –you’re going to go for
receiving stolen property. – So you’re taking me to jail? – Yes, sir, if
they confirm that. If they come back and
say it’s not confirmed, then you don’t have
anything to worry about. – Affirmative, they’re now
saying it is confirmed. – Brandy? – What? – OK, if confirmed stolen. – OK. – OK? So he’s going be on
book and released. I’ll let him call you
when he gets to the jail. OK? – Yeah. – Any questions? – I mean, no. I understand. – OK. The dad admitted that he
purchased the motorcycle for 30 bucks, didn’t receive a
title or anything like that. And so he’s going to jail for
receiving stolen property. The mom on scene took
custody of her juvenile. And the other one’s going to
be taken to his residence.

100 comments on “Live PD: Alright, Where’s Mom & Dad? (Season 4) | A&E

  1. once again the people talk themselves into jail by speaking to cops. When will we learn that they are NEVER there to help us? Still, not too smart buying a motorcycle for $30 with no title.

  2. Bruh, speaking of license, my dad is letting me drive sometimes until I get a license, kids would drive but only with licensed drivers on the front passenger seat with them

  3. I get the whole running from cops part and the running a stop sign blah blah blah. But they’re jus kids tryna have fun. Leave me alone lol. No one asked but that’s my 2 cents

  4. I have a huge fear of cops, it’s almost a phobia. If this dude even came close to me I’d probably pass out. I’m getting shakey even watching this video.

  5. Do you really have a fair shot in life when your mom pulls up in a Def Leppard t-shirt and cigarette hanging out of her mouth and dad jumps out behind her and is two feet shorter than her and sporting a Poison shirt?

  6. Mom and dad were so calm and cool about dad being arrested for the stolen bike. Acted like they were relieved for not being exposed on a more serious crime.

  7. Good news: They learned a great life lesson and hope that this experience would have them stay away from stupidity!!

  8. One time when I was bicycling I saw A twelve-year-old ride a motorcycle at higher speeds without a helmet. I have a 13 year old neighbor who rides one of those 8 mile per hour monkey bikes without a helmet but this kid I saw while cycling was riding a full size motorcycle and was going as fast as cars.

  9. Put cuffs on ‘em and check if bike is stolen and check for outstanding warrants. Take them in for questioning. Just kidding; that’s only done if there is a black male involved

  10. officer “Sit on the floor “
    Kid “ I don’t wanna get dirty”
    Officer “ just sit on the grass”

    Apparently the officer’s mom never taught him right. 😂

  11. I once bought a glass chess set from the 1980s that had never been opened until I purchased it around 2016. I bought it off craigslist from an older gentlemen in what seemed to be a very expensive private community. Now I know going forward to ask questions about proof of purchase when using craigslist, that old guy could have been a crook.

  12. Yeah when a moron like this admits he bought a motorbike for $30 he's not receiving stolen goods!! He freaking stole the bike, it's crystal clear that's the case!!

  13. Does anyone believe those kids just instantly learned to ride the bike when they got on it , while dad was in the bathroom?

  14. Worst part of the video : the kid telling such a huge bs story (about where it came from / who gave permission/ how long he's gone, not seeing cop lights ) , cuz wow that kid has had A LOT of practice making up stories …

  15. So this is pretty much like a kid driving a car? Also arrested for accidentally buying stolen objects? That sounds stupid he should be arrested for letting his like 5 or 6 year old kid drive

  16. When the guy got out of the car and came walking around, I totally thought it was another of her kids. Dude has got to be under 5'.

    ENDING: "Guy's going to jail for receiving stolen property. Mom is taking control of her son, and someone is coming to get the other juvenile to his residence. Now, check out these guns. Pretty tight, right? I've been workin' out…"

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