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Live Rescue: Car vs. Cyclist (Season 1) | A&E

[radio chatter] – Fire dispatch 2216 responding
to Garden Highway Northgate. A call for a auto versus
bicyclist just came in. It’s not a well-lit road, and
if there was a bicyclist out there– there’s a lot of
homeless that live out along there, so there’s a possibility
that’s the person that maybe got hit. (ON RADIO) 2216 on scene. – Did he talk to you? – Is it really bad? – Well, they’re going
to take a look at it. – Are you hurting anywhere
besides that leg or your arm? – Just your leg. OK, chest, stomach OK? – Your stomach? – Where at in your stomach? – Left rib area? – OK, are you having
any trouble breathing? – You’re breathing fine, OK. – Your head’s not
hurting at all? – OK. You weren’t knocked out? – OK, all right. All right. You OK? OK. They’re going to take good
care of him, all right? He’s going to be all right. You guys want me to
get his shoes off? – Whenever anyone gets hit,
we got to assume the worst. So we’re putting him in full
C-spine precautions, which is on a board. – They’re going to
apply a traction splint to his right leg. Once they get it in place,
it’s going to basically bring that femur bone
back into alignment. – The count of three. One, two, three. – Right now when they roll
him, they’re checking his back. Doing, like, kind of
a primary assessment. A quick once over to
make sure he doesn’t have any other injuries
to his backside. And now they’re moving
him back onto the board. – All right, on count of three. One, two, three. [patient groaning] – You’re doing good, man. – You’re doing good, sir. Here’s his bag,
wherever you want it. They’re running him
code three to UC Davis. He had an obvious deformity to
his right femur region, which is a life-threatening injury. So they’re getting
him there as quick he can to see the doctors, and
they’ll take good care of him. Hopefully he’ll be
all right, and we’re going to go bail and get
off this highway, which is dangerous on the time of
night that it is right now.

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