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Manatees at Flamingo Bay (not Alligators)  Florida MotoVlog  Honda Grom 125cc

Manatees at Flamingo Bay (not Alligators) Florida MotoVlog Honda Grom 125cc

oh now it’s recording oh my god I’m a bad man taking on the world with a
gun my trail with a blurry
something bad you might sound in the kill good morning
it’s probably morning when you’re listening to this it’s afternoon for me
what’s that car doing all cattywampus up there we have just entered or apparently
we’re going to enter what is that car doing the Everglades National Park that
car apparently has decided against it and is caddywhompus in the road there
you go buddy there’s plenty of room back up turn do
whatever you do we’re gonna see if our national park pass been the cover from
assay I’ll see ya is that friend Wow all right now we’re checked in so I
was not aware of this I don’t know if this is a new thing because we were
camping when I was young and you didn’t have to pay to get in everywhere now
apparently at all the national perks you have to pay to just like go in and drive
around but if y’all watched our video of where did we go
the Devils Tower we got a National Park pass that’s good for a year and if you
travel a lot or go to national parks whatever you know if you live near one
or whatever it’s probably a good thing to do because um yeah I think it was
about fifty dollars it may have been more I don’t know how did that just
bounce off of the camera literally I don’t know how much it was but I’m sure
it’s gonna be a heck of a lot cheaper than us paying for two of us to go into
every national park we go to I feel like something’s crawling on my
chest now y’all can you’ll see that it get guts all over so this is the
official Everglades National Park I have a
feeling that I’m not gonna get into the water till later I’m going to flamingo
Bay where there is water dirt water where there’s gas because someone
prepaid for three dollars because apparently everywhere you go in Florida
you have to go in and show your ID and everything because it’s a high fraud
area so you just prepaid for three dollars and instead of putting it in
mine he put it most of it in here so I just have half take field cos he’s a bad
boy so I gotta go out here and get gas again I would say he’ll that’s not come
to truth feel sometimes I call a gas so gas diesel fuel whatever it is young miss sit because I don’t have a
camera yeah because I’m still back there there is a sign back here for big cats
it didn’t say what it was Panthers is it Panthers I think they
have Jaguars down here do they I don’t know what’s lair but there’s big cats
down here there’s bears down here there’s ichu alligators or crocodiles or
whatever they are so we’ll see if we can’t find one I would be I’m gonna have
a video of something everything chases him right he’s got can you see him back
there he’s got like AI stunts the chase team he’s got it in the rattlesnake
video I think something needs to chase he bit the wait a minute if I’m behind
him then I would be the one that gets caught no that ain’t good maybe
something shouldn’t chase him because it would catch me not him there’s the real
calm I don’t know what that is we have to go out and get feel though
and then on the way back we’re gonna stop and explore everywhere real pom on hinga trail in gumbo limbo
trails say that fast three times most see the cap design you cry can’t see you
but I can’t see it run tripe off the road mmm speed limits picking five is
fifteen back there alright guys I’m gonna get off here
we’re gonna go get fuel and then I’ll turn you on for a nice slow trip back
through the Everglades National Park maybe we’ll see a gator or a lion or a
bear bear fur cougar earth living all righty guys I got feel see that
thank goodness I was down to one bar and he said what’s he pointing at he said oh
well then you time that good didn’t you it makes me want to throw up punching
when he said stuff like that but anyway there was I’m at the Everglades every
day with Lake National Park like at the very far tip of Florida not the key side
but the other side and so they have like a little Park center there but it was
closed off so you couldn’t get to it but I went over and sat by the water and as
I’m sitting there looking at everything because that’s what I do I hear
something and it’s an animal in the water blowing like seals and whales and
apparently manatees blow you know to breathe or whatever there was like four
we he said it first thing we’re seals but now we think that they were manatees
over there so we took a little clip or two of them you probably can’t see him
the best but I’ll see if he can insert them and
show you our little manatee pictures but this is this is my trip for today and
well Florida I would say Miami but I’m like I think I’m like 80 miles away now
so I’m actually waiting quite a ways and you like literally I had y’all out not
even an hour ago coming in here and it was actually only 40 miles or something
coming in here and look at this one at the sky it looks like I’m gonna get
rained on I am so not dressed for it well I sort of have long sleeves on but
not really but I’m not dressed for rain it was 87 degrees and super sunshiny
when I left so well I guess if I get rained on it’s
just part of it right is it pretty out there apparently this
part of flora flora family this part of Florida grows a lot of crops and stuff –
