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Living The Motorcycle Dream : How To Set Motorcycle Suspension Sag : PowerDrift

Living The Motorcycle Dream : How To Set Motorcycle Suspension Sag : PowerDrift

Hello Hello Hello people! Welcome to PowerDrift In this episode, we look at another crucial yet often neglected aspect of owning such a beauty. Setting Rider Sag What does that mean? Basically means setting up your motorcycle as per your weight. And that is done so that the suspension is working in the range where it works best and you do that by tweaking the springs of the fork and the shock by adjusting the preload setting. Why should you bother with all of these things? Well, because all manufacturers when they make a machine like that and they sell it, they set up the suspension keeping a rider of about 72-75 kgs. So if you don’t fit that range, a good chance that the handling and the ride quality of the machine won’t be as you want it to be. But fret not because we are here to help you set up the bike as per your preference, in these easy steps. However, I recommend going through your owners manual to see if it lists any special equipment which would need for this process so that you can get them before you begin and also keep the default settings of your suspension handy so that if you get the preload wrong you can always revert and start fresh. All said, let’s begin! So, first up let’s start by taking the measurements of the springs of the folk and the shock in their fully extended position without any weight on them. Have one of your friends lift the front of the bike on the side stand and take the measurement from the fork seal to the base of the inner tube and note this down. Now to get an accurate figure for the rear find a spot on the fairing which is vertically in line with the center of the rear wheel spindle and mark it with a duct tape. Then lift the rear wheel using the sidestand and take a note of this reading between these two points. Now let’s get the measurement of a fully kitted rider on board the bike to see how much the forks and the shock compresses in his riding position. On you go. Now compress the front a couple of times and let the forks settle account for seal drag before you take the measurements. Note this reading and repeat the procedure for the rear shock. The recommended riders sag settings is usually 20-25 mm for track use and 25 to 30 mm for road use. And how do you get this figure? By subtracting the rider laiden figures from the fully extended numbers that we got earlier. So now that we have the figures we know that we need to take some preload out from the forks and dial some in at the back. Now how do you do that? Well at the front, you’ll need to turn the adjusters in the anti-clockwise direction. But before you do that make sure you mark the starting point on the adjuster so you know exactly how much preload you’re adding. Because one turn on the adjuster roughly amounts to about 1mm of preload. Also note that this is the Z1000 which has Showa’s separate function forks. for preload and damping. Which means I’ll only be changing the preload on one fork but for conventional setup you need to change the preload on both the forks. So now that we have made the adjustment let’s get our rider on board to see how close we have got to the optimum sag range. Ok so the front is set. Now let’s move on to the back. So what tweaking the preload at the back for most superbikes require you to adjust these two collars with a c-spanner. And before you get started again make sure that you mount the starting point so you know exactly how much preload you’re adding or taking out and one-turn in this case usually equates to about 3mm of preload. So you loosen the top ring which keeps the preload ring in place and then turn it to the required setting. In this case in the clockwise direction to add preload. So now that you have verified the rear sag using your rider you can go on and lock the ring and you’re all done! Remember this is just the starting point and a push in the right direction to help you give the confidence to play with the preload to get the most of your suspension and also make a very solid base to help you tweak your compression and rebound something which we’ll obviously cover in the next episodes. But for now this is all from my end. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any question please bombard them and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And lastly subscribe to PowerDrift to be a part of the PD Army. Cheers!

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  1. hello i m bit confused in buying new bike ktm 390duke 2017 or himalyan royal enfield as i want complete package of riding as himalayan doesnot have power as duke has which one should i go for as i am looking for bike which is best in every manner off road on road long travels 1000 km + in one shot and i donot have a budget to buy tiger so please suggest… my budget is 2 lakh aproox plz kindly help.

  2. your recommended numbers are soo hard for track and road. 20-25 mm can be good for only pro riders. also sag should be  given as % , not in mm's. %30 of total travel is a good start. front  always needs 5-10 mm more sag than rear, can't be same ever!!

  3. You forgot an important thing….changing the rate of the spring if the stock spring needs to be highly preloaded , which screws up the static sag massively.

  4. "Crucial yet often neglected aspect" perfectly said!
    I will be visiting a suspension tuning shop to get the compression and rebound adjusted for my bike as I would like to rely on their expertise than fiddling myself but look forward to your video on that!

  5. great video again and really it was very helpful video for bike rider and i think u guys are the first one to tell this on YouTube great going guyz

  6. just a request could u please make a review video of the new mrf tyres(masterrer) as I'm thinking of purchasing new sets of tyres for my R15

  7. Someone : You know how to change the damping in front forks on my Dad's Honda Shine?

    ME : It's simple,you can do 3 things…
    1. Change the fork oil to thicker or thinner depending on your requirements.
    2. Change the forks to the ones which are adjustable to damping.
    3. Change your Dad or his weight.
    See? As simple as that!

  8. Doesn't matter how good or informative a video is.. some people can't help but press the dislike button. Those people exists!

  9. hey Sagar…why the 125 cc Duke and r125 are not yet launched in India? or when it will be launched…? is there any chances?

  10. Great work PD Army. It will be great if you can also continue this series or start a series with track riding techniques something like an online riding school. With various kinds of bikes from an entry level sporty rc390 and naked duke 390 , a super sport zx1000r and a z1000 to off roaders like RE Himalayan and versys 650.

  11. wow!! I did adjust my preload but the reason and process for taking measurements was something unheard of!! u guyz!! wow a step in the ri8 direction

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    What about when on infrequent rides with a pillion?

    Excellent Job.. Soldier in the PD army for life!

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  15. Greeting to PDarmy ! I would like you to also make some videos like this or on troubleshooting about the gearless scooters available in market. Will be really helpful to lot of people because in bike parts are generally more open and hand touchable whereas in scooters they aren't. So, if you can help us out there too. Cheers !

  16. This is kinda off topic please bear with me :p. Just learned the art of clutchless upshifts and have to say the bike has become much smoother and also feels faster, so my question to you is if clutchless upshifts are done right will it affect the gearbox in the long run. Can you give some details or explain this matter in the coming episodes of this series.

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  18. my bike is z1000 2016 edition same color as yours in this video, my problem is I set preload, rebound and compression on the forks to its softest setting ( fully anti clockwise) and it seems its not working properly, the softest settings are still too stiff 🙁

  19. Sir, Can it be done in lower capacity bikes like Gixxer?
    I m having problem about it's weight
    I m about 62 kgs and is it necessary to do adjust suspension on my Gixxer or is it ok?
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  22. The first Video that explained it perfect! One question i have. Is 20-25mm and 25-30mm only for the z1000 or can i use this values for my brand new z1000sx(in USA Ninja 1000). My Suspension is at the Front 120mm and Rear 144mm. Thanks men and greetings from Germany. I subscribed your channel !

  23. Damn u indians are god awful dark skinned, no wonder the late British prime minister called u beastly people with a beastly religion! 😂🤣

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