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Lost In Africa! Flying over Namib Desert & Night driving in Tiras Mountains | Namibia Vlog EP06

Lost In Africa! Flying over Namib Desert & Night driving in Tiras Mountains | Namibia Vlog EP06

Do you know how it feels to lose yourself,
even if it is for five minutes, in a foreign land? You either get a story or you become one. I should be there before sunset. It’s not allowed to
drive here after dark. I can see a car. It’s a car for our search and rescue. Hi, good morning, guys.
Welcome to an all new video. I am Tanya and I am a
little further Swakopmund. In my last video,
I was at a campsite in Swakopmund. And now I am at… a gas station which is about
six kilometers from Swakopmund. I am beginning my journey to Sossusvlei. It’s one of the biggest
highlights of Namibia. Look at the view behind me. It’s such a lovely desert. I also watched the desert and
the ocean together a while ago. Desert on one end and
the ocean on the other. But now, more than anything… kind of hungry, need some coffee. So, here’s the cafe… where I am going to be
getting some coffee. Tanya has danced throughout the trip. It’s good. Sign of a happy person. I am always happy. We are just here with
our friend from India. -Yes.
-Taking a little bit of the wind. -Hi.
-Hi, how are you? I am good.
So, these are my friends from Namibia. Okay, funnily enough, I have taken a stop and the
wind is extremely strong! Like, it’s extremely powerful. But I’m all changed up because
I wanted to get some nice photos and this landscape is really
pretty, so, sorry… Won’t lie, I sometimes do this
to get good Instagram photos. If you’re at a nice place,
you’d obviously want some good photos. And this is where I am.
I mean, look at those trees, the change in the color
of the landscape. It’s pretty amazing. I won’t be able to vlog
when I step out because… of the wind.
Let’s go! Oh, wow! What is this! Tropic of Capricorn! Yummy! I stopped on the way because
it’s a long journey of 8 hours. And it’s important to be well-fed. So, this is lamb curry with rice and… it looks so good. Oh, goodness! Lunch was so good. It was so tasty.
The lamb curry is absolutely delicious! If you ever come here and you eat
meat, please try it. It’s kind of a problem that
you get a lot of meat here. So if you’re a vegetarian,
you might have trouble eating here. But you won’t be hungry, so don’t worry. The lunch was too good, man! Now, I have to continue my journey and there are five more hours to go. Hey, that’s cute. So, I have taken over the driving seat and there’s this interesting
feature in this car… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before. By the way, look at this view! It’s so amazing driving in the
middle of these great mountains, and the desert. But I really want to
talk about this feature. But before that,
let me try and overspeed a bit. The speed limit over here is 80. So, let me just go faster. This is what happens! A buzzer goes off,
I am sure you can hear it. So, a buzzer goes off
every time you overspeed. So, this is a very cool
feature in the car. It trains your brain to
stay in the speed limit. I don’t know how this car just knows about the speed limits
of every road I drive on. We are about to reach Solitaire Town. And that is one of the towns on our way. But our main destination for today, is at least… four hours away. So, I am at Maltahohe. And the place I am going
tonight is a resort. It’s still a pretty long way to go. It’s still 5:00 p.m.
and it’s already a day-long journey. Almost out of gas so had to refuel. But headed to the destination finally. I hope we get there
before sunset because… in fact, I should be there before sunset because it’s now allowed
to driver here after dark. So, it’s been almost, what? I think I started at 8:00 in the morning,
and it’s 5:00 right now. So, it’s almost been nine hours. It’s a bit of a stressful situation. Because our destination is two
hours, nine minutes away, apparently. The retreat or the resort… I am not camping tonight, for sure. The resort I am going to stay in tonight, which I have booked
already, is way too far. It wasn’t even available on the map. But the highway, which is D707, which leads to that place,
is being navigated right now. I’ll keep you posted on our
stressful situation in a bit. We are in the middle of the desert. How do you find pine trees? The sun’s almost going to
hide behind the mountains. It’s going… So, we are currently on C27. We are driving on the C27. And we’re in an area called
The Tiras Mountains. So all these mountains that you
see around me, are Tiras Mountains. So, this is the national highway C27. Highway number 27. But it’s very questionable because
the road is not that great. Such are the conditions of the road. It’s dark already and… the headlights are our only hope.
Any animal might pop up in front of us. Elephants, tigers, leopards… We’re literally driving at 40 kmph, actually a bit slower than that because… it’s an extremely bumpy road. There’s an animal crossing board here. I don’t know what this signboard means. And this board indicates an immediate cut. And we’re very close to our D707 cut. There’s 707. So now we just have to
take this right cut. Okay, let’s go. An extremely dark night with nothing
but headlights as our only hope. Plus the fear and the anxiety. No matter how much you try
to take this lightly… there’s always this one
question in your mind. “Is this my last journey?” We have to look for a
board that says “Kanaan.” I’ve put D707 on the maps but, it shows another 70 kilometers. The Kanaan board can show up anytime. Oh, man! What’s this! Finally! Finally! It’s 8:00 p.m. and… we’ve finally found our destination.
