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Liverpool City Council – Community Recycling Centre

Liverpool City Council – Community Recycling Centre

[Music plays] (Narrator) Liverpool City Council
is located in the south-west of Sydney, around 32 kilometres
from the Sydney CBD. To prevent materials like paints
and oils from reaching the alternative waste treatment
facility, where residents’ garbage is processed, Liverpool
established one of the first Community Recycling
Centres in New South Wales. Opened by the Minister for
the Environment and Mayor of Liverpool City Council in
July 2014 the Centre is now a key feature of the area’s
comprehensive waste service. (Ned Mannoun) Liverpool
is the capital of the great south-west of Sydney.
It currently has a population of one million
people, and over the next 20 years that will increase
to 1.5 million people. So sustainability and what we do
with our waste is very important. The Community Recycling Centre
plays a major role in our goal in being one of the
best recyclers in the state. Basically what it is, rather than
people go out there and throw away their hazardous materials,
they can come down, bring it to our facility here on the
Council premises, and we’ll dispose of it properly to ensure
it gets diverted from landfill. Well it’s great to be working
in partnership with the EPA, with the State Government
and Council, and it shows what you can achieve
by working together. (Rebecca Scarpin) So the first
thing contributing to Liverpool’s success rate would have to
be our three bin system. And then further to that we
process our waste at an AWT, and also tying in with that
our bulky household clean-up. And I’d probably have to say
this new and very exciting Community Recycling Centre,
so that’s all very exciting. Yeah, I think that’s going to help
us contribute to further reductions in waste to landfill and avoiding
hazardous waste going to landfill. (Ian Bailey) What this facility
will do is not only improve on Council’s good record now with
recycling, but it will help to clean up the streets as well,
because people will know where to bring various things that
previously have not been picked up. (Ned Mannoun) A facility like
Community Recycling Centre is a new initiative which hopefully
will be leading the way, something that other Councils can
learn from and implement themselves. And likewise when they implement
it, we can learn from them. And hopefully we’ll be able
to achieve better ways for the people of New
South Wales as a whole. [Music plays]

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