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Moab Recycling Center bales cardboard with new machine

Moab Recycling Center bales cardboard with new machine

So, I like to do the two outside on both sides and then just one in the middle wherever. – Right. – Is that ladder in the way there? And that retracts the pre– the, uh… First thing is retract the— So, yeah, I just retracted the ram to relieve the pressure now we’re using the door cylinder to open the door. – How’d you do that? – You can still hear it expandi— – Yeah. – Swee-eet. – He should be able to jack it up and get it. That’s a heck of a bail, man. – Oh, yeah. Oh, most definitely. – Holy crap. Is that on there all the way? That’s a heavy bail. We were getting, like, 900 to 1,000 the other day. That’s 1,464 pounds. – Oh, 1,464! – We should have done plastic bottles to run a bail, too. – Oh, so you can bail more than cardboard? – Oh, yeah. – Oh, wow. – You can bail pretty much anything.

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