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Lotto Soudal Cycling Team Bus | GCN’s Bus Tours

Lotto Soudal Cycling Team Bus | GCN’s Bus Tours

– It’s been almost three years since we took a look at
Lotto-Soudal’s team bus, and since they’ve got a new bus for 2017, it’s time for a new GCN bus tour. Let’s go on inside. Now, the overall dimensions
of the bus on the exterior are exactly the same as its predecessor. It’s even got the same
engine size and power, though apparantly it is more
environmentally friendly. Interior, though, is slightly
different to the previous bus. First of all, they are much more on brand with the seat colours, which
were green before, strangely, but are now a kinda Lotto-Soudal red. More on those chairs later. But apparently the thing
that the riders like most that is different from the
previous bus to this one is this brand new widescreen,
flat screen Samsung TV. What I do really like,
though, is that Mario, their bus driver, he’s
a very cool guy indeed. He still has a proper old-school map that you can hold in your
hand, in the days of sat navs, which everyone relies on to get around. He still likes to have a map just in case he needs to get those last few directions. Right, let’s talk a bit
more about these seats then because as well as them
being different colours, they now have the ability to swivel, although to be honest, it’s the
first time I’ve sat in them. There we go. So, for team meetings you
can be sat facing each other, and then when you’re
travelling, you can sit forward, and they also recline as well, so you can have a nice rest
when you’re on the bus. But this is a very nice feature for me, personalised parts here
with names of the rider on, so Lars Bak, Tiesj Benoot,
Andre Grelpel sits just here. He’s, of course, their big sprinter. And they weren’t cheap
according to the bus driver. I won’t quote the numbers in terms of price for these things, but he thinks they’re worth it, and so do I. As you can see, the riders
do leave quite a lot of their stuff on the bus between stages, mainly their helmets and shoes. Lazer have provided them
with a brand new aero helmet called the Bullet here for
the 2017 Tour de France. This is the seat, as you can
see, of Jurgen Roelandts, and what I particularly like are his custom Belgian flag insoles. These are by BORGinsole. He is a former national
champion of Belgium, so he does have the right to
put these inside his shoes. And, as you can see, a
selection of Lazer glasses and shades as well for different weather conditions throughout the race. Right, if we head a bit further back, one thing that is very
important for riders in 2017 is the ability to charge
all of their devices. So, there are loads of charging
ports throughout the bus, including USB-specific ones,
which always come in handy. But coming up is one of my favourite bits because I do like a nutrition cupboard. And if we lift this up, you’ll see everything
they pretty much need to get through stages
of the Tour de France. They are sponsored by SANAS, which is a Belgian nutritional company. But what I do quite like is these old-school pates de fruits, something that you can
quite often buy in France, which riders used to
use in the olden days, but obviously some of them
still like to use that now. This, I seem to remember, was the door I couldn’t shut last
time on the Lotto-Soudal bus. Full of soft drinks, as you can see. Riders do like to consume them immediately after the stages just
for a bit of refreshment. They have recovery drinks
as well, of course. I’ve got it shut this time. Down here, more, got Aquarius, some water, cheeky little cans of
Coke in there as well. Next up, I think last time I cheekily took a Lotto-Soudal cap and lots of you didn’t like it. How’s that look? Keep it on? Yeah. So, I should wear one for the remainder of the tour of this bus. But I shall put it back
afterwards, don’t fear. Also got musette bags in there. Now, over here, is lots of
information about nutrition, so on this part, you’ve
got all the information about what is contained
in their energy bars and gels and drinks, et cetera. Here are all the riders’
names from the Tour de France plus what they want to have as their recovery immediately after the stage. I quite like this bit,
different nutritional strategies for different types of races. So, Short Stage Time
Trial, One Day classic, Stage Race , Easy Training, etc, and it gives some
information for the riders as to what they should be consuming before, during, and after. One thing I did forget to
mention and show you is this. These are the race radios,
which give the riders communication with their team car behind. Very neatly stored up
here on the brand new bus. Adam Hansen did forget to
bring his specially modified lightweight version of the radio to the Tour de France this year. He left it on his kitchen
table so nine of the same. These hanging on the back
of the seat meanwhile, these are the earpieces, so you plug this into the race radio itself. That sits in your ear
as you’re riding along, and this is the microphone. So you just press this button
