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Live PD: Weirdest Stop Ever, Bro (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Weirdest Stop Ever, Bro (Season 3) | A&E

100 comments on “Live PD: Weirdest Stop Ever, Bro (Season 3) | A&E

  1. It was weird..and when the dog walked by with sunglasses that moment I knew this was a glitch in the matrix.

  2. That dude is awesome! I think that he truly loves life appreciates what it has given him.
    Hey buddy, if you are ever in Texas, your more that welcome to join us at a Cowboys game!

  3. He really just got a ticket for loud music… could’ve just told him to turn it down..Seems like a really good dude smh..

  4. Guy to his dog: "just act cool dude, dude just act cool. Here put these shades on. Don't look man just keep walking we're good we're good."

  5. Michael Pena definitely based Luis from Antman off this dude. I bet he even got the undercarriage deal from the carwash for his bike too.

  6. Hold up. Ya'll gave that working brotha a ticket for what??? Thumbs down happy dude enjoying life 'three thumbs down' -DC

  7. why do mexican foos love lowriders so much. they got lowrider cars , lowrider bicycles and now they got lowrider motorcycles

  8. What type of episode is this??
    I'm pretty sure that guy had coke all over his body from head to his tippy toes
    The dog wearing glasses was a distraction

  9. Act normal and the cops will act normal.
    Be happy and the cops might even be happy.

    Act like a dumbass gangbanger and get locked up or worse.

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