High-five to that! So, we found the entrance to Kanaan and the property is another
eight kilometers ahead. I don’t want to turn the camera because I am holding the camera in one
hand and the flashlight in the other. But who buys a property
that’s so far away? I think the owner doesn’t
like to step out of the house. He just likes to stay indoors
and ignore the world completely. 8 kilometers from the main entrance! I mean, we’re exhausted extremely exhausted! I just want to go and sleep! But this road doesn’t
seem to have an end. I have the maps on. What does it say? I don’t know where exactly
the map is taking us but something is showing up. Why are all these boards
facing the other way, my God! -No entry.
-No entry. And what does that say? Reception and check in, great! I can see a car. It’s a search and rescue car,
I am telling you! Actually, they are supposed to. They are supposed to.
They know that we are… running late and it’s their fault! We’re at the reception. Reception! Very good! Finally! It took us all this time to reach here. Did you come through Maltahohe? We came through Maltahohe. But then, I think that was a longer route. We could have come… We could have come through Solitaire. Thank you. Hi, good morning, guys. So, the name of this
place is Kanaan Retreat and they accommodations
over here are all like… these tarp kind of tents
although, on the inside… they are pretty luxurious. I have turned off all the lights because
I am planning to check out of this place. The thins is,
it is a very good place and… just look at the view, it’s amazing! But the problem is, the main tourist attraction of Namibia where I had to go today
is called Sossusvlei. It’s like a very famous place.
It’s all over. Google and has its pictures
all over the internet. So that place is about
3 hours away from here. This is how is looks on the map. That’s like midway from the point
where I started yesterday, Swakopmund. I could’ve stayed there last night. But I am here and I’ll have to drive
for 3 hours again to see that place. So, I am thinking I’ll stay in that
area, check out of here. Either in a tent or at another place. But, nevertheless… it’s like a… mismanagement on planning on my
end, but it’s okay. It happens when you’re traveling. If I have to be 100% realistic with
you, it happens. Sometimes the planning
goes haywire and it’s okay. You should just move on. So, finally back on the road. And I’ve left Kanaan way behind. Actually, not that behind because
it’s 8 kilometers from the entrance. And I just crossed the gate of Kanaan, through which I came in last night
and all I could see were those boards. And a faint light,
it was a very daunting experience. I am joking about it all right now… Like, “I should’ve done some
astrophotography last night.” But it was pretty scary
to be on this road… in the night whereas you’re not
allowed to drive in Namibia at night. So, now we’re out of the resort
and headed to Sossusvlei. The view here is pretty good. Like those orange mountains over there,
they are very beautiful. A few trees in the distance… blue mountains over here.
The orange-blue contrast looks so good. So this place is pretty
incredible in the day. And it’s not recommended
to drive in the night because there are too
many animals in this area. But nevertheless, nothing bad happened, I am still going to the
places I want to be going to. There’s an oryx crossing
happening across the road and it’s a very very gorgeous sight. Okay, good news, I am here at Ses… Sesriem Town. And the good news is
that I am here on time but the problem is that I
don’t have a booking here. I’ve reached this very busy place. Sossus Dune Lodge. And all I could get was a camping site. I wanted a lodge but it wasn’t available. So getting the camping
site is equally great. And the best part about this place is that they have an amazing
variety of groceries. So, I am going to buy some. There’s also a gas station here. We also have a grocery store
and a cafe here, in this area. And no matter how big or small
the bumps in the journey, one thing’s for sure, familiarity
and human contact feel incredible. This is when you realize… that the little things and the
luxuries are both equally important. I am at the Adventure Center, Sossusvlei…
Soss… I haven’t got the
pronunciation right yet. So, at this place,
I am going for a helicopter ride… for the very first time in my life. I’ve never even entered
a helicopter before. So,guys, this is Jonah here with me. He’s going to be flying the chopper today. So, are we confident? -Absolutely!
-Yes! That’s the spirit!
How long is the flight going to be? We’re going to fly half an
hour over the Namib Desert and we’re going to see if we
find some wildlife along the way. Do not take your cell phone
out the window, because if you do,
the wind will catch it. So, imagine it as a drone. Don’t lean out,
don’t put your arms out and… any camera equipment,
keep it very tight and close. Okay. Wow! This is so damn exciting because… it’s unbelievable that I’m actually
going to be flying over the Namib Desert. It’s going to be amazing. It’s the
second oldest desert in the world! And there are headsets so we
can talk during the flight. Here we go. I am seated on the side where
the door is going to be open. So, I have an open-door view over here. If you need to talk, the microphone
needs to be very close to your mouth about one centimeter is good. And just like this, I was not
only this close to being lost… I also saw the world
sitting in a helicopter. I witnessed a rare earth
phenomenon called pericycles. I crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. And I think that being lost
in Africa wasn’t that bad.

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