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Michael Van Den Ham’s Giant TCX Advanced Pro Cyclo-cross Bike: Canadian Champs Edition

Michael Van Den Ham’s Giant TCX Advanced Pro Cyclo-cross Bike: Canadian Champs Edition

(whooshing sound) (electronic music) – I am here with Michael van den Ham, the 2019 Canadian National
Champion’s custom painted Giant TCX Advanced Pro cyclo-cross bike. This bike is unique because it has several different unique insignias
that make it really special. This bike is a complete one off. There are no others available
and this is the only that Michael has. It’s unique paint scheme came from a shop up in Toronto called Velocolour. And they took a lot of
what Michael loves and gets him to tick each day and put it into the frame set. Obviously the red is the
Canadian national color. They red maple leaf, you
can see, is kind of put throughout the frame set. But it also has a wheat
straw kind of tattered through out this frame. And that’s significant to Michael because of the area that he grew
up in, in Manitoba, Canada. The local hockey team is
called “The Wheat Kings”. And Michael’s family are
wheat grain farmers as well. (electronic music) Moving up to the top of the bike. It has Giant’s proprietary
D shaped seat post which is integrated and really clean. It also has the SDG Duster
saddle with carbon rails. Okay, this is Michael’s 11 speed Force gruppo, it’s fantastic. Michael’s running a
Easton EC90 SL crank set with a one by system up front
and a 40 tooth chain ring. He’s got a classic 11, 32 SRAM cog set and he’s
running SRAM Force CX1. He’s got Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals. And he’s running a KMC X11SL chain set. He’s running classic Force
CX1 brakes and rotors. (electronic music) Michael’s running the EC90 SL carbon deep dish wheels from Easton. And he has mounted up to
it Vittoria Terreno Wet tires, size 33 mil. He’s running the carbon EC90
SLX bars at 44 centimeters. He has a proprietary Giant
stem at 100 millimeters, to keep it nice and short,
that good for cyclo-cross you don’t want to be too
stretched out, too far. He also has a unique
touch from his mechanic which is that he’s shrink
wrapped the two cables so that when he’s racing
cyclo-cross the cables aren’t going all over the
place, he’s not hitting his knees on anything or
getting it hooked on stuff. The shrink wrapping is a nice touch. No pro bike is complete
without doing a weight check. Michael’s is no different,
let’s see what we’ve got here. It’s quite windy. 17 pounds on the dot. (electronic music) So this is a really cool bike. Probably the thing that
means the most to me when people would ask, “What is a pro exactly?” well basically if your
name’s under the clear coat then you’re a pro. So something to aspire to. I hoped you guys liked this bike. If you do like this bike,
please give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment below,
what you think of this unique paint job. If you want to see more
cool tech videos like this check out over here. And if you want to subscribe to GCN click.

58 comments on “Michael Van Den Ham’s Giant TCX Advanced Pro Cyclo-cross Bike: Canadian Champs Edition

  1. Is that truly how low his seat post is?
    I have to run a low post due to me being 6foot2 but only 32.5" inside leg but long back!

  2. I bought a TCX yesterday and I couldn't get off of it. I spent 2.5 hours ripping around trails and paths and practicing my bunny hops (i'm still terrible but that's not the bike's fault). Awesome bikes!

  3. What happened to the "GCN BMX" YouTube channel???? BMX bicycles are not just a child's play toy!!! Since BMX "Park" style riding will now be featured at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!

  4. J-POW is, by far, by very far, the best gcn guy ever. gcn, do everything to not upset him (and, if possible, learn from him) 😉

  5. I know Jeremy is American but can we have the weights in Metric as well. Annoying having to bother converting myself and let's face it all the other bike checks are metric and it's also how most people understand the UCI weight limit and when in lbs there's nothing to compare with.

  6. Michael Van Den Ham posted this very cool bike to instragram a while back so it’s super cool to see GCN do a video on it. I love that the symbols are very meaningful to him but without knowing that as a fellow Canadian who lived on a prairies for 9 years, it’s really cool to see wheat and golden colours on a bike.

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