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Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

– For today’s video I
thought I’d have a go at a bit of up-cycling. Now I’m quite into my bike art, there’s a lot of stuff
behind me on the wall, there’s Jeff Wall prints, there’s an old disc drive clock up there. As you can see there’s just
general stuff hanging around, there’s one of those metal
workshop signs from Pack there. That sort of stuff, but today I actually
fancied making something. We’re going to turn an
old bike frame into a lamp to hang off the wall of a new GMBM set. Now as you’ve probably worked out, I’ve got quite a lot
of stuff hanging around from years of working around bikes, I’ve got all sorts of stuff here, I’ve got a panic room as well, and of course I’ve got a
loft like everyone else. Now, something I managed to find, I’d actually totally forgotten about is this old retro-looking frame. So this is an old diamond back frame. Well this is a replica
of what would have been the Apex frame from about 1993, so this is a bit more modern. But it’s actually damaged, it’s got a squashed rear end on it, so it can’t actually be used, ’cause if I tried to bend that, you can see where it’s creased, and there’s a chance
that it’d probably snap, so it’s not actually that useful, but I couldn’t bring
myself to get rid of it ’cause it’s quite nice-looking, really. So what I’m actually going to do today is essentially cut the
rear end off the bike, hang it off the wall and run
a lighting system through so you got a light bulb
hanging out the bottom here, a quite fancy one of
those Edison-style bulbs, just so it looks cool. Doesn’t have to actually
give off any light. And run the cable
through the top tube here and exit through the top. Now obviously, to do something like this you need to consider a few things, what sort of light fitting
you’re going to get and fit in the bike, how
you’re going to wire it into the mains, in this case, I’ve got a few options, here, of complete light fittings with plugs and the reason for that
is, in our new set, that this is going to
be going on the wall, hopefully, if I get it right, I actually, we’ve got, like, a lighting gantry running around the top with plug points, so, I’m actually going to have
this quite high up on the wall and have the plug basically
just going straight up so you can plug in so I don’t need to have this wired in, it
also means I don’t have to get around that sort of stuff and I can try out today, hopefully, to make sure it works. Now, when doing this sort of thing, there’s a few things you need to consider, as well as things you need to purchase in order to make it happen,
is how you’re actually going to mount the thing to the wall. Now, I got this inspiration
because a friend of mines got a bar called Juno and we actually filmed the GMBN
Christmas special at his bar and he’s got a few frames
hanging off the wall that I actually helped him source that had also been crash
damaged and whatever and they were carbon
frames and he actually cut the seat tube all the way down and basically used the bottle cage bolts to, more or less, bolt
the frames to the wall. Now, that looks really clean, it looks like they’re
poking out of the wall but I want to do something a
little bit different with this because, a, its an alloy frame, so its a little bit
harder to get an exact cut with the sort of tooling that I’ve got. I’ve got my angle grinder, so, its not going to be that precise, its going to be a bit more bodged, so, the idea I had was to actually cut the chain stays and the seat stays off and
we’re going to file this down, there’s also a cable mount here, I’m going to have to
get rid of that as well. And I actually want to
mount it to the wall using something like
these, sort of, hook bolts. So, I basically want to
drill these through the frame and have these sit on, like, a gate hinge. So, the whole frame
can pivot side to side. So, essentially, whatever
we’re doing on the set, we can move the frame in
and out of shot as we want, so, hopefully that’s going to work but this is a bit of trial and error and, well, we’ll get to it really and see what’s what. Okay, so, first up then is going to be to get the back end of this bike off. I’m using my work stand to do this ’cause I can hold it really securely so nothing is going to move around, so, I think that’s going to be pretty solid. Now, I’m obviously going to
have to use the angle grinder, I’m limited on tooling but angle grinders are the key for these sort of jobs for me. Now, something that’s
quite important to say is I’m not going to be using
the guard on my one, the guard is there for good reason, to protect your hands basically
from the spinning blade, it spins insanely fast
and its really dangerous but, in this case, its actually going to get in the way of where I want to cut so I’m not going to be using that. I will be using some eye protection, I’m going to be wearing
