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Mavic Comète Ultimate Shoes – Behind The Scenes At Mavic HQ

Mavic Comète Ultimate Shoes – Behind The Scenes At Mavic HQ

– These are the new Mavic
Comète cycling shoes. And they have been
surrounded by quite the hype since they were launched
just a few weeks ago. Now fortunately for us, Mavic
have actually invited us out to their headquarters
in Annecy, France to see just what all the fuss is about. And we will be going right there just after we finish riding up the most incredible mountain
road, they call the Semnoz. Which is actually on their very doorstep. (lighthearted music) This is their headquarters. Now Mavic is very old and
deeply historic cycling brand. In fact, they’ve been around for a hundred and twenty eight years and they’ve actually did some of the key technological
developments in the sport. And as you see behind me though, there are a number of other
brands under the same roof, including sister companies
Salomon and Arc’teryx. Both of whom are massive in climbing and skiing and general outdoors. And that is quite important because shared office space means shared ideas. As we’re gonna see. (lighthearted music) You can tell by all the yellow and all of the wheels to be fair that this is definitely
Mavic’s side of the building. And here is our Comète Ultimate shoe. Now, it is causing a lot of hype for two reasons in particular. Firstly, this is a very,
very high level premium shoe. But then secondly, and
perhaps more importantly, Mavic have actually got lab data to show that this could improve
your cycling performance. And the way they’ve achieved that is by taking a pretty new
approach to cycling shoe design. So you’ve got this really
rigid carbon frame here. And then you’ve got this
soft, flexible inner bootie. If you’re a cross country skier, then that may well be
more familiar to you. And you can tell from
the table in front of me that this has been
quite a lengthy process. It’s not straight forward designing and making a carbon fibre shoe, not by any stretch of the imagination. But the first one, the very
first one, is this one here. And although it’s carbon fibre, there’s no epoxy resin
impregnated into it, so it’s still really soft. So you don’t get any kind
of structural benefit. In fact, other than looking very cool, it doesn’t do very much at all. So, hence why the rigid
carbon frame was introduced. And it was a lengthy process as I said, but his isn’t even all of the prototypes, not by a long shot. We’ve got another three
boxes right down there. But seeing as we’re here at Mavic, perhaps we should take advantage and see just how this is made. (lighthearted music) Now actual production
of the shoes is offsite. But Mavic have the ability to make any product they sell right here. So that means bespoke products for teams, for example, or prototypes. Lots of prototypes. Now, behind me that man, Eddie, is in fact a prototypist by trade. So that makes him a real craftsman. He can turn his hand
to just about anything. But right now he’s putting
the finishing touches to another pair of shoes. This one here is where it starts life. So this is fresh out of the mold. And as you can see, it’s
not exactly wearable. So Eddie has hand cut
all of the framework out and is now actually finishing
the carving by hand. And he tells us that originally it didn’t come out of a mould. Actually the carbon itself
had to be wrapped by hand and he was the person to do it. So he’s been working on this
project quite some time now. (lighthearted music) A long way away from the carbon workshop and we’ve come to this place here. Which is where all the
prototyping is done for clothing. And in this case, our inner
booties for our shoes. So we’ve got the biomechanics looked after by our carbon frame and now we’ll add some comfort. Behind me here we’ve
got Isabelle and Andrea who are actually putting together a new pair of booties
for pro rider Dan Martin. And we can see all the component pieces laid out on that table. It’s obviously a very
labour intensive process. There’s actually 14 different bits go into making up each bootie. And frankly, I haven’t got a
clue what any of them does. So I’m gonna try and ask, wish me luck. (speaking French) – This is a reinforcement. It goes into the tongue. – Uh-huh. – And it protects the foot
from being hurt by the cables. – Oh, okay. And so there’s obviously
an awful lot that goes into each bootie, how long does
it take them to get to this point where you’ve
got the finished article? – About four hours. – Four hours? – Yeah. – [Simon] And is there anything special you’re doing for Dan
Martin for these ones? – Yeah, we made some modifications for him to improve the comfort and
actually he was the one who proposed to change the material, the vamp material, to make
it lighter and cooler. (lighthearted music) – Now that should have given you some idea as to just how much labour
has gone into these shoes. But a high end shoe is all well and good, it actually needs to work. So we’ve brought you to the test lab where all of those prototypes have been put through their paces. Things like fatigue
testing and impact testing. Then just over here, is
