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Lomo Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – Pair

Lomo Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – Pair

Hi today were looking at our motorcycle
crash bar bikes and they come as a pair one for each side and roughly six and a
half liters in capacity each one and so let’s have a look at them and see what we’re talking about. First of all they’re made like a dry bag and
what that means is waterproof materials it’s like PVC tarpoline and
all the all the seasons are welded together so there’s no stitch holes going
through so what In effect that means is it could rain all day on this bag and the
rain won’t get inside, you can drive at full speed and through rain and puddles
and all the rest of it and the contents will stay dry as long as it’s closed
properly so it’s in a league above the majority of other bags of this type on a motorbike because it will keep your gear dry in the heaviest of rain and so
to make sure it is closed properly we have three little clips that keep the bag
closed, one at each side and one at the top here and when you undo them It allows the top to unroll. It’s a ‘roll down top’ as we call them and then you’ve just got one opening at the top here to allow your gear to go inside. And then you would roll it one two and a third fold over before clicking the side down clipping this side down and then bringing the strap over the top to clip on here you and this is one of these clips that you can just pull over to clip on here. We got a little clip here because of the wind
and it just helps the tail stay out of the way and stops it flapping around. Okay,
so that’s how you you pack it and then we need to look at how to attach it
to your bike and then so on the back here you can see we’ve
got first of all a pad and this is going to go against the pads or the bars
rather on you on you on your bike, your crash bars and we’ve got two – webbing
straps – We have 2 loops here and we put one strap through each of these loops and you’ll
end up like that and then your bars for your bike are going to go behind these
and these straps so you would take this up to your bike place it on the bars route these pieces of
webbing around your bars and then you’re going to
come the side and loop round here and through there’s another loop and the
webbing on the side of the bag here and do the same on both sides The same on both sides, and then that
brings us to the front and we’ve got these buckles here that a lot of
people will be familiar with em and we simply go through the rear hole of the
buckle and then double back and itself to bring the webbing through
and you do that on each one, it takes a couple of seconds but once you get used
to it you’ll do it in no time at all Once you have them through try and make it that
you’ve got equal amounts and because you can pull it through from either side try to tighten it up so you have equal amounts of end sticking out if that makes sense. Once they’re through you can put the loose end through there. You
wouldn’t normally have quite as much as this because the bars of the bike will
take up some of that length and again that’s just helps stop the loose ends from flapping around when you’re under way And once that’s all on and tightened up you can give it a pull just to make sure everything is neat and tidy that’s how it will sit on your bike so it’s really quite secure with those 4 attachment points and you know one two three four yet you’re pulling
the bag towards the bike so that should make a nice pair of secured and
dry crash bar bags that between them hold about 6.5 litres each so you’ve got
13 litres in total capacity on your bike. And that’s us …

6 comments on “Lomo Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – Pair

  1. These bags would be brilliant if they also came in a 12 litre size do you think it’s something you would consider in the future

  2. I'm really impressed with the crash bar bags. Easy to fit, look great, practical and just forty quid for the pair. What more could I ask for! Also posted for next working day, which helped me out.

  3. Quality product at a great price, added to wish list! Thanks for this helpful demo. I wish all salesmen were Scottish, love the accent 😀

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