some gloves as well and a good dose of common sense but if you’re going to
attempt this at home, make sure you use the guard on yours, really you should do and if you’re unsure about it, get a friend to do it for you or someone that is
comfortable using power tools. They’re no laughing matter, you know, they’re pretty serious bits of kit and they can cause injury, so, just use your common sense
and don’t shoot me down too much for this because
I’m being realistic about it. Okay, so. (angle grinder whirring) That’s good, now, swap here
around to the other side. (angle grinder whirring) Okay, so, just a little
bit of mess to sort out, so, that’s the back end off,
that’s the bad bit done. Now, I just need to clean it up a bit, I am now going to be
putting the guard back on because I can get better access to it, you can actually use the
edge of a grinder blade to do a little bit of filing, just to take some of
that material off, so. (file grinding) Its a bit of an unsightly
hole on the back of the frame, however, not all is lost because you’re not going to see that as that’s
going to be against the wall, there’s just going to be,
like, a hinge here, anyway. Now, worst case, I can
always go back to method one, which is to cut the seat
tube all the way down and mount flush on the wall, so, I want to try this to make sure
there’s a chance of it working because I think it could look quite cool. Now, you got inserts
in the head tube, here, now I need to figure out if
I’m going to leave these in or if we’re going to
have to smash them out and make the most of it. But lets have a look,
so, first things first is to decide which one
of the two light fittings I’m going to use, now, you can just get any generic light fittings,
to do something like this. Now, as I probably mentioned earlier, this is going to be plugged straight into, like, the cable gantry, above the set, so I thought it’d be easier
just to get a complete cable set basically that’s already
got a plug socket, a plug, even, on the end of it. Now, we just need to figure out which one is going to be the best one to mount inside the head tube, here. As you can see, its
not far off, size wise, I’m suspecting that if I can
somehow get that insert out, I reckon it will fit flush, straight in, I might need to hold it in
place with something similar. So, going to offer both of these up ’cause I’m not sure which one
is going to be which. It does mean I have to take the plugs off, in the short term, okay. I like this stuff ’cause
you never really know exactly what’s going to
happen until you’ve done one. Okay, so, its clearly too big, as it is but that hitchy will house it, I reckon. I’m going to try the other one, its a little bit better actually. That’s not bad, that could
even sit in like that but I don’t really want all of
this poking out, if possible. Okay, I’m going to see if I can
get that insert out the frame. (hammer banging) I’ll leave the top one
in, top one looks okay. Will you look at that,
that will even go in with a bit of an
interference fit, I reckon. Also known as friction fit, yeah, little bit of movement
on the inside of there but I’m still going to
see if the other one will, I think the other ones too big, annoyingly, ’cause the
other one does look nicer. Oh my God, that’s even better. We’re going with this one, okay, so I reckon I could– That’s a plate, basically,
to hold our lampshade on but I could add that plate
directly to the frame and the bulb will go in the bottom, in fact, I’m too impatient,
I want to see what the bulb looks like, now. She’s a nice one. Its kind of Steampunk-ish isn’t it? Oh, that’s got to be
the one, that looks rad. Yeah, all right, we’re
going with this one. Okay, well next problematic job is going to be getting
this through the frame. I’m going to see if I can
get this off, actually, and see what the interface
is like on the inside but, nah, actually no I
won’t, who am I kidding? Snippy snip. Won’t be needing that bit. Now, this could be a painful operation but lets see if it goes, actually, its got to go through there first and then in, use my
internal cable routing kit, somehow, to get this
through to the other side. (chuckling) May as well use a park tool,
blue cable tie, hadn’t I? There’s something in
there, notching it around. Oh, I can see it. Park tool to the rescue. I love this stuff, I’m such a geek. Okay, so, made my mind
up, we’re going to go with a bit of Araldite around
the bottom of here. I’ll turn it upside down, leave
that with the weight on it, so it can set, basically,
Araldite is like an epoxy adhesive, you mix the two
little portions together, basically, bond it
together, leave it to set. Go and make a coffee, I
guess, while that’s happening. And then we’ll come back
and see if it works. (coffee machine grinding) Okay, moment of truth, lets
see if the Araldite has worked. I think it will have done,
its pretty good stuff. Yes, solid. I’m going to wire up that
