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(intense music) – The Hot Wheels monster
trucks have been involved in a series of
ongoing competitions. We know they have giant tires
but what else can we learn? Let’s find out. (bones clattering) First up is Bone Shaker. A true hot rod, Bone Shaker
has a skull grinding grill and is known for the
skull smack down. (intense music) Next up, Tiger Shark. (tiger roaring) (chomps) Tiger Shark is a creature truck. Is he a tiger? Is he a shark? The answer is yes. With raw jaw power, Tiger Shark is looking
to shred the competition into fish sticks. (crowd cheering) (chomps) (intense music) (growling gears) Hot Wheels Racing Number
One is a white pickup truck with a signature Hot Wheels logo and blazing on its side. With a sleek arrow body,
we saw it hypo-speed smash its way to victory in
the down hill challenge. (heavy motor rolling) How Wheels Racing Number Three is a red pickup that
always goes big. (alarm) (splash-slam) (train chugging) (train whistle blows) Keeping the train moving Loco Punk always looks to
choo-choo up opposition. With signature
rail road rundown, this truck has
been training hard and has some logo motives. (alarm) (synth bass drop) (music intensifies) (growls) Mega-Wrex is a creature
truck with tyrano teeth. I wouldn’t want
to be his dentist. With a signature dino-bite
Mega-Wrex wants to make all of his rivals go extinct. (dramatic music) That was a tyrannosaurus wreck. Somebody call the
fire department because next up is Scorcher. (energetic rock music) Scorcher is a black pickup
truck covered in flames. With tire melting exhaust and
it’s signature flame thrower, Scorcher wants to
send them up in smoke. (heavy boulder bangs (engine roars) (wheels screeching) Keeping it moo-ving. Here’s Gary Delivery. Delivery smashes daily, we saw
Gary Delivery make the finals at air joust, only
to come up short. How dare he. (car beeps) (cow moos) Up next, Rodger Dodger. A muscle truck
converted from one of the popular Hot Wheels car. Rodger Dodger can flat-out fly and is known for
the full speed slam. (engine growls) Yee-haw! (splat) (bones clattering) And lets say bonjour
to Skeleton Crew. Make no bones about it,
Skeleton Crew crashing tact will put him in the bone yard. – [Crowd] Oh no. (farts) – [Commentator] Oh no. (dramatic music) Always on time and on target, here’s V8 Bomber, a
pickup style looking to send the other trucks flying with a signature mega move. (alarms going off) (whooshes) (explosions) (metal chains slam) Chopping its way into the
line up is Battle Axe. With an ax-holding
man riding a gator Battle Axe is looking
to snap them in half. (glass shatters) Next up in the Hot Wheels
monster truck line up is Psycho Delic. With crazy eyes and
its smash and swirl. Psycho Delic really knows how
to trip up the competition. Coming at us, from parts unknown is the pickup
truck Test Subject. With the invader battling body, and intergalactic bash, this
truck is out of this world. (alarm) (splat) And there you have it, the
Hot Wheels monster trucks. Registered users, comment below on which
one is your favorite and stay tuned for more Hot
Wheels monster truck contents. (energetic rock music)

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