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Massive Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN’s December Fails and Bails

Massive Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN’s December Fails and Bails

– Welcome to December’s Fails and Bails. You know, I thought I’d make it different. I brought James in, from GCN. – Yeah!
– Oh, my God! We’re gonna have some fun. You’ve got some road crashes for us. – I have. I have, yeah. – We’ll get to them later,
but I’m gonna excite you about mountain biking with the best bits where it basically goes wrong. Today, right, because I know
you can do a bit of riding other than roads, which
doesn’t really count as riding, really. So, I thought what we could do is … What we will do is prescribe the solution to these crashes, as well. – Okay. – So we’ll watch the
crashes, and then we’ll say what you could have done
to stop it happening. – Alright. – Or done it better, what
we would liked to have seen. So, let’s go. Our first fail this month is from Andrea, and he’s at the De Avilés
Bike Park, let’s take a look. – Oh, I’m feeling tense already. – It’s a nasty looking drop already. It’s got a Monster banner on it which makes me think it’s extreme. – It looks gnarly in the
words of mountain bikers. – See what we got. Oh! – Did he try and manual out of that? – Ah, amazing sound effects afterwards. I love the sound effects he
did, I love sound effects. Let’s have that one again. (pained groaning) – Oh! Grim! – Well, that actually looked
like a female rider just there. I just wanna have a little bit of a … Think about what could have happened. So let’s stop it midway. Okay, halfway through. – I think we’re trying to get
a bit of a manual out of that. But– – I think, right, so stopping
halfway, you can see, she’s landing with the
front very, very high. – Yeah. – Almost so high that
she needed a big, old oof of back brake, didn’t she,
to bring that front end down. I mean, at that point,
it’s too late, isn’t it? – I was gonna say, I think
she’s past the limit there. – Yeah– – Before she’s hit the ground. – Yeah, I’d say– – Would you be able to save that? – I think she’s moving so quick … You could’ve done, if she’d
landed with full back brake, but even then, it’s not
gonna be a nice landing because the front’s
gonna come down so hard. So hard. – Then you’re gonna
get a face full of bar. – I think I would diagnose
this as incompetence. – Yeah. – Rather than anything else. Just like taking on a challenge
you weren’t quite ready for. Maybe, roll back time and don’t do it. – But I– – That’s what I’d suggest. – I rate that, just going for it, and fingers crossed and hope for the best. – Yeah, no, I don’t think
that’s really the way to go. I don’t think that’s the way to go. Do you do that in road? Is that something you do? – Yeah, well, when I’m going for a corner, I go max effort out, because … And I would be happy to fall
off if I get the corner first. – Yeah, I think we’re gonna
see a little bit later on that that is generally the
case with you and corners. – Yeah. – But that’s good, Andrea,
you’ve done a great clip there. I liked it, but yeah … I don’t know how to solve that one other than rewind time and not do it. Right, next crash. Here we go, this is Stefano. – Got beautiful location. – On his Ghost, and he’s
in Kranjska in Gora. It looks like a very similar drop! – Yeah. – [Jack] Slovenia. – It’s kind of like a … Maybe we’re gonna have a lot of drop-offs. Let’s have a go, dude,
let’s see how we go. – Can’t see the landing. – It’s short. – Oh!
– Oh! It’s the opposite. – What happened there? I didn’t even see it! – I think he just shaved his jaw off. That was brutal. – I was not expecting that. – Yeah, well it made me gulp. – He lost the front wheel. – It made me go– – Just lost the front wheel. – It made me sick a little bit, right? So basically, that was the
opposite of what we just saw. I mean, he just … Does he lift the front wheel? – I don’t know what happened! Yeah … Let’s see it again.
