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Matt & Simon’s Factor O2 Bikes For The Taiwan KOM Challenge

– This is the Factor
O2, that I’ve literally just ridden in the Taiwan
KOM Challenge upon. – And on board, there are some of the– – Lightest parts available,
we’ve got Lightweight wheels, we got THM components, and I’ve got a Shimano Dura Ace.
– SRAM RED eTap. – Mine came with SRAM RED eTap. – Mine came with Dura Ace. – Mine’s gonna be lighter then. – Hang on a minute, not so fast. You have those bling painted wheels, and I’ve gone for the nude carbon, so I think mine actually
stands quite a bit chance with the lightest one, to be fair, mate. – So, alright, the only
way we’re gonna tell this is having a weigh-off. – Go on. Hang on a sec, you guys have
gotta wait before we do this. (heavy bass music) Firstly then, what is
the Taiwan KOM Challenge? – Well, I shall tell you,
it’s a 100-kilometer race basically uphill, and we’re
currently standing or crouching at over 3000 metres above sea level. Yes, we are very, very high indeed. – We are indeed, right, so, the frame. The Factor O2 is actually
made just down 100 kilometre descent that way, on the
other side of the island. – It’s 750 grammes, but that doesn’t tell the whole story at all. Now, Factor is one of the few brands that actually manufacture their own bikes. And in doing that, it
actually allows them to have a far more complex carbon
lay-up, or so they say. Now, what that gives is ride
quality, and less weight. – Yeah, they also, Matt,
use some quite exclusive 55 J carbon fibres in there
from Nippon Graphite. – [Matt] They certainly do, mate. – [Simon] They do. – [Matt] Looks nice too, doesn’t it. – It does, I mean, I really like it, but you could’ve given it a clean. Now speaking of lovely, Matt,
let’s speak about the wheels. Lightweight Meilensteins. Now I actually first
noticed these being ridden at the 1996 World
Championships, and they’ve been pretty sought after ever since. – It’s not really hard to see why is it? They’re super stiff, and
they weigh in 1100 grammes 4 47.5 millimetre deep section clincher. – Yeah, a deep section clincher. No they’ve actually get
there through advanced material selection, and
also the way they’re built. So they’ve got carbon
spokes, now actually bonded onto carbon hub flanges
and then the rim itself. I don’t know about you, Matt,
but I definitely noticed on steeper gradients, that’s
where ultra-light wheels do come in to their own, don’t they? – They do go, don’t they?
– Yeah. – They certainly helped us out today. – Yeah, they look nice too, don’t they. – Yeah, especially mine,
with that rather glorious white finish to it. – Next on our list of
super bike components comes courtesy of THM Carbones. And we actually have a world
exclusive here, literally those handlebars have never
been seen before anywhere. – [Matt] They haven’t. – They haven’t, but we can
tell you a little bit more about the stem, which is the tibia. It’s just 80 grammes,
80 grammes, for a stem. – And it’s mega-stiff too, and then let’s look at the brakes. We got THM fibula brakes for each wheel. Weighs in at a mere 120
grammes, and then look at this. A rather beautiful THM Clavicula
SE cranks, 293 grammes. – 293, to be fair though, we
still need to compactor metre. Running 34-50 chain rings and
that’s paired to an 11-28. And I don’t know about you, mate. I used every single one of
those gears and I was almost literally begging out
loud for another one. – So did I. – Yeah, tell you what though. They look nice, don’t they,
I mean they look super nice. – [Matt] Even spattered with mud. – [Simon] Yeah. – Ooh look, I wanna touch it. – That’s mine, that one, do you mind? – Sorry. – The saddle, Fabric
ALM Ultimate, one piece carbon rails and shell that was originally developed with Airbus apparently. And Matt, you seem to have painted that one white as
well, or got it white, anyway. – Yeah, I’ve gone for a white one. Now the weight with
these: 140 grammes only. Now let’s look at the gears. Simon, you had Shimano Dura Ace Di2. – [Simon] I did. – [Matt] I had SRAM RED,
now, we didn’t choose the group set specifically,
it’s what both bikes came with. – Yeah, could we complain about them? No, absolutely not, both
at the top of their game. The key differences is between them are that SRAM is wireless
whereas Shimano is wired. Both of course are electronic. And also the way you actually
change gears differs. So on the Shimano gears,
you use your left hand to change chainrings, and
your right hand to shift up and down the cassette, whereas on SRAM your right hand changes into harder gears, your left hand changes into easier gears. – Mm, and to change the front mech, you tap both levers simultaneously. Both Shimano and SRAM and
have their loyal fans, but for the weight weenies
among you, the difference in weight, one hundred and fifty grammes
lighter for the SRAM eTap. (heavy bass music) – What about these final
finishing bits, then? Well, Matt is using Shimano pedals, I’m using Look Keo
Blades, we’re both rocking Continental GP 4000 II tyres in a 25, and we both got our Wahoo
ELEMNT BOLT head units on. – Right, the time has finally come. Which of these bikes is the lightest? – Oh yeah, now, Matt, I think
yours has a slight advantage in that it’s a size smaller. And you also have that
SRAM eTap, so I do wonder whether it actually it might be yours. – Although, we need to need
mention I’ve got a bit of a paint penalty, because
I’ve opted for these rather bling painted wheels. – That’s true actually, you
have sacrificed speed for style. Go on then, ready? – Let’s do this. Alright, actually, hold that a minute. Take my bottle off. – Good point. – And just take my Wahoo
BOLT off before we do that. – Alright, alright, I could
probably do this with one hand. – Alright, let’s see, let’s see. Alright, it’s 6.24. – Come on then, baby,
let’s weigh this bad boy. – Alright.
– You ready? – There you go, so, have you
got enough strength left, mate? You sure?
– Not really. – Alright. – Ready?
– 6.185. – Ah I won, yes! Stick that in your pipe
and smoke it, white spoof! – It’s the paint, paint. – I knew it, I knew it,
see, it’s that light, Matt. – Alright, I can see it, your
bike is marginally lighter but we’re gonna put this to the vote: Which bike do you like the best? The white one or the blue one? You can vote just up here. – That’s right. – Blue, blue, blue, blue. – The choice is yours do you
go for performance or bling? – Bling. – Right, do also make
sure that you get involved in the comments section
down below as well. What do you think about
super-duper lightweight bikes. Is it your bag, are you
more of an aero person? You can’t not like these, can you? – It is definitely my bag
up a climb out this site. It’s been amazing, really. – Yeah, it has. I’ve been thanking the Lord
for every metre climbed. – Definitely. – Yeah, do also make
sure you subscribe to GCN as well as get involved
in the comments section. To do so, just click on the globe. – Now for another
weight-based uphill video, how about clicking just
down here, where me and Dan put that to the test in Andorra. – Yeah or how about this one? An archive one, an oldie by a goodie. You and I, Matt, testing
out how much difference a lightweight bike does
actually make on a climb. – We went deep on that
one as well, didn’t we? – We did, yeah. – Don’t forget to like and share.

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