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(upbeat music) – This is the first
Mercedes ever, the 35 PS. In 1901, this baby won
race after race after race vaulting Mercedes to the
top of the automotive world. (upbeat music) For the rest of the century Mercedes maintained their status
as a top tier brand, continuously pushing the limits of quality performance and safety. So with Tesla leading the
way in the luxury EV market and the unveiling of
the truck of the future; how does Mercedes respond? They wait ten years and then introduce the car of the future
according to 120 years ago. But I have to wonder
is Mercedes blowing it? This is the Vision Mercedes Simplex, a concept car cooked up by
Mercedes to boldly announce its foray into eclectic
vehicle manufacturing. Look how cool it is right? In order to understand how and why the Simplex exists though,
we must go back in time. In 1901, a rich guy named
Emil Jellinek realized, “Hey we have better technology
than horses now right? We need to start from the ground up and redesign the automobile.” He commissioned Daimler the inventor of the gasoline engine
to reinvent the car. They lengthened and widened
the wheel base or stability, installed a cutting
edge four stroke engine low over the front axle for
better center of gravity and put it all on a
lightweight steel frame. The result was the Mercedes PS 35 named after Emil’s daughter Mercedes. The PS 35 means pferdestärke. (laughs) The PS 35 means pferdestärke
35 or 35 horsepower. How many horses you want? This was not only the first Mercedes but it was still considered
the first modern car. Mercedes went on the make luxury cars for the richest, most
powerful people in the world. Their 770 series was
popular with Hitler, oh no. After inventing the gasoline engine Daimler and Mercedes never looked back, developing the hell out of the
internal combustion engine. Constantly reshaping
heads, adding cylinders, experimenting with different materials and look where they are now. The AMG GT R and the
G-Class SUV’s both feature a twin turbo V8 that
gives you 577 horsepower. How many horses do you want
now? Oh, I got you, 577. But the internal combustion
engine is falling out of vogue. And it seems like every manufacture has at least one EV offering. (upbeat music) Cheaper EV’s like the
Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have been around since 2011. Ford just unveiled their new electric Mustang crossover thing. All indicators show but the auto industry is going electric with half of all new vehicles to be electric by 2040. 20 years, wow. For a company that’s usually
ahead of trends though, Mercedes has been slow
to enter this market like a normal luxury
brand. And they realize it. In 2019, Mercedes finally came out with their first electric vehicle, the EQC SUV. But their not just dipping
their toes in the pool here, they also announced that they
will halt development of the internal combustion engine to
focus on electric vehicles. (dramatic music) I’ll say that again, Mercedes, the inventor of the gas engine, is fazing out gas engines
and going all in on electric. They’ll still improve their
ICE’s for the next few years but they’ll have no new models. Daimler and by extension
Mercedes says by 2030 half of all new cars sold
will be hybrid or electric. I understand that they will need a change but damn that’s pretty short notice. Mercedes plans to introduce 10
new electric models by 2022, including an all electric G-Wagon. That’s how I know they’re serious, that thing is going to
print money, in LA at least. (upbeat rock music) I can’t wait to see vanity
plates on these things like E-Wagon and not Elon and I’ve
always been richer than you but now I’m morally
superior as well. Oh great. Mercedes is takin gon a huge commitment and they’re the late comer. How does a late comer to the market establish themselves as a leader? Answer, make a bold entrance while showing off your innovation. The conditions are perfect
for a sweet concept car that can beat the model S at the Autobahn. And baby that’s what we got. (sensual music) The EQ Arrow. Inspired
by what would happen if the 1937 W125 Silver Era
had sex with the T-1000. This sleek bastard can take one passenger to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds thanks to its 750 electronic horses. Awesome concept car Mercedes. This is boundary pushing,
bold and arguably more futuristic than Tesla’s Cybertruck. I’m not going to make any
jokes about that thing, you’ve heard them all. This is how you launch
an electric car line. Go futuristic as hell for
concept then work in the practicality until you
have something that sells. Let’s see the next EV
concept from Mercedes. (screams) Whoa! To far back! We
were expecting something we might be able drive this century. Design aside, Mercedes didn’t even roll this baby out the right way. Normally you introduce a
concept car at an auto show where people expect to see the
latest designs and concepts. Tesla just did their livestream spectacle where they took a sledgehammer
to their new spaceship. So, how does Mercedes roll
out their EV of the future? In the year 2019 at the exclusive Mercedes advanced design
center in Nice, France. In this private high
class (mumbles) surrounded by a bunch of rich Europeans
and company T-shirts, 200 euro pants and 400 euro sneakers, Mercedes unveiled the
vision Mercedes Simplex. And old style car
introduced in the place that use to be center of the
auto world 120 years ago. Presented by the only people
rich enough to afford it. Look, I know I’m being tough on Mercedes for everything surrounding the Simplex, which is a shame because for what it is, the car is extraordinarily fun. So, where do we even
start with the Simplex? The front I guess. The
grill is a 3D display with the old Mercedes logo and
vehicle status animations. Animations on your grill. The body is obviously based on the PS 35, but with a bold new color scheme. White in the front,
pitch black in the back, the bright blue interior and
rose gold trim on the grill and the wheels. Mercedes was never going
to mass produce the Simplex or really any car with no headlights, but that’s really not the point. The point is if you are
faxing out the gas engine you should have a hit EV already. In the world where the Cybertruck is breaking ground and
about to change ship, I think Mercedes went the wrong direction. Instead of going to the future they hearkened back to the past. Not sure that’s the right move. You know those articles
written in the 1900’s, that imagine what the world
would be like in the year 2000, that’s kind of what the Simplex is. But, electric cars aren’t some far off, vague concept anymore.
They market exists already and we want Mercedes in that marketplace. I love Mercedes and I know
that Mercedes can do it. They’re the only company that makes super cars and garbage trucks. If they focus their novation on marketable electric vehicles they’ll be making sweet electric cars for generations
of people and Popes. Hey guys, we have a ton
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got that back for you guys. Just in time for winter
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design for your car. And we have all the old favorites like this old shirt right here. Go check it out at,
get yourself some merch. It’s very comfortable, I will say that. Hey guys, the remove
before flight key chain- I have to sneeze now. (bleeped) Salute. As far as the Cybertruck goes I actually really like
how different it is. It’s ridiculous looking, I know, I’m not saying it’s a good
looking car but it’s fun. It is hilarious how they
broke both windows though. Be nice, I’ll see you next time.

