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Mark Webber: Racing Cars and Riding Bikes

Mark Webber: Racing Cars and Riding Bikes

So I’m a country boy at heart and raced cars for a long time, 22 years professionally, and had a long career in Formula 1. Then I raced a Porsche as well, so did sports car racing for them. I managed to win the World Championship in that category. I’m since retired, but a bit of an outdoor junky. I found mountain biking to be very good for my racing because a lot of focus and concentration was still required. I love going through different vegetations, different parts of the ride. You know, it does change. I think that nature and being in the bush, pretty remote and going pretty fast is something that appeals to me. The correlation between bikes and cars has probably never been closer. I think that there has been a lot of crossover. And Trek is certainly pushing the boundaries on that, which is great. It’s just a big personal thing. It stands you out a little bit. It’s always a bit of a compromise, where with Project One, there is no compromise. Clearly, it’s a personalized avenue that you can go down. The website is massively user-friendly, which can be dangerous. You got so many choices and so many nice options to make something that’s quite personal to yourself. Going to the Trek dealer here in Noosa with Jess and all the guys made that all the more easier. You have the opportunity to customize your group set, wheels, handlebars, and all sorts of things, dropper post, and then obviously frame color, and all sorts of options. The mechanics know how to use all the digital tools and the website side with a little bit of love from their side knowing the product so well. And through their experience in getting the bike delivered to you really quick, the customer dealership relationship works sensational. A bike that looks good is a fast bike in your mind, obviously. So if you can get it to your taste and to your liking, that’s super important. My new bike, well, the boys have done a good job with it, nice little paint job. I like the gray and the orange. It is me; it’s been a nice link with my motivations and my country.

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