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Lucy Charles’ Specialized S-Works Shiv Pro Triathlon Bike

Lucy Charles’ Specialized S-Works Shiv Pro Triathlon Bike

(techno music) – This is the Specialized
S-Works Shiv of Lucy Charles. Now, Lucy stepped on to the pro circuit a couple of years ago and
I think it’s fair to say she has turned the heads of
every pro, every spectator, every bystander as she’s gone on to win Ironman races, she’s
set bike course records. She even, at the end of
last year, she came second at the Ironman World Champs. (electrical currents buzzing) Now first of all we need to
talk about this paint work. Now it looks very similar to Specialized’s Torch paintwork that they released on a number of their road bikes before the Rio Olympic Games. Sadly, it’s not, but it’s still very cool. It’s what they call the
Rocket Red and Neon Yellow. She’s riding it in a small frame, and you’re probably wondering why it’s got a rather large downtube. Now, inside here, is a bladder that you store your hydration in and then from this, you
have this straw feeding out and it attaches here by magnets. The idea being that you can keep your hydration out of the way of
the wind, more aerodynamic. And also, stay in your Aero
bars whilst you take fluid on. So whilst we’re up here let’s
talk about the front end. So, we’ve got Shimano’s
fully integrated Aero stem and handlebars, which, to be honest, leaves very little for
the wind to work against but off that we have a few customizations. So, let’s talk about the elbow rests and these are from Revolver
which is as relatively new brand but normally do wheels so
this is quite interesting. The reason they’re cupped,
basically is to allow you to get into an aggressive position and rest your elbows
into the back of the pads and then off of that we have
quite a strong angled ski-bend and apparently she normally
uses Drag2Zero bars but she’s just currently trying out different positions and angles. Then on the under though, she
has Shimano Dura-Ace DI2 gears and on the bullhorns. So moving back through the bike and she has got the Rotor
2INpower powermeter chain set and on those she’s got
the Rotor Qarbon Q-Rings and interestingly she’s riding
a 53/36 chainring set up. Now, normally they
would suggest that 53/39 just for smooth shifting from big to small ring and vice-versa. So, what she’s doing is actually
riding with a chain catcher which is something I used to
do as well to just allow you, being on a 53 ring she’s nice
and powerful on the flats but then when she hits the climbs she’s got the option of the 36. But there is the risk of
it throwing the chain off, so that’s where the
chain catcher comes in. So, really cool. She’s got a 170 crank clank and on the end of those she’s
got the Shimano Ultegra pedals but she did say for race day she normally has Shimano Dura-Ace. As I’ve already mentioned, she
has got Shimano Dura-Ace DI2 and it is the 9150 groupset. Then on the back she’s got the
Dura-Ace cassette in an 11/25 and you’ve probably
noticed this CeramicSpeed oversized pulley wheel system. And this essentially helps
to smooth out the chain flow and reduce any friction but
then in addition to that she’s also got the CeramicSpeed bottom bracket bearings
and headset bearings. Now let’s talk about the wheels and they are the Rapide CLX 64 Rapide wheels with pretty bling decals on. So, these were given to her just before the Iron Man World Champs and then on those she’s got the
S-Works Turbo clincher tyre. Now, they’ve got this cotton sidewall which not only looks really cool, Specialised also claim it is actually their lowest rolling
resistance tyre to date. So she’s riding a 24mm width on the front and then a 26mm on the back. So her bike is also kitted out with Specialised Aero side-pull brakes and as we often see with TT bikes, the rear brake is positioned just under the bottom bracket here. So, Specialised also give
you a couple of options with the seat post. It comes in a 12.5mm or a 37.5mm setback. So Lucy’s currently
riding a 12.5mm setback so that she can get nicely forward into an aggressive position and to help that she’s also
got the ISM PN 1.0 saddle which is a split nose saddle, allows her to get nicely
forward on the saddle, tilt her hips round into a
really aggressive position. And then on the back of that she’s got the XLab Gorilla cage which has a nice tight grip
to hold the bottle in well and then on the seat tube she
also has the Xlab Chimp cage. So there we go, that is Lucy Charles’ Specialised S-Works Shiv. Now, we have caught up with her in the middle of a
training camp in Lanzarote so admittedly it’s all
kitted out for training so it would be interesting to see what she does change for race day and on that note, keep an
eye out for it this year. If you like this bike
hit that thumbs up button and to see more videos from GTN just click on the globe and subscribe. And if you want to see another pro bike from Johnny Brownlee, click up here. If you want to see some swim tips, quite apt with one of the
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36 comments on “Lucy Charles’ Specialized S-Works Shiv Pro Triathlon Bike

  1. Does anyone know why she doesn't have the SWAT box mounted? Seems like a great way to carry spare tube/C02/tools in the event of a mechanical. I can't see how she carries this stuff with the bottle mounted in the main frame.

  2. The first thought I have whenever seeing these schnazzy integrated hydration systems is "ok, but how the heck to you clean it?"!

  3. Great info on this video and the others on pro bikes. Mark does a thorough presentation of these bikes, he knows his bikes! The chain catcher is a great idea especially with a 53/36. Lucy has a nice bike, BUT so do the other pro women. Second in Kona at 24 years old and first time there as a pro blows my mind. She has proven that it's not the bike, but her mental/physical attributes that earned her that second place – I salute her!

  4. I just bought the Sworks SHIV paying a lot of money for an outdated bike??? Well I beg to differ it is by far the most adjustable and comfortable. That said I am an old and rusty age grouper that likes the new blue/purple color:-)

  5. man, those wheels are really narrow. okay hawaii is very windy, but what about 858 nsw? incredibly stable in crosswinds.
    also, everything looks nice, but who the hell thought that the front brake can be so open in front of the frame? The cables are so exposed to the wind it's ridicilous
    and the fram bottle holder…geez an elite chrono bottle looks so much nicer and integrates better with the seattube. and why carbon cages? that little bit of weight saving was probably quite expensive but doesn't offer much of watt savings.

  6. please please please stop these jittery pan shots or make the frame rate lower or the speed or both or just cut it out. 🙂

  7. I got the whole Ceramic Speed kit (except of the chain) on my Shiv as well. I switched back to the normal SRAM cage. It's true the OSPW is smothing out the system but it leads to very bad shifting and I can't stand that. If you have the chance take a closer look and try to move it with your fingers from left to right, that is easily possible and I assume the reason for bad shifting. It's bling but not as good as lots of people think.

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