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Mechanical Doping In Cycling Compilation

Mechanical Doping In Cycling Compilation

oh there goes hesjendal thats sad for this final there goes the moto against the bike. here in the front with number 10 femke van den driessche a woman to catch an eye on. still only 19 years old 27-08-1996 watch out this competition goes on time he knows a lot about dope especially the classic forms a spray in the back work but we of euro sport think 2014 will be the year of mechanical doping hence of dried bikes and secret technical tools for example in cycling Ever since the day, the riders’ bodies have been examined, the urine, the blood and the hair but those bikes that are also checked but only minimal so it could be very good that very suspicious things happen The rumors of mechanical doping put the head for the first time in 2010 fabian cancellara wins the round of flanders after he leaves tom boonen on the wall of geeraardsbergen as a beginner leaves behind. He just goes full gas sitting, what is this now? never seen before he have a motorcycle not swallowed, he has grown in his legs. it is unbelievable here we see it again. Indeed, or cancelara seems to have had serious brags for breakfast and also in the peloton, there are increasing doubts its not only ‘de muur’ itself you have to see the hole race if you see how much times he changed bikes and there are a lot of videos on youtube of that there are videos that he just for the church of mater on the coble stroke he was in 10th position and his mechanic was waiting in the bend with another bike you saw there that the bike of cancellara was fine It is strange that in a professional course the mechanic is already ready with another bicycle If you do not drive a leak and you do not have a mechanical defect then you just try to win the round of flanders with the bike you’re on. In the 2010 round of flanders, cancellara has changed a bike 3-4 times for whatever reason.

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  1. Hesjedal wasn't doing anything there, the bike is moving due to the incline on the hill and pivoting around the handlebar / front wheel. Cancellara and those cross racers though? Suspicious doesn't begin to describe it.

  2. Femme did have a motor, her uphill splits were faster than her downhill, unlike everyone else

    You can see she remains seated and outclimbs the competition who are standing

  3. That first one can happen if the rear wheel is still spinning fast when the bike is laid down. That accusation was debunked, and someone demonstrated its plausibility on film. The rest of them, though…? *cringe*

  4. Tom Boonen niet vergeten , heeft ook een dubieuze wissel gedaan , na een zgn lekke band .. de drie anderen waren zo goed om even op hem te wachten , en hoeps hij liet ze zo achter en ze haalden hem met alle moeite niet meer in .. dit gebeuren is in Belgie van tv verbannen

  5. Never seen the Wout van Aert one, but it is very obvious. I guess CC is more suited for this as it less a team sport than road cycling.

  6. 0:44 he's just lifting his tire and pressing the pedal at the same time, not suspicious
    0:48 very suspicious
    0:55 same as 0:44
    1:10 very suspicious
    1:51 very suspicious

  7. It's NOT doping, don't call it doping, stop calling it doping. announcers like to use the word doping just as click bait, and to mis-use the word doping is sleazy, cheap, and trite, don't call it doping, it's not doping. To call using a motor doping is trying to pump up your article by trading on a controversial word, stop it.

  8. Any mechanical system big enough to do anything to help would have to be hidden in the seat post and provide assistants by driving the shaft inside the bottom bracket, This means that the chain ring has to be turning to drive the back wheel. In most of these cases the chain ring is not moving. I think someone has been at the editing software again.

  9. Het achterwiel dat zo als een gek draait als je ernaast loopt!?? nog nooit gezien, idd dit klopt niet……..en Cancellara die als een berggeit de Muur beklimt……!?????

  10. het ligt er dik op dat die cancelara gefoefeld heeft in de ronde ik leg uit
    zijn houding wanneer hij tom boonen voorbijsteekt is niet naturel iedereen die berg op rijdt
    heeft een wiw wag moment dat wil zeggen van links naar rechts wiebelen en meneer rijdt
    doodleuk gewoon rechuit zonder moves te maken ??!!!!!. en nog iets je moest eens zien
    naar zijn natuurlijke uitstraling ..grote neus lange kaakbeenderen HALLO ?? dat krijg je als
    je doping neemt zie ook axell merkxe,, wordt beschermd door de naam alleen al en het eerste wat er gebeurts is dat alle uiteinden van lichaamsdelen
    ontzettend naar voor groeien ,, . en dan die versnelling bergop tegen tom boonen . ps er werd toen
    veel gecontroleerd op doping maar niet op mechanise doping .!!!!. dan vind ik Amstrong nog nie
    zo slecht want die heeft gestreden met de zelfde middelen of al de rest ..LOL

  11. UCI needs to bring up the bike weights to at least 29 lbs and get rid of these super light weight bikes that even a 5 year old kid can ride LOL. How on earth can you can yourself a "PRO" cyclist on a 13 lbs bike LMFAO!!

  12. Why is wout even on this? On allOccasions either his legs or a clump of dirt spin the cranks and cause the rear wheel to move. Obviously made by someone who’s never ridden off road. Otherwise you’d know in muddy conditions, like it was, you can spin the rear wheel quite easily.

  13. lol and I thought cheating in Battlefield 1 was bad:)
    But its kind of great, cause I swear´d on my occasions I will tear the lungs of a cheater and shove them up his asshole while ripping his penis off and plugging his asshole with it with the lungs being still inside…. I now know where to look for a participant in my mad science:d

  14. In the cancellara clip you can clearly see that boonen comes wide and then swings back almost hitting the sidewall, this accentuates the attack of cancellara and makes it look super human.

  15. Yeah, mostly bullshit that entertains the same geniuses that believe in UFOs and Alex Jones conspiracies.

  16. I really don't understand why they are using motors in cyclocross when they're going to be slipping off and lifting the bike so much. It's would be just so difficult to hide it.

  17. How is riding on a e-bike doping? It's not doping, don't call it that. Just like riding with the train to the finish isn't doping.

  18. 2:10 lol, sitting down, effortless riding up a tough hill. If he is not cheating then he must be so gifted and i feel like i owe an apology! Ive never seen this type of thing before.

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