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30 comments on “Minnesota Company Indian Motorcycle Sees Surge In Popularity

  1. Well they did a good job targeting the younger crowed. I'm 30 and always saw myself on a sport bike until I saw the scout bobber…. can't wait to get the bobber!

  2. I think its sad that Victory couldn't make it despite some very good bikes, but Indian is a sales star from the same company because of it's old name.

  3. Just went on a Indian demo ride at a local dealership I rode the road master the heat off the back cylinder cooked my legs way to hot to ride 10 miles

  4. Dude that manager looks like he is cool as hell. The kind that if you do your job he is cool with you. A good manager is sometimes hard to find in this day and age especially in a company that is large. Too many shitty managers that want to micro-manage and act like assholes instead of training their employees properly and let them work.

  5. I demo the road master at roar on the shore this past July with the wife on back it road like a Cadillac. I forgot she was back there that's a quiet is she ever been on a bike lol

  6. next Polaris should build a 850 cc parallel twin but with a 270 or 315 degree crankshaft . to maintain the Indian exhaust note . If Yamaha , KTM , BMW are building these types of motors , there must be a good reason .

  7. Polaris nailed with the Victory motorcycles and the Indian is almost as good as the Victories. Best US made motorcycles by far.

  8. Got myself a brand new Scout Bobber this year. Best purchase I ever made. And I live in Minnesota. <3 Tempted to pick up a Chieftain Springfield Darkhorse for longer roadtrips.

  9. Polaris built a quality bike with Victory. The insurmountable problem always has been that no matter how good a Victory is built, they’re fighting within a market segment that’s essentially bringing a product to a brand war. HD has mystique that many buy into effortlessly. The smartest decision Polaris ever made was buying the Indian IP. They’ve done a fantastic job resurrecting the brand, and have done so better than any other who’s tried since 1953. The last few iterations before Polaris have been nothing more than skirted fenders, a different tank, and powered by a HD derived S&S engine. I really like what has been going on with the New Indians. The bikes look and run awesome, and the company has done a great job plugging into their history in order to motivate the public. There is now an adequate brand fighting on their behalf in this brand war

  10. Be sure to take care of your customers by doing right by them with your warranties. Don't be Harley and try to worm your way around issues.

  11. If it weren't for the lack of dealerships, I would've bought an Indian instead of my Harley. Don't get me wrong, I love my street glide

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