the stiffness-ometer. And this man here, Duncan,
has been overseeing the whole process of
bringing the shoe to market. So this is a shoe getting
tested for stiffness, right? – [Duncan] That right, yeah. – [Simon] More is better? – That depends. A lot of the pros obviously want the stiffest shoe possible on the market so they can get the best
sort of acceleration and performance out of it. Also the key factor really is the stability of the foot on the pedal. Okay, so with the carbon shell we’ve been able to do this by having the carbon come up on each side, which obviously give a better foot hold. And with tests with the pros, we’ve been able to achieve a
really high performing shoe. – In terms of the physiological
claims that you guys have made about these shoes,
how do you test for that? That’s obviously not here in this kind of destruction
testing environment. – For the biomechanical aspect, this is tested in the other test lab where we’ve got a Wattbike, and we’ve done a lot of
testing with the pro riders and with amateur riders
as well to get the best sort of, average in terms of biomechanical gains of the shoe. – Okay. Can we get to take a look at that? – Sure, no problem. – Alright then. (upbeat music) Now I’m not entirely sure
what I’ve signed up to here, but in the spirit of GCN I
am just gonna roll with it. This is Nico and you’re the
man who’s been responsible for collecting all the physiological data about these shoes, is that right? – Yeah, exactly, yes. – Yeah, so what’s going on, I’ve got a load of electrodes
stuck to my calf muscle. And is this the claim
that the shoes actually reduce muscle activity
in your calf muscles. They effectively make you more efficient. – Exactly, when you are
pedalling your muscles are using energy and with the electrode we can measure the electric
activity of the muscle. And high electrode activity correspond to high muscle consumption
or high energy consumption. So if you are doing the
same test at 250 watts, if you have less energy,
less electric activity, your movement is more efficient. Because you use less energy for exerting the same power output. – And so how am I doing? There’s a really cool looking graph there Can you see at a glance roughly how efficient my calf muscle is, or is it a very personal
thing between rider to rider? – No it’s really personal. With the data, we can’t say directly how there is less activity
where we have to make lot of data analysis to say, okay, there was a difference,
or there is no difference. We have also to make
many tests for one person and many tests with many persons. – Okay, and you’re comparing
it to the cosmic ultimate, which is the current top end, right? – [Nico] Exactly. – Okay, that’s cool. One of the other things
that you said is that I would be getting about four
and a half watts more power output through the dead
points on the pedal stroke. So how have you gone about
testing for that as well? – So with the Wattbike
we can record many data and also the power, and we find that especially on the dead points, you have better crossing
through the dead point. – So you pedal basically
through the dead point. – Yeah. With classic shoes you push you can pull but there is less
efficiency on the dead zone. With the Comète, we have more efficiency because we are able to apply more efficient power on the pedal. – And have you actually worked
out why you’re being able to measure these performance
gains from these shoes? What actually is the part of the shoe that’s responsible for that? – Okay, so it’s not only
due to only one parameter. You know that with the Comète Ultimate we have lower stack heights, we have lower construction on the cutoff. We have also a specific carbon shell with very good stability, exactly. So it’s not due to only one parameter, but it’s a perfect combination
of all these parameters. – Now the last thing that I saw when you released these
shoes was that actually in a test you did, 70% of
people performed better in a test of complete exhaustion
when wearing these shoes. And I’m slightly concerned, Nico, that that’s perhaps what you’re
about to make me do next. Is that true? – Yeah, maybe we can do a
long test just to show you what’s happened and if you can go better with the Comète shoe. – Right, I thought so. – Let’s race. (upbeat music) That was good. Not as good as French guy, but it’s okay. – Well that is an all too brief
look at the Mavic facility. But a great close up behind the scenes on the development of these
new Comète Ultimate shoes. Mavic are rightly proud of the work and craftsmanship that has gone into them. And the interesting thing now is gonna be to see just how this lab data translates out onto the open road. Before you leave this video do make sure you subscribe to GCN. It’s very quick, it’s very
simple, just click on the globe. And if you’re after more videos now, in fact, if you want some
more info on these shoes, we’ve got a full unboxing of
them and that is just up there. Or if you wanna have a snoop around another big brand headquarters, why not check out Canyon’s
down in Koblenz in Germany, that’s just down there.

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