– Let’s watch it again. I don’t know if I can
really take the old … How he scrubs his face along the ground and basically wears his chin away. Let’s have a look. Here he goes. Lift your front wheel! Nope! – Nope! – Wow! Something really whips that front down. How how does he do that? Let’s just keep it paused
there, see if we can … – See, he catched something! It looks like he catches something that forces him into
just a nose (mumbles). – So, going for it bit by bit, here. Segment by segment. Coming to the drop. And, okay. – Then– – Now, the front’s in the air … Ah! You know what’s gonna happen? I could see it there. He’s gonna butt-rub the back tire. – Oh! – Basically creating an ass-brake! – Oh, no! – He creates an ass-brake … Ready. Here it is. Dep! – Oh, yeah. – Ass on tire. And he’s like– – When it’s not left– – And he’s gonna whip that
front down super fast. – Yeah. – Whoo! There it goes. Hits the backside of the
landing ramp and over he goes. And I think we can probably see his face literally shave into the– – At least he Superman’s off a little bit. – Section-free section … Actually, he does get
his body to the side. – Still looks– – So he may have only shaved off an arm. – [Jack] And a shoulder. – Oh man, it’s brutal, still going. Still moving along the ground
now at quite some speed. – I love how the– – Still going, still going (mumbles). – The guy with the camera’s
just grabbed his face, and going, “Ouch!” He just felt it, didn’t he? – He’s still going. He’s still moving.
– Yeah. – He’s still traveling at some speed. Terrible. – The bike’s following after him. – That is a nasty crash, Stefano. Thanks for sending it in. I hope you’re okay, and that face … That chin has regrown, I guess. – Yeah. – Right, next up, we have got– – Another dorp-off? – Ger! “Myself, Jerry, and victim, Martin, “decide to try jumps. I
stopped at the middle one, “as it was out of my
skill set at the time. “Martin, first time doing
MTB, decided to go big. “This was the outcome.” Like it. Something in the name
Martin that’s always– – Yeah. – Worrying. I know a few
Martins and they’re idiots. Okay, here we go. Let’s see it. He’s gonna– – He’s going around. – Here we go, oh! Yeah.
– Go on, mate. Go on, mate. Oh, he’s over the bars! – What a spank! Look how hard his chest hits the ground. Out– – He needs to get more
weight over the back wheel– – It’s like, now just don’t–
– Before it leaves … Oh! – I … – He does a proper cartwheel. – He flips, yeah. – Proper cartwheel. – Oh, that’s good. – Amazing. Let’s just move that through. – So he’s moved all his weight on the back wheel before the
rear wheels left the jump. – Yeah, sorry, I forgot. We’re supposed to be prescribing how for these things not to happen. – I know, you’re meant
to be the boss here. – I’ve started enjoying myself. Well, he hasn’t got enough speed to carry the whole bike– – Bike off the lip, yeah.
– Off that drop, has he? Well, a little bit more speed, his back wheel would’ve cleared the drop, and he’d have just gone and
landed with both wheels. But he just runs out of momentum, and then the front tucks under. I mean, I sort of feel like– – He knows he’s upping
there, and he’s like, “Ugh, yeah, I’m gonna get a
face full of sand here now.” – I sort of feel like he
knew it wasn’t gonna go right as he got closer to the edge. – Yeah. – I think the … I mean, the style points
we can give him now. Okay, it’s gone wrong, his
body’s hit the ground hard, but look how he, slam! Slam into the ground. – And his bike’s on top of him as well! – But now, look how he undertakes
this perfect cartwheel. No-handed cartwheel, look at that. Bloody headstand? Incredible! Headstand to head-flip! It’s absolutely amazing! – Gymnastics may be the
one for him, this one. – I really like it. I like how you keep trying
to solve the problem– – I know. – As we’re going for
it, and I appreciate it. (smartwatch ringing) Oh, I’ve just got a call. Hello? Right, this is Alex, on a Trek Fuel, 2012. It’s a nice bike, actually, that. Wind Hill B1kepark, that’s quite near us. So this is a jump that probably Blake Samson knows very well. I think, actually, this is the jump that Blake does his old whips on. I think that might be that step-up. So let’s take a look. “Looked at the step-up and
saw some older guys doing it.” Blake Samson. “And watched their speed
and thought I’d have a go.” Well I think we can see he’s
gonna come up short here. Here he comes. Go on, Alex! – Got some speed, ah!
– Go on! Oh man, you literally could
not have cased that harder. If you dropped from space, you couldn’t have cased that harder. – He just stalled so much.