plug, get the bulb in and then we can get a little idea of what its going to look like. Light bulb in. Moment of truth. Yes. Okay, now artist’s impression, imagine, without the cable, that being
on the wall on the GMBN set and we’re going to build
a hinge so you can move it side to side and get it where you want. Is it just me or does
that look really cool. I think that looks wicked. Now, it just needs mounting to the wall, so, I’ve got these eyelet
bolts, as I mentioned, they’re just about the right length to go through the frame there, so, I’ll drill one at the top,
one at the bottom there. Delivery man has been
and this is, essentially, what I’m going to deal with,
so, they will be mounted on the wall, the bolts
go through the frame and it will, hopefully,
pivot quite nicely. Slight downside is these
ones I had lying around, they’re way too small, as expected, these ones are huge, massive ones, so they’re 12 mil bolts,
that’s no problem, it won’t look too out
of place on the frame ’cause you only have the eyelet
poking out the back, there, but the problem is, I haven’t
got a drill bit that size, the biggest I’ve got is
a six and a half mil, so, a little bit of bodging
is going to be involved. I’ll do a pilot hole and then I’ll drill with the six and a
half, then I’ll just have to make it big enough to get that through. And I’m also going to
need to cut these down. (drill whirring) Not bad. (file grinding) (drill whirring) (file grinding) Job done. Got our old friend, angle
grinder again, for this. (angle grinder whirring) Perfect, I’ll get a washer on
there, to cover up that hole and lets do the other one. (angle grinder whirring) I think I’m going to go back and I’ll trim these bolts down, get them flush but I’m going to source some washers, I haven’t got any washers, here, and I really want to
have washers to spread that load out a bit, so,
the aim would be that they would go on the wall
and you could turn it. So, I say, I’m going to
chuck it on this wall, just to give it a quick
try, to see if that works. Hopefully that will be good enough. (drill whirring) Obviously, this isn’t
really how you’d install it but I just want to see if it works. (drill whirring) This will get it close
to what its going to be on the GMBN tech set and then lets get the bulb in there, we’ll get a little artist’s impression of how it might look. Put this fella back in here. There we go, we got out
wall mountable light. Bit rough around the edges and, of course, I’ve done it a little bit differently to how some people
would, I’m really pleased with that in the head tube, there, just by chance, that
light fitting is great, the bulb, actually chose
by Dan Dan the Cameraman, really nice, its just
an LED Edison-style bulb with a fancy inside, there, so
its not even going to get hot. And then, yeah, so I’ve put
it on a hinge, basically, ’cause on the new set,
we want to be able to move it around so you can get it in shot and get it out of shot and
don’t ever see the bad stuff, on the back, from where I’ve cut it off. That cable will go straight into the wall and its going to go up to a switch and its going to be,
roughly, just out of shot. But, there you go, I’m sure
people would do them differently again, if you’ve got a carbon frame, dust mask is good and you
probably want to directly mount ’cause you can get a real clean look but, I quite like being able to move it in and out of shot. (relaxed music) Well, there we go, there
is my wall mounted light, made from an up-cycled or a
recycled mountain bike frame that was fit for nothing,
I think its a pretty good use for a frame, it looks cool, its a bit retro, its got
a bit of me about it, bit of GMBN tech going on, there, its going to look great,
in the new set, I think. If there’s any other
videos you’d love to see us make along these lines, making stuff out of bike
components or artwork or fitting out the workshop,
anything you want to know, let us know, in those comments underneath, I’d love to make some
more stuff like this, like, this is me to a tee. But, I’ve got to say, even though its got the convenience of swinging around, I would much rather a neater one, like the ones I talked about earlier, where you cut down the seat tube and you fit it ’cause it looks like its poking straight out of the wall. Its very cool but, for our new set, this is going to be quite functional, being able to move it
around, get it out of the way for certain shots, so,
kind of pleased with that. For a couple of videos,
click up and down there. Don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up if you love GMBN tech and
the stuff we make here. Hit that notification bell and, of course, subscribe if you’ve not already done that and tell your friends
about us, cheers guys.

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  21. I'm a builder and never in my 17 years have I seen such…… …. Ahhh, who am I kidding, it's almost common practice to remove your guard. lol

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