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Meet the Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany

Meet the Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany

Hey guys im vice new york

64 comments on “Meet the Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany

  1. Diversity is NOT our strength.
    Europe will collapse if the people let globalists and zionists open their borders to third world country

  2. I mean almost any 1% club only allows whites. In the states the mongols were created because Mexicans couldn’t join Hells Angels but now they only allow Mexicans and Whites. I’m sure a good portion are racist but for the most part they aren’t.

  3. im gonna tell some thing
    comment: neo nazi biker gangs by germany
    like: japan bokosuzu biker gang
    who is deadliest

  4. These are the best looking white people I've ever seen! Smooth clear complexions, pleasant features, nice smiles… the average white person in the States look horrible compared to these people. Maybe it is a German thing?

  5. These punks are more along the SA lines, gangsters with low IQ… misinterpreting what SS really were: hand-picked, model citizens, proud of their heritage, high IQ, athletes, ready to kill anyone else for the sake of their race benefits.

  6. Looks like a group of stand-up white boys who love their club, their brothers, supporting brothers in the system, & riding their bikes. I wear my Werewolf ring on the same hand as my club ring. ( Hail Otto Skorzeny! ) If I am ever visiting our German club, I will ride over & visit them, too. They seem like my kind of folk. GJF/ FGJ

  7. 😆 fail!! U have a german office that dont speak English? Lmfao vice ur a fucking joke cant believe someone made u rich

  8. They're displaying a mexican flag, play snes, have a tight brother hood, stay in shape, seem very educated/ polite and have good food? Um, where do i sign up?

  9. The Schwarze Schar MC (code S 19) was a German outlaw motorcycle club. The Mother-Chapter in Wismar, which was founded on 1 December 2008, was banned on 13 December 2013 by the Ministry of the Interior and Sport of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the basis of association law.(wiki) this time it’s real

  10. Love their country, dont want to be ethnically replaced by africans, dont think people chopping off their dicks is fabulous.
    I.e. Nazis according to vice

  11. I was a Bandido for 10 years (medical reason I am not now) This is fake bullshit. For one a 1%er would never just have a 1%er diamond "pin" It would be a patch. Plus riding jap bikes???? ya, I don't think so, not even in Germany. Just to well scripted and talking to a reporter???? You can feed into it but I know for a fact it's fake.

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