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MCC-Maple Woods Motorcycle Safety Classes

MCC-Maple Woods Motorcycle Safety Classes

[instrumental music]    We offer classes for beginning
riders, experienced riders, people who haven’t ridden
for a while. There’s a class for everybody,
and for any size, shape, form, anything you can think of a
reason not to take a class, we have a reason for you
to take a class. Most people that take motorcycle
classes, they learn something. Even the most experienced riders
will take a basic rider course with their child or their wife
for support. And every time they take a class
I always hear from an
experienced rider, “You helped me undo a bad
habit” or “You helped me learn a way to be
safer in traffic.” It’s important that you take a
class from a certified
motorcycle safety instructor; you’ll learn the most to keep
yourself the safest on the road. We really need to have women
take safety classes, get off the
back, learn to ride yourself. We have special weekends devoted
just to women learning
how to ride. We can also create a weekend
class just for your specific
women’s group. Give us a call and we can
arrange for your women’s group to have their own special basic
rider course. It will be taught by women,
staffed by women. There’s no boys in our clubhouse
this weekend. If you’re interested in taking
a rider course,
please go to the MCC home page, up in the top right hand corner
there’s a search box,
type in ‘motorcycles’. That will take you to the links
that you can go to my page; basic rider courses, and
experienced rider courses
to sign up. [instrumental music]   

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