and you’re in communication with your teammates and also
with the team car behind. I’m dropped, I’m dropped. Toilet, always important to riders who do quite often get nervous before races. This thing probably sees plenty of action throughout the season. Oh it’s a sliding door, trying to push it. We won’t spend too long in there, fan automatically comes on, does its best to get rid of the scent of the riders. What I do quite like is that if you don’t want to experience the scent of the riders before the race, and you only need a wee, they’ve got a urinal. Not much room in there. We don’t want to put too much weight on. Nowhere to wash your hands. Let’s have a look at these drawers under the recovery shakes. Top one is full of race radio spares. I’m not entirely sure what those little bits there are. Further down we have
loads more energy bars. Loads of pins here, very
important, actually, for riders to have pins, because often the race organisers don’t provide you with pins to put your numbers on, so it’s always handy to have spares. They also got loads of wipes to keep the lenses clean on their sunglasses. And this is something
I’ve never seen before. Hand warmers, presumably for emergencies in very cold, at spring classic races. I’d like to try them myself actually, on a cold day out on the bike. So in here we have pistachios, muesli, porridge or oatmeal for
those of you in the US, and plastic cutlery, knives,
forks, plates, et cetera. But here, have a look at this one. All sorts going on here,
we’ve got rice cakes, the riders do like a little
treat every now and again so they’ve got nougat here
cut up into small pieces. We’ve got kind of cola bottles, harry bow, nuts and seeds in that one. Here’s something I’ve not seen in quite this kind of format
before, quite large pieces of dried vegetables, carrot,
green beans, et cetera. And more nuts in the back there. I wonder who’s got a harry bow fetish. My bet is Marcel Sieberg. Okay, moving a bit further down, the all important coffee machine. Every single pro tour bus will have a coffee machine on it, the riders like to have at least a couple in general before they start the stages. Where do they go up to? I’ve done that one. Here, loads of towels
for the riders to use after they’ve had the shower,
which we will show you in a few moments time, there
we go, got some custom ones. Right, up here above the coffee machine, oh these are all the coffee capsules, so we’ve got espresso there,
americano on the other side. Sugar, stirrers, et cetera. And the last of the
cupboards up at the top, tea, more coffee pods it looks like there, and some cups, et cetera. Alright, on the other side here then we have got the showers. I’ve been told by Mario that
they are slightly smaller, I can’t do this, it’s only a curtain. Definitely that way. I can’t wait for the comments under this. Yeah, slightly smaller
showers than the previous one, so still enough room, it
is fairly cosy in here. Pull that across, okay
I think we’ve finished except for this part at the back where as you can see there are two beds for the riders to lie on, of course. I understand they don’t use this part particularly much unless
there’s some very long transfers when sometimes
the younger riders like to get a bit more sleep before they even get to the next hotel. The all important scales
down here on the floor, they’re for weighing the riders of course, tell you something very obvious. Over here, we got lots of first aid materials here for when riders
have crashed and their wounds need dressing, et cetera, and down here we’ve got some warm up
cream, not sure what that is. ORS orange, power, power, power, power, that sounds exactly what I need. Sun cream down there at the bottom. Further along we have the fridge. Don’t think there’s too
much in there at the moment. Plenty of milk and chocolate milk. Can’t see any actual chocolate though, that’s a bit of a disappointment. The reason though that the
showers are slightly smaller than on the previous bus
is apparently because of this brand new microwave
which they have installed here. Above it they have got
all of this electronic paraphernalia to control various
parts of the sound system and the TV and the rest of the bus. So that is the brand new
2017 bus that Lotto-Soudal will be using for all of the major races. If you have yet subscribed
to the Global Cycling Network you can do so by clicking on the globe. Next up, a couple of videos you might be interested in though. One is with this man, Adam
Hansen, who’s gonna spend an enormous amount of time on this bus. He is Mr. Grand Tours, they might as well have etched it in to the actual seat rather than giving him
this extra leather piece. He did a suitcase tour with
us at the Tour de France in 2016, you can find that
by clicking just down here. Meanwhile, if you would
like to see how much difference motos make at bike races in terms of slick streaming and drafting, we did some investigations which you can find just down here. Putting it back.

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