– Let’s watch that again. Yeah! – And stall! – I like how he just rolls– – Felt gravity. – Rolls down the landing
on his back, like, “Oh, I hate my life.” – Speed’s key. – Yeah. – Speed is key. – I mean, we can solve
that one easily, can’t we? Go faster! – Yeah, 100%.
– Go faster. Thing is, with a step-up like that, you get so much height, that you lose a lot of forward momentum, because all the energy’s
gone into that height, and then, basically,
you’ve lost your distance. So, you’ve usually got– – How would you gauge,
on a jump like that, though, how would you
know what kind of speed, or would you just literally
go as hard as you can? – Well I think the thing
is, the more jumps you do, the more– – You kind of get to know … – You get to know that. – Yeah. – So a lot of the time, you’re rolling, and you’ll know, meters before
the take-off, it’s gonna go. But a lot of the time, depending
if a transition’s changed, you’ll know from riding motocross bikes, that a transition can change how the bike reacts dramatically. – Yeah, yeah. – So sometimes you have just got to go through it one time and, check it out! – Yeah, or, I guess the easier part is to just have someone
doing it ahead of you. – Yeah, yeah. – And then you matching speed. – Yeah, that’s a great way of doing that. – Easier way of doing it. – Is to have someone
rolling in front of you, I know that the freeride boys do that. When someone’s done it,
then they tend to get their speed check and figure,
“Okay, well this is at least “gonna make the distance.” – Yeah, exactly. – It’s actually not a bad attempt, Alex, and you kind of did the
thing you gotta do first. Give it a go.
– I like it! – Yeah, it was alright.
– I’d (mumbles) that. – Okay, next up we’ve got a
What Happened Next round, James. So you’ve gotta guess … Right, I’ve seen this clip. This is Nathan at his local skate park. You’ll guess what happened next. So he’s rolling in now. – Right, he’s rolling into,
looks like a skate park, so, into a foam pit, I’m guessing? – Yes, yes, it’s going well. – Into a foam pit, and
he’s going to be trying some sort of new trick. Is it a back flip, maybe? – I mean, could be what you’re saying. – I’m going to say, he’s
going for some sort of flip. I would say a back flip if he’s … Yeah! – Yeah? – I would say a back flip
into a foam pit, and it … He stalls halfway. – And stalls halfway, okay. Flip, stalls halfway, here we go. – It’s gonna be so wrong, I know. – Come on, Nathan. – I can feel it. – Go on, Nathan. Go on, Nathan. I did not expect that! He missed the jump completely! – He actually didn’t even
make it into the foam pit. – Oh, Nathan! – That was incredible! I’ll watch that again. I can’t rework how it happens … He slips his pedal as he rolls in? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Yeah, it hit … – On the (mumbles)! He bombed! – What I like is he’s got so
many options of take-offs. He’s got four take-offs
there he could’ve tried. – He misses, he goes in– – And he didn’t make one of them! – The smallest part, as
well, the middle part! The ramp is bigger! And I can just imagine him … You know when people
walk into a glass door, that’s how I’m imagining his face. – Oh! – Into the side of the
foam pit just like … – Is it time for some road? Should we have a bit of road? – Do we want a bit of road? Let’s have a bit of road.
– Let’s try a bit of road. – Let’s have a bit of road. – Let’s try a bit of road. – Right. – Okay. – So this chap … Right, so, it’s beautiful weather. – Yeah, he’s out on a– – And nice, blue skies. He’s out on a club ride. – It feels like he’s doing
quite a lot of instructing. – Yeah, I think he feels
like he’s a bit of a boss. – What’s this arm all about? It’s a bit like, yeah, check … Ah, he’s telling the riders– – He’s telling the riders
where to go, and that, maybe there might be a rider on the left. – He knows his stuff. – So here he goes. – Yeah, that way, lads. – Right. – Whatever.
– Whatever. (mumbles) yeah! Whoa!
– Whoa! – So he kind of– – (mumbles) is a proper
old (mumbles) on there. (mumbles) – So he looks at this chap, and he goes, “Hi, mate. Yeah, cool.” Gets back on the bars,
realizes that he’s kind of lost a bit of balance, so he’s
trying to correct himself– – He’s tapped the back wheel of the man he’s following, isn’t he? – Yes, that’s what it is, and he’s– – He’s got on the wrong side of it. – Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happened. And he’s tried to counterbalance, and it’s just gone a bit wrong. – It’s done that thing,
when you lean against it, and then you go to … – Too much!
