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Long Beach Bike Tips – Where to Ride

Long Beach Bike Tips – Where to Ride

Hi, my name is Tony Cruz and today I’m here to show you some tips on where to ride on the road. Make sure your movements out on the road are predictable. Sudden movements are an easy way to get into an accident. Hand signals are very
important. You want to make sure that drivers know exactly the direction that
you’re heading in. When riding on neighborhood streets, you want to make
sure and follow all traffic rules. Stop at every stop sign or stoplight and
whenever possible make sure to yield to traffic. And be sure to ride out of the
door zone to avoid any conflicts. And always ride with the flow of traffic. Be sure to always wear the proper riding gear. So remember to be aware of traffic
around you and enjoy your ride.

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  1. Great advice, especially being aware of people opening car doors. Often those of us who ride bikes don't think about that and those of us who drive don't remember to take a quick look before we open our car door.

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