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Benefits of cycling


– [Radio] … so, and
they’re just gonna keep bombarding you with ads
for the lower guys right? – Just dropped of
the kids at school, since I’m back in
Surprise decided to drive through the local Dutch Bros., grab an iced coffee, iced latte. My favorite
being the Bob Marley. It’s mocha,
caramel, coconut, banana. Oh yeah, it’s amazing. And I’ve got a full punch card,
which means it’s free! (bass notes) Alright you guys
so here’s the story. My plan was to
get up this morning, the vlog already edited, get up, hop on the dirt bike, go for a ride, figure
out what trails around here because I hear
people riding all the time. I’m like where are
they riding I gotta find this magical place. But, I did not edit
last night, I got distracted with some other things,
ended up going to bed somewhat early
because I was just exhausted from moving
furniture and everything all day with my
parents, and then I also forgot today,
Monday, is my day to take the kids to school,
as you just saw. So, it is now 10:30
and I just now got the vlog edited and uploaded
and scheduled for today and I should be
streaming already. Ten o’clock is
my streaming time. My plan was to go
riding before streaming, maybe start
streaming like now or eleven o’clock or so. Anyways, I’m on the
fence like, okay do I stick with my plan and go
riding and maybe not stream today or maybe stream later. I’m leaning
towards going riding, I really wanna go riding. I wanna go riding,
I know you guys really wanted me to go
riding, I feel like I need to go riding. ‘Cause once I do
and I figure out how easy it is for me to ride, I’m gonna ride more often. So, that’s the plan. Reading comments
the last two days, the majority of
you guys are liking the new style.
Obviously, a handful of you guys don’t like the old
style, and of course a couple more are
saying it’s boring and I don’t like the
shots of you not holding the camera. I don’t
like the shots of you not talking to
the camera, it feels very disconnected and boring. Let me kinda prove
to you guys and show you guys the reason
why A, I like this, and B, why I’m doing it, okay? Two weeks ago,
before having this camera on a tri-pod, this is
how the vlog would have been. Alright you guys,
it’s about that time. It’s time to get on
my dirt bike for the very first time
and go exploring near the new house, figure
out where all these people are riding their
recreational vehicles. I hear them every
weekend riding out so something’s gotta
be close, whether it’s a big empty field or
some trails off here. I gotta go explore. So I’m gonna get
geared up, I’m gonna hop on my bike, and
we’re gonna take off right here from the
garage and go exploring. Now the next clip
would have been either Tiffany holding
that camera and getting me riding off, which
if she’s available great. If she’s not available,
then the next clip would be my GoPro. You’d be literally
watching me ride my dirt bike on the GoPro, maybe
with either me talking over it or some music, right? Because that’s it! I’m holding the camera.
Now, I get dressed, I get my bike
started, and I take off because there’s nowhere
to put the camera, right? That camera gets
put away, this camera gets put away,
and I go for my ride. That is what the old
style vlogs would have been, and if you watch
our old vlogs you know exactly how it is. Hey guys we’re here
out riding with Mike Swag and my brother and
blah-blah-blah, let’s go for a dirt bike ride! And then it jumps to
the GoPro. That’s it right? Now here’s the
new style of vlogging. (dirt bike engine revs) Now you guys can see
the dynamic difference between 100% handheld
of the old school style, and blending between
handheld and tri-pod. It gives you guys more moments. I’m able to capture more moments and share them with you. So instead of me
just going, here’s what we’re doin, okay
we just did it, it’s, here’s what we’re doin, and then clip, clip, clip, clip, clip, how’d you guys like that? Pretty cool huh? Right? Especially when I’m
by myself, like I said, Tiffany’s not
available to shoot video out here of me getting ready. Sometimes she is,
sometimes she isn’t. So, I hope that kinda
paints a better picture of why the thought
of doing this and setting the camera
up like this, in my opinion is gonna
make the vlogs better. It’s gonna give you
guys more, the vlogs are gonna be longer,
there’s more clips. I’m simply trying
to give you guys more, give me more creativity,
more thought process, and just overall
make better videos. Okay? Alright. I’m done talking about it. Moving forward,
this is what I’m doing, I’m enjoying it,
a majority of you guys are liking it. If you don’t like it
and you don’t like the style and you want my old
styles back, I’m sorry, I’m gonna do this as
long as I’m happy with it. And feel free to hit
that unsubscribe button. It’s okay. Alright, here we go you guys. Finally got on the
dirt bike from the new house and went exploring. Definitely not
what I was expecting. I thought that the
two dead end roads that we lived nearby would
take me out to the desert, and one actually goes
into a construction site, and the other one
takes you to a canal, which you saw there
I rode along the canal to finally get back
here in this desert area, and I did find some nice trails. And eventually I did
find a little, ya know a little track, it is
a track, it’s a circuit, but nothin too crazy. There’s a couple of
tabletop jumps and a couple of whoop
sections and whatnot. Definitely some places to
ride, so mission accomplished. I feel good.
I feel confident, I don’t mind taking
the kids back here. You only have to
cross two major streets, which out here
where we live there’s not a lot of traffic, so
not too worried about that. I did try out the
chesty attachment for the GoPro, and as you can
see here it’s a little low when I’m sitting down. Pretty much though
the handle bars cover the majority of the view. I was hoping I’d
sit high enough that the camera would go over
the handle bars. Kinda give you a little
bit of the handle bars and then pretty much
everything in front of me. But as it sits right
now it’s way too low, I’ll have to adjust that. Here’s the track
that I was talking about. It’s, I don’t know, I think it’s four berms,
maybe five berms. Obviously, at first
time riding this thing I didn’t ride it very
hard because I wanted to make sure there
was no boulders or holes or anything laying
in the middle of it. But I definitely,
again, another place I feel confident
taking the kids. I think Bryce and
Sierra are gonna have a good time riding on
this thing because it’s like a track. It gives them a
destination to ride on that they don’t have to worry
about too much going on. There’s trails on both
sides of this wash here. I’m excited, I’m excited. I think this is gonna be
really good for the kids. I think they’re
gonna wanna ride more once they get a taste of this. Be like hey can I go for a ride? ‘Cause it’s just
so close we don’t have to load bikes up. We can just hop on
them and take off for even just an hour, just
an hour in the mornings, when it starts
getting too hot just and hour and then come home
and jump in the pool. I think it’s gonna
be pretty awesome. So, I’m excited. Are you excited?