– You can’t correct. – Yeah. – Ugh, nightmare! – And then just kind of … – Whoa, whoa! Gone. Gone, see if you
can do it flop by flop. Flop. Whoa!
– Whoa! – That’s a great freeze. He’s literally going sideways
through there, though. – Yeah, so I think at this point, he knows that, well,
it’s not gonna end well. – He’s still on the drops, though. He’s still on the drop. – He’s still a bit committed. – Whoa! – And now, he’s like, “Alright, guys … ” – He’s still waving,
he’s determined to wave! Wow, that’s an amazing clip! That’s hard to beat! – That’s pretty good.
– Well done! – It’s a pretty good one. – Yeah, I like that. Right, I’m gonna raise you. – Yep. – I’ll raise you that amazing … – Go on, let’s see what you’ve got. – I’d like to hear how
he could’ve avoided that, actually, James. What could’ve he done? Would it have been– – Probably not have got so
close to the rider in front. – Or, not spend his whole
time trying to tell everyone– – Trying to tell everyone … – Else, what’s going on. – Or saying hello to your mates. Why don’t you concentrate
on the wheel in front? – Yeah, concentrate on your own riding. – No, good video, that. – Right, next up, we’ve got Caleb. “I’m back to mountain biking … ” I could only see a take-off in this. It’s quite funny. – There’s quite a peak, that jump. – Yeah, this is in Teton Pass, Wyoming. – Oh, lovely! – Oh, a lovely place, yeah. The description is, I
like the description. Yeah, tantalizing. “while trying to get loose in the air, my knee clipped the tire on this step-up.” What? I’ve– – Front tire rear. – Well, I don’t know. Here we go. Here he is. Come on. In you come. Oh, it’s coming in fast. – It is coming in hot, isn’t he? – He’s coming in hot! Oh no! – Oh, mate, that was awful! – I’ve never seen that. I have never seen that happen before. – He touched his front wheel, didn’t he? Because he tried to whip it. – Yeah, so he goes into a whip … Wow, let’s run it through again. I’m gonna try and pause
it where he hits it. – Oh, yeah, that left leg, isn’t it? – So he’s gone into a
whip so far, that … Let’s just take it back a
second, look at that whip! – Good commitment! – I mean, he’s nearly at 90 degrees. – Good commitment, mate! – He’s hit his outside
knee on the front wheel. That’s totally changed the
trajectory of the bike, because it’s like literally
hitting the front wheel. And you know, when you
hit a brake in midair, it really changes how the bike moves. A lot of people don’t know that, so if you’re going through the air, your front wheel’s high,
grab the back brake, even if you’re in midair, and you’ll know again
from your motocross– – And that’s the momentum. – Tap that back brake in
midair, and that wheel locks, and it totally brings the front end down. So if you get in a bit of a … Like that, just hit that back brake, and it will bring the front end in. But it does that in other way. If you hit the old front brake in midair, you’re gonna find that the back end starts coming up around you, and that’s what’s happened
here for poor, old Caleb. Whack! And then–
– Oh! – Because he’s gotta– – So what happens on that landing? – Well he’s gone so far into a whip, then he’s hit the front brake, and it’s brought that back end up, and then he’s just landing
front end first at 90 degrees. – Which is a pivot. – It’s over! – It acts as a pivot, and he’s– – It’s not savable. I’m just gonna watch it one more time, just for sheer fun. Here he is. – Big whip! Oh!
– Oh man! It sort of pulls his foot
off the pedal as well. Should we try another road one? – Yeah, I got– – I kind of like this road-free man-and-bike crash sequences. – Right, let’s find you one. – Let’s look at the kangaroos. Let’s give the kangaroos a go. As a vegan, am I gonna
find this distressing? I don’t know. – Right. – I don’t know what I think about it. – So, every now and again, you get, when you ride through
Australia, I’m guessing, you get a few kangaroos
jumping out in the way. – Right, I just didn’t think
this would be a common thing. Oh, my God! He got hit in the head. – So– – No! That kangaroo tripped. That kangaroo tripped! – I don’t think they’re
the cleverest animal. That’s what I’m getting. – That one was a beefcake. That’s a snake! Jesus Christ, look at
the size of that snake! There’s a hawk. There’s a hawk. – So we got magpies now. – Magpies, get out the way. Lots of birds.