they had a lot of orchards sitting gross and different stuff out here outside of
the park there’s a lot of stuff inside the park but I don’t know exactly how
you get to it cause it’s like something like and there’s a pull-off and that’s
it and there’s lookers there but I don’t know how they what they were actually
doing oh I just got wet let’s see oh it’s
raining yeah rain I should prepare better you
know I put this bag but that didn’t it wasn’t gonna stay there so we put it on
the back of my bike and I’m thinking in hindsight obviously I should have put my
raincoat in it now this is feeling less than Pleasant
damn it here we go 180 mile ride in the rain all right y’all I’m just a few miles
down the road the rain has mostly quit I have no idea
what’s going on but they had some cold cold
I guess maybe from the ocean rain and I am totally and completely drenched it
was giant giant huge raindrops it’s still raining just a little bit this is
gorgeous I love this I wish I could like hang out and take some pictures and
appreciate this more but I know if I do it’s just to look see how what my arm is
we see that I know if I do I’m just going to be up making it worse for
myself as far as it’s probably going to continue to chase the rains probably
gonna continue to chase me so I should get back and the temperatures probably
going to continue to drop the Sun isn’t down but the clouds have actually
clouded up so much that you can’t even see the clouds or the Sun I mean so
so back to Miami I go this is a trip that I would do again I would make sure
that I had a full tank of fuel when I came in here and instead of going all
the way down to the end to start out I would just start going on all the little
side roads just to see what’s down here and around here and whatnot okay I’m
actually completely knock on wood completely out of the rain for a minute
hopefully I stay that way cuz my mom springs in where it’s sopping wet and
the wind’s blowing at 40 miles an hour telling you you don’t need to remind me
next time check your damn raincoat quit being irresponsible thank you my
raincoat you probably didn’t see it bugs down there I didn’t take pictures up
they have big giant house bugs down there they sleep six people and they Rin
him for $400 a night we’re not gonna get a houseboat because
we have our truck there whatever but if you came down your own vacation what’s a
big family or a group of people or whatever that would be nice you could
hang out in the Sun play on the beaches you know I would say sail that’s not
sailboat it’s a it’s a drive boat right drive over to the next beach and
whatever I have no idea how to do all that stuff I’m guessing there’s like GPS
and they probably show you how to work they do how to get back and some of the
places you go or whatever then I think they’d be so neat I said we stay in our
truck because we got the puppy dogs what not actually not even on vacation we’re
working speaking the winch I don’t have load tomorrow yo where do you want to go
tomorrow wait coming back here tomorrow hopefully
it don’t rain tomorrow I have checked weather and see if it’s rain if it’s
raining we won’t be able to ride I have to stay home and clean house if it’s
raining don’t you hate that stay home and clean house okay it’s actually
getting a little warmer either I’m getting dried off or the
temperatures getting a little bit warmer the further I get away from the actual
edge of the land they’re 32 miles away from the park entrance that’s where I
came in but anyway we’ll see what we’re gonna do tomorrow guys today I had a
good day overall we stopped and ate at the Cracker Barrel
earlier we should get up earlier there tomorrow but then again we don’t want to
leave the trip too early because in case we get a load we want to be available to
work because you know I said we’re technically we’re working not
vacationing he was a good day though I don’t think we’re I’m sure we’re not
gonna go to the keys we went to South Beach the other day the traffic was
horrible it was ridiculous we did not neither of us had any it didn’t have any
fun and then we’ve been told that getting to the keys is kind of the same
way because of the bridge so you can’t grill it you know it’s just you stopped
on the bridge and went forever because there’s no
now everybody’s getting on and off of the islands and going out there and
whatnot so anyway I guess I’m getting back in the rain again I guess I’m gonna
end up probably being cold and miserable but when I get to the truck we’ve got a
good heater I’ll turn this on found myself out and get up tomorrow and do it
all over again seeing the manatee or sealer whatever it
was that I’ve seen that I don’t know what it was it was still worth it
remember guys is something today did you feed yourself well thank you for

4 comments on “Manatees at Flamingo Bay (not Alligators) Florida MotoVlog Honda Grom 125cc

  1. Thanks for the ride along at Flamingo Bay!
    Oh yeah Miss "Sweet" PPP – don't forget your rain coat next time…. LoL
    Tell the Mister… it's not nice to fill up his bike and not yours too…. shame on him oh shame on him… LoL
    Happy Motorcycle trails and stay safe

  2. @ 6:53 Yep… Definitely a manatee 😁!!!!
    I hope TRC got the lifetime senior pass not just the annual one.
    I see he's got you on the lookout for wildlife (probably saw more of that in Miami & South Beach!)

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