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MILLE GT ASSOS Cycling Jackets – NEOS Collection  | GTN Unboxing

MILLE GT ASSOS Cycling Jackets – NEOS Collection | GTN Unboxing

– It’s getting to that time of year when you need to change
your cycling wardrobe. If you haven’t done so already, that is. And it can be tricky choosing the right kit to wear when you’re cycling. So I’m delighted to say
that I’ve got a selection of jackets here that are
designed specifically for the changeable weather that many of us are experiencing right now. (upbeat remix) Well, thanks to our friends at Assos, we have three different MILLE
GT jackets to give away! Well, you are going to have to be a little bit patient though, because I’m going to be explaining exactly what you have to do to get your hands on one of these jackets,
at the end of the video. But for now, I think it’s
time we got unfolding. (soft clicking)
(slow, calm beat) Right, let’s start with this. The MILLE GT spring fall jacket. And, as you do expect from its name, it is designed for that interchangeable period between summer and winter. That is so difficult to dress for. Let’s take a closer look at the front. This panel here on the chest is made from a new hydrophilic membrane, which, as you do expect from its name, is designed to repel water,
but also, be windproof. So the idea is, it keeps your core, that key part of your body, warm and dry, and protected from the
weather at this time of year. And it’s also, it might not look like it, but it has a stretch, which just gives you that closer fit. Staying on the front of the jacket, we’ve got a different
panel here, the lower half. This is actually using
the Assos Rx fabric, which is a brush feel,
which you can see here. So it’s designed for breathability, as well as insulation,
to help keep you warm. Well that’s the front cover, so let’s flip the jacket over, and look at the back. Here, across the back and under the arms, we have this stretchy material that’s actually unique to Assos. And they’ve labelled it
the Type 157 Stretch Tex, which basically means, as you’d expect, the material is very stretchy, but it’s also very breathable. And it even has built-in odour control, so, perfect for under the arms. And in case you are lucky enough to be riding somewhere where it’s really sunny, it’s got built-in UV protection. And now, an important part of any jersey or jacket: The pockets. Assos have used their triple-wrap design, which we’ve actually featured on their jerseys in the past. Now this basically involves
having an extra layer of fabric, so it keeps your
belongings that bit safer, and stops something like a slidy phone from slipping out whilst riding. And safety is not
ignored with this jacket. We’ve got these reflector
strips on either side, which are perfect when the visibility gets a little bit poor, at this time of year. And whilst we’re talking
about finer details, the cuffs are designed to
be tight fitting so that, especially when you’re getting
into the aero position, you don’t get any dreaded
draughts going up your sleeve. Well whilst we’re at the cuffs, if you take a look inside, you can see this brushed
effect fabric again being used for insulation
and breathability that goes all the way up the arm, combined with this stretchy material. Up to the shoulders, and then the neck, we’ve got this nice soft, very flexible bit at the back for added comfort. And then finally, you can see, all the way down the jacket,
is a full-length zip. (upbeat remix) Next up, we have this. The MILLE GT winter jacket. And, as the name suggests, it is designed for the more wintry rides, so it does offer that extra insulation from our previous jacket. Well this jacket uses the same Neos technology as the previous one, but here on the front, it’s actually using a triple-layer fabric that helps keep the
essential core warm and dry. A lighter weight version of this fabric is then used on the shoulders, the upper arm, and across the back to help with a breathability, and then they’ve used
a brushed effect fabric on the underarms, and the
rest of the back, for comfort. The same as the spring fall jacket, it’s got similar features on the pockets. So you’ve got the reflector
strips here, for safety, and then the triple-wrap
design on the pockets, as well as a mono stretch material. So it just helps prevent
from having saggy pockets when they’re fully loaded
with all your winter gear. And other features that are similar, the cuffs, designed to stop any draught. And talking of cuffs, earlier, I didn’t mention these jackets all have this strip on the back just to
help with the tight fitting, and keeping it nice and close to your kit. And then finally, on the front, talking of staying
protected from the weather, inside the zipper,
you’ve got a nice overlap just for outer protection
against the weather. And now, for the MILLE
GT ultraz winter jacket, and, as its name alludes, it is designed for riding in the harshest
of winter conditions. Half of keeping warm in the
winter is about keeping dry. So Assos have used the
hydrophilic material again on the front, to make sure
that it is waterproof, but then, underneath that,
they’ve actually used a thermal TwinDeck technology, so you can see here,
just how warm and cosy this jacket is on the front. And they’ve used the same technology, but in a lighter version
across the upper back, so that when you’re down on the drops, it just keeps you nice and protected. And talking of being on the drops, there’s nothing worse
than having the water drip down the back of your neck, so Assos have this unique design. If we take a look inside, we have this neck protector, which is neatly folded away at the moment. But when conditions need it, you can actually pull this out, and then pop it over your head, so this then fits around your neck. And obviously it’s connected
to the back of the jacket, so it stops any of those nasty raindrops going down your neck. And then, when it stops raining, you can simply take it
off, fold it back up, and it goes inside this neck holder, down here. And whilst we’re looking inside, let’s have a look at this fabric. So again, they’ve used the
brush effect for added comfort, but also for its wickability, so no matter how hard you’re working, it should keep you at
the perfect temperature. As much as you need to keep warm, they’ve also included slightly thinner section material down
the centre of the back, where, hopefully the weather conditions won’t affect so much, and it just adds to the
breathability of the jacket. And as you can see, this
one has a full-length zip, just like the other jackets, and again, the same cuffs, to prevent any rain
going down your sleeves. And when we come to the
bottom of the jacket, it’s got the same finish, with the elastic at the back
to keep it nice and snug. And the whole jacket does
have an amount of stretch, even with its water repellent properties, just to add to the good fit. Finally, we flip it over onto the back. Again, we have the same
features with the pockets, as we have with the other jackets. Now, a thing that excites me
the most about this jacket, Assos actually recommend that
it is great for other sports, not purely for cycling. And they suggest that it
can work well for running, and cross-country skiing as well. Now you might be wondering
what colour options you have with these jackets. Well this jacket comes in
three different colour ways. Some of which, you’ve
actually seen here today. But that’s probably enough
information about these jackets, and enough of me talking. You’ve been patient, so I think it is time to let you know how you
can get your hands on one of these jackets in time
for some winter riding miles. All you need to do is click on the link in the description below, answer a simple question, and then you’ve got chance
to win one of these jackets. Well hopefully you’ve enjoyed this. Hit the thumb up Like button if you have. And to make sure you don’t miss any more of our videos from GTN, just hit the globe to subscribe. And if you are heading
out there on the bike, and you want to know how
to ride into a headwind, we’ve made a video on that just here. And for some winter-based
training myths expelled, you can find that video just here.

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  1. It's getting ridiculous, i've entered to all you guys competitions and never win anything. Could I PLEASE NOW WIN SOME!? I LIVE IN FINLAND I NEED WARM JACKET! 😀

  2. Perfect timing Heather. It's currently snowing in the northeast of the US. The ULTRAZ would be perfect here. I hope I win!!

  3. Some nice looking jackets! It's getting warmer here in AUS, so I'll keep these in my mind for the end of the season when it starts to get cold again 😀

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