100 comments on “Mercedes is ABSOLUTELY BLOWING IT

  1. I’m sorry but I think 50% Ev’s by 2040 is a bit of a stretch. They have been on the market for some time and haven’t scratched the surface. They have only made real sales in the luxury market. I’m never going to buy one.

  2. Well it's not really that surprising that they started to go into this electric business because Mercs have been dominating in F1 for 6 years straight with their engine.
    So if they want to make a hybrid car, i say they know what to do.

  3. can we all please stop pretending "oh yea bring on the electric cars i cant wait woo" like how bout piss off? are you shitting me? racing will NEVER be the same, owning 30 year old shitboxes that mean the world to you will never be the same, car meets and shows will never be the same, builds of any kind will never be the same. we should all be dragging this out and keeping the i.c.e alive for as long as fucking possible what the FUCK is wrong with you all? car guys? wtf ever

  4. im all for electric BUT they need to be just as or more affordable than gas and have to be PROVEn to survive in a canadian winter NOT eastern canada either…western where the winters get to -40c…that last point is why i cant get a all electric car right now…would not live a year in my area. i have yet to see a tesla in my life in my area…ppl up here know they wouldnt live…just impractical

  5. You forgot the Electric B Class Mercedes I love Mercedes Benz! First car manufacture and hope is is going to be the last also lol!

  6. I wonder what will do people in Northern climates. Not all world is sunny California. In -15c the battery get half the capacity and takes forever to charge

  7. Simplex is Mercedes saying that they are ready to start over right from the beginning, but this time, going all in with electric tech.