– Get out the way, ducks. Ducks. – Ducks are idiots. We all know ducks are idiots. – Rabbits! – Rabbits. Sheep! – Sheep. – Oh, my God, what we got next? That was amazing. That was actually a lot of fun. I liked choosing the animal
that was coming in next. – Right, I am– – Let’s have a proper road crash. – Should we have a proper road crash? – So– (mumbles) This is a picture of me racing the Tour series end of
this year, and, well, we were in the leader’s jersey, and we had to all finish
on the same time, so if– – Perfect. – And we had it nearly sewn up. – This is a big moment. – It’s a big moment! We’re gonna win, we’re gonna win! And … Yeah.
– Oh, my … Who’s that idiot who fell down, there? Who’s the guy who took you all down? Yeah, me. So what happened in that is,
I came in hot, hit the pedal, and the pedal– – Lifted the back end off the ground. – Lifted the back end,
and I couldn’t save it. – Yeah, happens in road
so often, doesn’t it? – Yeah, so– – So, James, what was the consequence? For the team. – Yeah, so, I took down
two riders behind me. So, we were then in a
position of desperation. And it was up to me, then,
to race as hard as I could. – Well you had to get
back on and try and– – To get back on. And luckily, I got back on, and we won by three meters, in the end. But I had it sewn up
with 20 minutes to go. – Oh, what were you doing? – I know. – Can I just see you one more time … – Yeah, go on.
– Flailing across the ground. I just wanna see it one more time. So there you are, you’ve
lost the back end. – Lost the back end. So I take these two with me. So here we go, hit the pedal. – So that’s your teammate you– – I’m trying to get that … – That’s actually a good job. You’re actually like a
total boss right there. You look like you’re totally stepping the back end out on a MotoGP bike. – I mean, someone said it’s
like, traveling in your car at 30, 40 mile an hour– – Jumping out! – And then, jumping out
into a pile of metal. – It’s a bit like … That’s an amazing idea. On GCN, you should do that.
– Or a scrapyard. – You should do that. Gravel-rash test. You should put your leg crossed, sit in the back seat of a
car, going 20 miles an hour, and then you go, “Right, let’s test this.” – Just let out the parachute! – Just go out. See what happens. Right, let’s keep going
with these crashes. Next up, we’ve got Ryan. It doesn’t look good. It’s another drop-off. – We’ve got the aftermath here. – Yeah, this is Copper Harbor. Here we go, all 17 seconds’ worth. – Big drop off, big drop off! – Oh, here he comes! – Oh! – Wow, my God!
– What was that? That was a three, wasn’t it? – That was sick! – One, and a half. – Yeah, see now he made the tragic mis … Look at that back wheel. Man, he has tacoed that back wheel. – He’s over-rotated that big time. – Brilliant, though. Great effort, but he’s
made the classic mistake of not getting his mass right. See, because what you’re after is a 360. That’s a 450. – Yeah, but how do you stop that? How do you stop your rotation? – 90 degrees before. – Oh, really, yeah, it is. – Well, you see what he’s done, bringing my little dummy bike in there, he’s come round, 360, but then,
adding that little bit on, he comes round, and then, obviously, we’ve got the taco happening
because he comes in sideways. Tacos that back wheel, but, to be honest, I’m impressed. That’s a big, old jump to be trying it on. Let’s watch it one more time. He really goes– – Full commitment, as well. – Yeah, that’s a big move. Whack! That’s a rigid bike, as well. – So how’s he getting home now? – No, he’s walking, dude. – He’s walking.
