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Mazda Miata MX-5  | What Wheels Fit

Mazda Miata MX-5 | What Wheels Fit

(intense rock music) – Good? – [Max] Yep. – What is going on everyone? Gels from Fitment Industries,
FI garage and we are back with another episode of “What Wheels Fit.” And today, we are gonna be
going over another highly requested platform before
Max dies behind the camera. And that is none other than
the first gen Mazda Miata. Now, before we go ahead and
get into it, don’t forget to subscribe and if you’re
looking for anything around for wheels, tires,
or suspension related for your Miata or anything else, don’t forget to check out The first gen Mazda Miata
is the fun, little roadster that is sought after
highly in the car community from people of really all ages. Everyone loves Miatas,
there’s no doubt about it. There’s just something about these cars and their pop-up headlights
that just hit a cord with the automotive enthusiast. So, if you’re looking at picking up one of these little
gems or already have one and you’re looking for some Fitment tips, you have come to the right place. So, first up, we have the
guaranteed Fitment range of 14 to 18 inches for
diameter, five and a half to eight inches for
width and offsets landing anywhere between plus 45 and zero. That’s a pretty extensive
range and what I recommend. Putting 18 by eights on your Miata? Probably not. But anyway, for the most part, if you have something that
falls within that range, you’re going to be okay. Maybe have some fender rolling
here and there if you go with a lower offset and wider
width and stuff like that. But if you want to double
check, you can always check out the gallery over at where it’s actually where we pulled all of the following data from. So, let’s go ahead and
get a little more specific and go over a few examples
of what different sizes and setups look like on these cars. For the most part, we
see these cars rocking a 15 or 16 inch wheel, as
pretty much the go-to standard. And as far as Fitment types, we only see two different options,
either you’re gonna have a good functional setup
that looks good and flush and all that kind of stuff, or they’re just completely
slanty boy stance with some wide boys and some tire stretch and that’s really about it. So let’s go ahead and take
a look at the first option. So, here we have a 1997 Miata running some Konig Dekagram wheels,
16 by eight plus 35 wrapped in some Federal SS-595
tires with a size of 195/45 sitting on some TEIN lowering springs. Now, the Dekagram is one
of the popular choices when it comes to the Miata
as well as some of the other wheel options from Konig. Now that’s simply because they just offer those smaller sizes. So with this setup, you’re getting a nice, nearly flush Fitment
without having to roll or pull any fenders or
modify any fender liners or anything like that. Next up, we have a 1996 running
some JNC 031s with a size of 15 by eight plus 20. Again, wrapped in some Federal
595 with a 195/45 tire size sitting on some TEIN coilovers. So, compared to the last
setup, dropping down a size in diameter by going a
little more aggressive with the offset. Of course, RPF1s without a
doubt, are a also a popular choice on these cars, as seen
on this 1990 Miata running a setup of 15 by eight plus
28 RPF1s with a 205/50 tire sitting on some BC Racing coilovers. Now, from what we are seeing
in our Fitment gallery is that if you are looking to run a nice, flush or nearly flush setup, you’re going to find yourself
with an eight inch wide wheel running anywhere between a
plus 20 to a plus 30 offset. So, that’s what you’re
looking for, there you go. However, we do tend to see a lot of setups running a zero offset and
getting a little bit of poke. It’s like a thing with
these Miatas that people just want a run, like a
really aggressive setup and get wheel poked. So, if that’s something that
you want to do, here you go. 1991 Miata running some MST MT01, 15 by eight, zero offset
with some 195/45 tires on some coilovers. So, as you can see, little
bit of poke, but like I said, if that’s something that you
like then more power to you. However, you can also get
away with this similar setup without running poke by
dialing in some camber and lowering the car just a little more. Which leads us into our next set of cars that we are gonna be going over. Now these cars are going to
have fenders rolled or pulled or both at the very least. A decent amount of camber
and some tire stretch. So, some examples of that
include this 1997 running some JNC 003s, 15 by eight, zero offset with some Toyo Proxes T1Rs. Again, 195/45 on the tires,
same coilovers as well. Or this 1996 with some
MST Time Attack wheels, 15 by eight, zero offset. Again, with some Nexen tires,
175/50 on some coilovers. Now, maybe you want to kick up
the width a little bit, huh? Live life on the edge and run
some nine wides, all right. 1996 Miata JNC 003s,
15 by nine, zero offset with a 175/50 tire static. Don’t ask how this guy
keeps his lower valance intact on this thing because
I honestly have no idea. This thing is crazy low. And then for out last example,
we’re gonna be taking a look at this crazy 1996 with
some BBS RM wheels, staggered setup 15 by nine and a half, negative five in the front
with a 15 by 10 and a half, negative 15 in the rear. 185/45 tires in the front,
205/50 in the rear running static on some coilovers. This thing is insane! And I’m really glad we
have it in our gallery, just to show what people
can run on these cars or at least can fit on these cars. So that’s a crazy example
but we’re glad to have it in the gallery, glad to take a look at it and share with you guys. So there you have it, a few
examples of some first gen Miatas in our gallery so
hopefully that gives you a little bit of insight into what people are running on their
cars and helps you out in your journey to find what’s
going to work best for you. Of course, we have a ton more examples in our gallery so feel free
to check that out as well,, Fitment
gallery, it’s a great tool. But that is gonna wrap
it up for this episode of What Wheels Fit. Thank you guys so much for
watching and don’t forget to check out wheels, tires,
and suspension for your Miata over at
and then drop a comment down below on what car you
would like to see us cover next. I’m Gels, from Fitment
Industries, we’ll see you later. Peace.

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  1. What other vehicles would you like to see on our "What Wheels Fit" series?! Drop a comment below and don't forget to check out the largest online fitment gallery at

  2. More important than the size or style is the weight.
    Go as light as possible.
    With some big chunky wheels you ruin the hole feeling of the car.

  3. I have 15×8 +20s with a 205/50/15 and I had to roll my fenders a good amount can’t even imagine 15×9.5 -15 in the front that’s insane

  4. Alot of people run 14s on miatas because they offer more comfort. And if you go with a wheel that's just a bit too heavy, it messes up the feel of the car. I believe you don't wanna go over 15lb per wheel?? I forget. zoom zoom

  5. ok… i want new wheels for my wifes miata… so what size do i get so that it DOESN'T look like a hot wheels cars thats been stepped on & the wheels have squished out the sides… each to their own, but dang, that just looks… ok, ok, i know "respect all builds" but come on… thats just… (biting my tounge) …gotta remind myself, im old enough to be guilty of running the ass end of my muscle car up in the air with the stink-bug "rake" on an old set of sky-jacker air shocks… so maybe i should remind myself about that verse… lets see, howd it go… let he without sin cast the first stone… ok… run what cha like i rekon… & now im off to the garage to let some psi outta my air shocks on the ol' 71 chevy… (haha)

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