  8. I think the problem is that car manufactures make the electric car look weird. If they made a normal looking car with electric it would sell a lot better.

  9. This is my worst nightmare

    Combustion engines being absolutely killed off
    I also kinda miss simple cars but they’re no more

  10. The simplex is a symbol…not for sale…like the ps 35 was the beginning of there car this simplex is the beginning of there electric car….its a reminder of how they started

  11. Making an ev is far easier than making a hybrid because of the consumption strategy. The difficulties of an ev are not the motors or the battery (well the battery a little) but the battery management which is far harder in a hybrid.

  12. #Donutmedia You were wrong that was not the first Mercedes the first one was a three-wheeled vehicle invented in 1886 the first one was a three-wheeled vehicle invented in 1886 by Karl Benz

  13. Fuck that. Concept cars are dumb, it’s a bunch of hype that never will be acted upon. Make a sick car and sell that car.

  14. Are they though? Their research clearly shows that the people who buy Mercedes are more environmentally thoughtful so it makes sense to adapt early.

  15. Nolan thanks for the Video on Mercedes-Benz, but 1nce again Donut media has Teased me showing the W201 190E Cosworth 14sec in on this video. Smh
    Will you guys/gals please do a Bumper2Bumper, Miracle whips, Everything you need to know | Up to speed on the Cosworth Evo1 – Evo2 190e please 😁
    Love you😉

  16. I thought Mercedes already made an all electric SLS AMG a few years back. It was on top gear and everything?
    You said theyve never had an all electric vehicle before

  17. Seriously either of those concepts gonne make it. You should read more about electric cars what Mercedes promissed is what every Brand basicly promissed. To be acomplished…..

  18. I guess we're headed for a future predicted in the 1981 Lee Majors movie "The Last Chase". Not a future I'm looking forward to.

  19. 2:56 hold your horses there your not even close to right about the first electric car they made, I know there was a electric SLS AMG and B class long before 2019 and could even be some other cars before that. Well I admit I don’t know that much about other car brands out there but if your this off about Mercedes and that’s just something I picked up on I’m sure your wrong about other things, these information videos were nice when they lasted but I just can’t trust them anymore.

  20. Merc will be building EVs with style and looks, unlike other manufacturers… TESLA! If the future means fugly ass cars then fuck the future

  21. "Mercedes is the only company, that makes supercars and garbage trucks"

    … Yet no one can tell the difference.

    Anybody else hating Mercedes or is it just me and some other guys offline who had to repair these shitty cars and trucks?

  22. 4:02 as the late comer there already what ahead of the competition when I got my Tesla it didn’t even make it off the stealership lot before it broke down. And it took them 13 days to get it fixed so I could finally get it home. And when I did I found out that both the headlights and windshield wipers didn’t work, they say this is because when they changed out the main computer the first time it broke down the headlights and wipers weren’t plugged back into it, but keep in mind it took 3 day for them to fix it, not to mention the sub Nissan or Toyota build quality of Tesla’s. As long as the Mercedes don’t literally fall apart they’ll be miles ahead of tesla

  23. I think it's perfect for Mercedes to reflect the first internal combustion engine vehicle in a new EV concept. It shows they have heritage, created the "car" and will continue it's evolution.

    Tesla just made the most fuck ugly truck by trying to make it look rugged to appeal to those of the horizontal hugging cousin variety, in an attempt to break into the massive truck market

  24. I get the feeling almost everything in their current lineup will get at least a hybrid, if not phev refresh. With some of them getting outright ev models.

  25. tbh merc has is been developing hybrid and electric cars for ages rn. F1 since 2014, Daimler has been putting electric engines in smart for two for a couple of years now and also merc is developing their own formula e-car. I think people forget that to make a good car you need to develop it. Everybody has been putting Tesla on a pedestal for ages now but we forget that they really fucked up the first car (lotus with electric engine). Now you can't just slap some motors into a vehicle and call it en EV. You have to develop it for a long time, there is a reason why Porsche took a while to develop their own premium EV. So no Nolan, Merc has been way ahead than you think

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