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100 comments on “Marbula One: 2020 Savage Speedway GP RACE – Jelle’s Marble Runs

  1. Grrr, Clementine had a great roll but was struggling hard on those turns. C'mon O'Rangers we need something to get us out of this rut.

  2. Usually I would say, "well there's those minutes of my life I won't get back. But man, I am glad I spent those 8 minutes watching this. That was beautiful. Good Job!!!!!!

  3. That did not just happen… I disliked immediately, but by the end I had to change my mind.

    Just please make the intro shorter…

  4. Really gotta give credit to the safety aspect of the Marbula One sanctioning body to see so much contact, but no severe injuries to the competitors.

  5. Make the o'raceway tonight plz plz plz plz plz plz right now😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  6. even though the limers got last,(and haven't done well in the past either) they are still my favorite team. Go limers! #limetime

  7. i think you losing your channel the first time might have been the best thing to happen. i would have never read about it on reddit and subscribed

  8. Next season you should have 2 marbles for each team, and then instead add a marbula 2 for the teams that finish in the lower half

  9. No Chocolatiers? Also you should be making a vid now lol and have you seen my chant? No? Then here it is: Snowballs! Snowballs! GET THE SNOW! FOR THE FLOW! LEEEEEETS GO!

  10. The quailty and effort into this is unreal! Flippong love this channel and hope thebdude that runs it is making a fortune….deserves it!!! Quality youtube!!

  11. Rooting for Galactic is like asking for a free heartattack. They have a history of loosing leads they gain. But Im glad they finally pulled through in race 1

  12. The commentator is so meh. He has the voice but no idea of what's going on and how to make it really exciting. Loved the race though, could of just been made so much better.

  13. All marbles racer deserver a 5 sec pit stop. Please dont push them to the limit. This matter will be report to GamePro (Galatic Marble Protector)

  14. Wisps right in the middle again but at least we got a point, think starting in the middle of the pack got us clogged up and I honestly didn’t like the racing from the Raspberries. Like is that much blocking and buffeting really acceptable?
    Looking to Wispy and co to get up front next race.
    “Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand!” 👻😈 #FeartheNight

  15. Me: Marble Racing? Are you kidding me? Ok. Ill watch this video to see how dumb this thing is! "
    (after watching video)
    Me: "When is the next race? I am so there! Go Team Galactic!!! For all the Marbles!"

  16. What a race by Speedy!
    But what kind of pit strategy was that, Savage Speeders?!
    The advantage was ours, the material is best deep into the race!… we gotta get better management…
    I‘m just disappointed as a home fan…

  17. I'll say this again, being that I've been subscribed for quite some time. Who knew that watching marble races would be so fun to experience? I'd rather watch this than any Nascar race. Great job Jelle and the rest of the team!

  18. Since my two favourites Crazy Cat's Eyes or Pinkies aren't here, I chose Snowballs and Limers…Limers sure lived up to the disappointment I was used to getting from CCE and Pinkies, but snowballs getting 3rd, success is a new feeling for me! so Go Snowballs! Hopefully Limers show up better to the next race, and won't be the Williams of the races

  19. Where is the section of " why I've got this on my recommendation " ?
    Because that's something I've never seen before….

    But I liked.

  20. Why am I watching this??? But I am and finding it more exciting than Formula 1!
    I'm stunned at the quality of the production, pat on the back to the people who invented this!

  21. YouTube never fails to amaze me with what random videos it recommends me to watch at 1am
    How I’ve I gone from golf swing techniques, to Chicago ghettos, to little radio control submarine models in a pond, to this?

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