– He’s walking. Let’s face it. But thankfully, he does get straight up. – I think he looks at
his bike and goes, “Ah!” – You know what I do think– – But fair play to him, fair play to him. – It is a big, old trick
to try, but you know what? He’s one of those guys,
obviously he got a lot of experience, a lot of skill, but he’s now gotta do that thing where he’s gotta go back and do it again. And that is the worst feeling because you know you can do it, and you’re like, “Well I
can’t be defeated by it.” And then that next go– – “This trick will not defeat me.” – Oh, the worst. Right, Gustavo.
– Good luck, Nathan. Where are we? Gold Canyon, oh, that’s nice. Gold Canyon. And we are on a Santa Cruz Heckler, and Gustavo is gonna … Those are some big cactuses. I don’t like that. – That has a– – Oh no, he’s not hitting
that cactus, is he? – He’s not hitting the cactus. – Oh, my God, this is gonna be brilliant. (Spanish) Okay, we got some comedians. Oh, I love it! I love it! Let’s get juicy (Spanish) in here. – Oh! He’s stuck (mumbles). – Is he dead? Did he have a heart
attack mid-trick, there? What happened? – I think– – I’ve never seen anything– – I think he’s like, he’s
hit a rock of some sort, and just, kind of gone … – But he did a two mile an hour crash, and a 20 mile an hour … No, he did a two mile an hour ride, and then a 20 mile an hour crash. Where did he get the momentum from? He’s some kind of magician. (Spanish) – He’s not on a new bike, is he? – Hang on, let me just pause that. Is it a bit of a cliche
for some Spanish guy to be saying (Spanish)? It just seems weird. It just seems weird that
they would actually use that. Of course they would. (Spanish) Okay, let’s get juicy (Spanish) in here. – Yeah, yeah! – Here he goes. He stops. – I don’t understand what goes on. You just got two wheels just sticking up. – He stops, then does a really fast crash. That’s crazy! It’s a very weird one to fix. – Yeah, I don’t know if we can fix that. – Thank God he missed the cactus. Because I thought he was gonna do like … – It was close. – I mean, you crash into one
of these things, you’re dead. – I mean, that’s not
a good place to crash. – That’s the one time that
crashing a mountain bike’s worse than road. Next up, we have got
Riley in Revelstoke, BC. So, British Columbia.
– This looks big! It looks big, tabletop. – Looks like he’s going
to be fast, doesn’t it? Yeah, okay, here we go. We got 20 seconds’ worth, come on! – Yeah! – Yes!
– Yeah! Nice!
– Nice! Lovely, picking up speed. It’s all going well. Oh! – [Man In Video] Riley, are you good? – Oh! – [Man In Video] You alright, man? – You good? – Are you good? – [Man In Video] You okay? Wrist is okay? – Yeah … – [Man In Video] You hit your head? – Too much speed into that, didn’t he? Just landed in the flats. – That guy on the camera is a comedian. It’s so good! As he lands, he’s like, “You okay?” – You good? – You hit your head? You hurt your wrist? How’s your foot? How’s the bike? Did you crack it? – Did you hit your head? – Dude, let me get my bearings! I just went over the bars big time! Have you brought your lunch? Listen to him. He’s on the questions. I’m surprised he’s not asking him what he’s doing on these jumps. – Looks good there, doesn’t he? – Look how quickly he
asks him if you’re okay. – [Man In Video] Riley, are you good? – You good?
– You good? – He’s still sliding on the– – Pack lunch? – [Man In Video] Wrist is okay? – Your wrists okay? What about your goggles,
are you wearing them? – [Man In Video] Just sit down. – Just give me a minute! – Just sit down! – Give me a minute, man! – Did you see that? He builds him up … You okay?
You good? How’s your wrist?
You good? Okay, just sit down. – Sit down, you’ll be fine. Guy’s a comedian. Right, next up. I don’t know how to solve that one. – Nah, I think just take less speed. – Less speed, because he over jumps it by such a massive amount. – Yeah, use a little bit of back brake. – Such amount. I can only see a take-off on this thumbnail for this next video. It’s from Alex. I don’t know if it’s Alex
from earlier on, could be. And it’s promising, it really is. “First time trying this jump on Fort William Downhill Course.” – Oh nice!