Are you excited? I’m excited. (dirt bike engine revs) Alright, it’s time
to get my stream on. Gonna try and sneak
like a hour and a half, two hour stream in before the kids’ sports tonight. Yo what’s up guys,
how’s it goin today? Playin some Destiny! Lets get it goin,
lets get it goin. Yeah, hype, hype, hype. – Kids are outta school. Sierra has her first
volleyball game today. – [Sierra] Yep. – So, we could’ve
drove him back home, but then we’d only be
home for an hour so not really worth it. So we’re gonna go kill
some time at Peter Piper. – [Both] Yeah! – [Tiffany] Yeah!
Play some games. – [Both] Mhmmm. – Remember when we hit
that thing down, Sierra? (carnival music plays) – [Tiffany] All for you? – It’s nice they’re
so much smaller– – [Tiffany] Normally
we get the extra large when daddy’s here. And Sierra’s little mini pizza! – [Bryce] Four slices. – [Tiffany] Leave
it to Bryce to drop all of his tokens. Goober. – [Game] 15. – [Bryce and Tiffany] Aw! – [Tiffany] Bummer. – So I’m reading the
comments on today’s vlog, and it’s a lot of
the same, “Love the new “style Clintus, keep
it up, the good work. “Glad you’re still going daily.
Keep up the good work!” “Yo, quit being like
Casey Neistat, you suck.” There’s always gonna
be haters and trolls, and that’s fine,
and I’m responding to the decent ones
saying I’m not trying to be like Casey Neistat.
I feel like I have to repeat myself 1000 times. I’m not trying to
be like Casey Neistat. I don’t wanna do
time lapses and have music over every single
clip that I’m not talking in. Casey makes little
movies, I don’t have time to make little movies. I don’t have time to
set up the shots, I don’t have time to do
that much editing and find the music and,
I don’t have time for it. Casey makes
time for it, I don’t. I have another channel
that I’m working on and I wanna be able to
live stream video games. Alright? So, we
got that outta the way. Now another common
comment that I get is that I’m not talking
as much and that you guys don’t feel as engaged. There’s a lot of
long boring clips. The reality is, if
you look at the last three vlogs they are longer
than my average vlogs, right? So the longer vlogs
were 10 to 15 minutes, and the medium sized
vlogs were less than 10. Well yesterday’s
vlog was like 13, 14, and the last two were
19 minutes, almost 20 minutes long. That’s because I’m
getting more footage. I’m still talking the
exact same amount of time. I’m talking to you
guys handheld, just like this,
the same amount. People have a hard
time with change so some of you are not
gonna like these changes because you’re like, “Yo this isn’t Clintus.
This isn’t what I’m used to, “This isn’t Clintus.TV.” But, if you’ve been
watching me for five years, you know that every
once in a while I change things up. There as a week, a
whole week, where every video started with music
and had a montage of me driving to work or me
walking down the hallway, like you show my
feet every time I walk. I did that for a week straight. I do this every day, guys.
I’ve gotta change it up, right? I’ve gotta change it up. You gotta just do
something a little different. And I’ve been really
enjoying the setting the cameras side, getting
you guys more shots, because like I said I feel
like it makes the vlogs more engaging. More engaging! Because you’re like,
“Yo, this is what Clintus is “doing, check it out.” That’s my opinion and
I know most of you agree with me and you like it. For those of you
who don’t, I’m sorry. If after a week of
this you really can’t stand it please, please unsubscribe. I’m okay with you unsubscribing. I’d rather you unsubscribe. I would rather you
unsubscribe than like, “Yo, I just don’t
like your vlogs I’m not “gonna watch anymore,”
and stay subscribed. ‘Cause then it just inflates my numbers even more. So, it’s okay to
unsubscribe guys. I’m giving you permission. Thank you. Also, I’m not depressed. I don’t know why
you guys said the last couple days I’ve
looked depressed or sad. Maybe I was being
more serious in my shots? Like when I set up
the camera angle I’m a little more
serious when I come to the camera.
I don’t know. But I’m totally
great, I’m great. Life’s good. (clapping and cheering) – [Clintus] He’s a little slow. Little late night
snack before bed? What’s the kinda
cereal you eatin’? – Frosted Mini Wheats. – [Clintus] Frosted Mini Wheats. What’re you makin’, Bryce? – [Bryce] Cereal. – [Clintus] You’re
having cereal as well? – Yeah. – [Clintus] You guys have
like a late, early dinner? At 2:30 or so you had pizza? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Even mommy’s
getting in on the action. – Bowl of cereal kinda night. – [Clintus] Bowl
of cereal action. And I had leftover
pizza so I’m good. Back home now and I’m
gonna stop the vlog here so I can edit it
and call it a night. Thanks so much for watching.
I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow kicks off another day. Taco Tuesday is
happening you guys. I know that a lot of
you have been requesting it and been wondering
why haven’t we done Taco Tuesday yet. It’s happening tomorrow okay. So, I’m excited about it. I know Tiffany’s
excited about it. You guys will be
excited by it so stay tuned, check back tomorrow for that. And vlog on. (upbeat music)

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