– We’ve all been there. Here he comes, then. This is gonna be fast, I would’ve thought. – Well, it sounds good! – Oh, Jesus, here he comes! I don’t know this bit of the track! Up! – Oh, oh! Oh, he’s gone into the unknown there. – Where did he go? Ah, you know what it is? It’s the step-down at Fort William. So that’s the step-down, but I don’t think he does the step-down. Let’s watch him through it one more time. – He goes round, isn’t he? – Does he come off … No!
– Yeah. – He misses the step-down,
then it’s into that tight berm, into the right-hander, then he’s got that little gap to clear … – Up! – And over the berm!
– Oh, oh! What’s over the other side? – I have no idea. – He just goes! – We should write him a postcard and ask him where he’s gone. He just disappeared. Oh, dude! – He’s sliding like it’s a
bobsleigh off the end of that. – That’s terrible. Alex, it all went wrong on the jump. You over-jumped it,
the front end was high. That meant you lost control
into that next berm. Tried to get the left-hander, didn’t work, skidded, upside of the berm,
and, well, into the abyss. – Into the abyss! – Never seen again. – No, we hope you’re well, though. – Yeah, we do. Next up, we’ve got Michael. – Go on Michael, isn’t it? – He’s on a V10, so he’s gonna
be going quick, hopefully. Oh, yeah, it looked like it. Whoa!
– Oh, mate! Oh, no! Oh, mate. I feel sorry for this guy. Oh! Oh! This guy’s gonna be
singing only in falsetto. – Man, they did a great job on
that edit with them repeats. It looked like his first jump. – Yeah, it did. – It looked like he took up and was like, “Don’t know what to do now.” “I’m midair, I’m doing 40 mile an hour.” – Straight into the bank. – Probably wait for some kind of landing. – Yeah, oh! – You shouldn’t be that casual in the air. You should at least– – I just feel so sorry for
this guy, because I don’t think he’s gonna be able to
sit down for a while. – Can we just watch it one more time? But just check him in the air. He’s got literally no
idea what he’s doing. Like, “I’m not prepared in any way.” Yeah, like, “Chilling.” – Oh! He goes straight into the bank! Oh! I can feel the pain. – He actually looks fine. He looks fine. What’s he doing in midair? It’s like he folds his arms, like, “Hey, I’m up the air, then.” “Just going for it.” – I think he was prepared to hit the dirt. – Michael, I hope you’re okay. It looked like you might’ve
banged your ball bag, but, you know, you’re alright. Okay, Dennis is next. I wonder if it’s the Dennis. – [Jack] Dennis! – Dennis. Dennis– – Who is the Dennis? – GMBN has got a famous
character called Dennis who basically should’ve told every rider in all of these fails and bails what they shouldn’t have done, but he always forgets to tell
you at the top of the trail. – Oh! – Yeah, he’s always like that, Dennis. Did Dennis not tell you? No, Dennis never does. Yeah, anyway, just a little
reminder, here’s Dennis. – [Boy In Video] Gather
as much speed as you can. Don’t go on that one, come on this one. Go, go, go, go, go. Go! Are you okay? Did Dennis tell you to– – Brilliant! Love that! Love that! So good. Right, this is Dennis,
and he’s in Slovenia. Okay! Here we go. Not sure what’s gonna happen here. – Is that him? – [Woman In Video] (foreign) – I don’t know what all that means. – Who was that? (foreign) – There he is, yeah. – Here he comes. Ah, get on with it, mate! We’re trying to make a film (mumbles)! – He filled it up! – Here we go. I think (foreign) him. – He’s coming off here, isn’t he? – He must really go for it, dude. Is he? Oh, no! – Yeah, there he goes. There he goes. Oh! (tones) Oh, oh! We’re gonna have to beep that out. – That was a naughty word in Slovenian. Wow, that was insane! – It was a similar kind
of jump as that last one where, just … Really didn’t get the balance right. – What was he thinking? – And lifted a high front wheel and … – He actually takes off in, well … Actually, the wrong position. Let’s have a look, here he comes. And up! – Yeah! – He’s got some distance
there, I think, yeah. The bike’s nearly vertical. Wow! Now he does work out of that alright. Look at that landing! (tone) Oops, sorry! (tone) (foreign) I think I can speak in Slovenian. (tone) I don’t think he’s speaking
Slovenian (mumbles), no. Dennis, that’s a big jump, fair play. – Yeah, fair play, Dennis. – Fair play for taking that on. That was huge. But, yeah, definitely too
steep in the air, man. You definitely needed to get a bit of weight over that front end, dip it in. This guy sounds butch, his name’s Boston. – Boston! – What’s your name?
Boston. – Boston. – If you come up to me, and you’re like, your name’s Boston– – I’d be like–
– I’d be like– – Fair.
– Fair play. – Yeah, for that. – Right, here we go. – Oh, it’s big! – Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, Jesus Christ! (gasp) – Oh! I thought he could’ve ridden out that. – Yeah, I don’t like it
when their faces go so hard into the floor and they
rub it along at speed. I don’t like that. (mumbles) See it one more time. (cough) Excuse me, (mumbles). Oh, he just grounds out, big star! Big time, it’ a big drop. It’s a big drop. If you’re gonna try, well, you gotta be aware of the dangers, I guess. Oh, look, we’ve got Boston’s head cam. Let’s watch it. – It’s a big drop-off! (tones) – I think he’s hurt. – I think he’s hurt himself. I think he may have– – I think he’s hurt there. – Ooh, he’s got a baddy. Yeah, I think he’s hurt himself. Never mind. Never mind, but Boston,
big drop, fair play. Next up, we have got no
description, no name. Usually that means something
pretty cool is gonna happen. Just hit the button and see. – Yeah. – We don’t know who it is or what happens. – I’m feeling tense. – Oh, it’s some trials. – Oh?
– Oh, yes! – Nice!
– Yes! – Over the tire. – Yes! – Ugh! – Ah, slightly disappoint– – I love that! “Hope you got that on film, dude!” – Yeah, I’m slightly disappointed. I thought that was going to be a bit more. Basically, it’s a slow-speed crash. We can all see what went
wrong, he lost his balance. But, let’s just take a
look at it one more time, and see what he could’ve done different, because I’m a trials racer, I should know. Yeah, nice balance. He’s not carried the speed over the tire. – Oh, so he stalls,
and then loses balance. – You know what’s interesting about … Yeah, but what’s
interesting about it, right, is it’s gone wrong before he
even enters the first obstacle. Because you’ve gotta generate the speed before you get on the log. Because once you’re on the
log, it’s very unlikely you’re gonna be able to
create speed on there, unless you’ve got really good balance. So he needed more speed
before he got on the log, carry the speed over the log,
and then as long as you’ve got that momentum, that tire
roll would’ve created more momentum into the next log. So, it’s typical trials, pre-planning. Trials riders … – You make it sound easy. – Slow speeds … – [Jack] Boring. – Boring. – Boring! – Jack, your aggression for trials hate is wearing off on me. You’re turning me into you, Jack. Jack hates trials riding. – [Jack] And (mumbles)! – Right, well you know what, we’ve run out of crashes this month. Would you say, mate, have you
got any more road crashes? I’m praying you haven’t. – No! – No, because they are horrible and people lose a lot of skin. – You don’t wanna see
them, maybe another time. – Maybe another time, definitely. We should definitely do this again. – Yeah we should!
– It has been amazing! – Thank you for having me! – Yeah, no, thank you. I hope we see you in the
Dirt Shed more often. – Yeah, man, hopefully. – If you’re got a fail or a
bail you would like to send in, you can upload it to our uploader. The link is in the description down below. Please send us your crashes. You may as well do
something good with them. If you would like to see more from us, then why don’t you click on this playlist of Dirt Shed shows. Why not? See what we do each week, and get to know what happens in the Dirt Shed. We will see you next time. Make sure you don’t forget to subscribe. There’s only one thing left to do. Give us a thumbs up!
– Give your thumbs up! Yeah!

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  1. That guy Kaleb at the 15:00", who did the huge whip, totally came off the pedals, after he touched the front wheel!! That's why his crash was huge.

  2. I'm 51 next year and just getting into mountain biking so you will probably see a few fails from me and you all do inspire me keep up the good work and happy new year to you all

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