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Hello freinds my name is Ravi Utkarsh & you are watching my Youtube channel Revzz Rider & in this video, I will be talking about safety & maintenance during monsoon Let’s get into safety 1st & I will cover 2 topics in safety 1st is visibility & 2nd is Braking & I am not including Safety gears because… You are sensible enough Everyone know that which body part is exposed during crash & which riding gear is required to save which body part You know which riding gears are required from Head to toe Visibility gets very low during monsoon During daytime also visibility is affected during monsoon So make sure your visibility is good enough So that any asshole may not crash on you For increasing visibility You can do this Keep your head lights always ON Keep you head light on (Low beam) be it day or night It will ensure proper visibility & you will be visible from long distance due to lights Head lights can be recognised from long distance so it is very helpful for increasing visibility & 2nd thing you can do is installing hazard lights your indicator lights will blink continuously Just like your Car parking light Parking light or hazard light both are more or less same You can install that thing on your bike For situations like highways & the place where High visibility is required Your bike will be visible from very long distance chances of accidents will become very low due to higher visibility what more you can do is.. you may be planning to purchase raincoat or you may have purchased already If you are going to buy new rain coat Try to get rain coat with reflectors reflector will alert the person in front of you That is why every riding gears come with reflectors the only reason is to improve visibility of riders So make sure your raincoat too have reflectors so that you have good visibility & no one crash on to you & if you have already purchased rain coat So what you can do is.. You can put Radium/reflector tapes all arround the rain coat It will improve the visibility of rain coat And what really happens during night is visibility gets ever worse during night Reflectors on your rain coat can be a Life Saver during nights coz.. we have great people on Roads No need to tell the condition of India So If you want that no one crash on you Improve your visibility Keep headlights ON day or night If you have new bike then it will have AHO If you have old bike then keep the head light on by yourself Try to install hazard light on your bike It will be very small system on your bike It will barely cost 4-500 your head light aw sorry your amm ehh what your Indicator light will blink which will improve the visibilty And your raincoat.. must have reflectors make sure if you are buying raincoat then it must have reflectors and yeah. ehh that Reflectors on helmets too I have used so many decals on helmet which acts as reflectors just a sec. now you can see its having so many decals all these things all these things works as reflector if you dont like decals/sticker bombing if you want plain & shober you can use reflector tape and apply on helmets Now lets talk about braking During monsoons during monsoons breaking plays an important role If you apply brake too hard you are screwed if you apply loose brakes then also screwed you have to brake accurate if you brake hard you will skid and screwed if you brake loose you will not stop & screwed what many people had asked me is when they apply brake bike gets skid So bro matter is.. when there is disc brake & you jam hard Then no matter which ever bike it will skid if it lacks ABS you should loose the braking pressure Try to use progressive braking check the braking intensity Improve your braking skill I always give importance to braking because.. Braking is the thing which will save in 95 % cases of accidents You can’t rely on braking like this whenever you feel bike is skidding leave the brake slowly I know theoretically it looks tough but it’s practically possible If you practice you can do it Instal mental ABS inside your brain ( subconscious mind ) with practice it will be on your mind basically you have to act like ABS this procedure can’t replace ABS So do practice & improve braking skill So that you can control you Bike in any condition So this was Safety Part Now let’s talk about Maintenance Maintenance becomes important during monsoons Bike gets affected due to weather conditions 1st point is whenever you are back with ride try to splash 2 bucket of water on bike what it will do is.. I am not saying to wash the Bike No need of so much hard work washing is not necessary But whenever you are back from a rainy ride park your bike where you wash it splash 2 bucket of water or use pipe It will remove all mud sludge and every unwanted thing came from wheel splash during rain ride It will reduce the chance of rusting what people generally do the leave the bike as it is during monsoons which brings rusting problem then you complain your bike’s chain is rusting bike’s body is rusting 1st do proper care of the bike Rusting do happens on SuperBike too without maintenance superbike’s chain will also rust maintain your bike then you bike will not have rusting issue & it will also be smooth 2nd thing is if there is sand particle on your chain and if you don’t remove it..
and during monsoons sand sludge comes in plenty You know this thing If you have ridden bike on single monsoon too Even if you are just 18 or you have ridden in single monsoon then you must know how much mud & sludge are splashed on bike & its body parts if you did not keep the chain clean then then it’s guaranteed your sprocket will be gone
& that too very badly & you will have to buy new sets of sprockets So alway try to splash water on bike whenever you are back with rainy ride it will remove the mud sludge etc You dont need to wash the bike, but splash water atleast
and if you want you can wash, no issue So frnds if your bike is beloved take care of it during monsoons & keep it mud sludge marsh free It will make the bike rust free & sprockets will be also in good condition otherwise, it will be F….kd And… Friends, also check the condition of tyres the grooves of tyre tread must be at least 4 – 5mm So that when you ride on wet conditon that grooves on tyre acts as a pump & it displace the water Means You will have better grip on the roads If you want proper grip then ensure that tyres are in good conditions & if you feel you need new sets of tyre then replace the tyre ASAP It will improve safety & also maintenance will be in check one more thing is the tyre pressure of the bike Keep one PSI less air pressure during monsoon you will have a bit more surface area & it will give better grip so just keep 1 psi less air pressure then normal condition during rainy season it may affect your mileage But if life then wife Places on bike where you feel rusting may occur you can use antirust agent You can use WD40 or any spray like that So that your bike does not face any rusting issue And.. I ‘ve covered major points If you feel there is more to add on safety & maintenance during monsoon.. Pls do share those things on Comment box So that other people can also take benefit reading those comments &…. if you like this video then pls do hit the like button check out other contents on my channel if you like it pls do subscribe the channel You can share this video it can help someone And.. And what more don’t leave without subscribing


  1. @5:31 (practically possible hai.. ) this is very honest good tip raviutkarsh ,I have been using this method since long time it works.

  2. Are u facing issue with indicator switch during raining season. as my gixxer switch is hard to press and jamming very much

    hlw sir..
    mai apse bohot inspired hu.aap aise he video banate rahiye..
    mera channel bhi check kijiyega.plz support me sir…
    u , nikhil sir, msk vlogs, zohair sir, chintamani sir & vikash sir aap logose inspire hoke maine blogg strt kiya ha..
    support me sir…

  4. Very useful tips..
    Video dekh ke aisa laga ki ye copy kar ke mere channel pe dal doon 😂
    Maza aa gaya Ravi

  5. Bhai video bahoot informative hai.
    Please ye batao ki Bike k rear tyre se swingarm or monoshock me jo kichar lagta h usse rusting hone se kaise bache?

  6. Vai…can i wash my bike 2 times in a week. Some people say much washing ur bike….its harm for chain…

  7. Bhai rainy season me kavi kavi apne area pe pani jam jata hai…kya exhaust pipe k andar pani jaa sakta hai riding k time pe jab gari chalu reheta hai tab???

  8. Ravi bhai… can you suggest how to avoid scooter stopping in knee deep water on a flooded road? I ride a TVS Jupiter and my home town roads flood regularly with around knee deep waters and I have to go to school.

  9. Agar Suzuki gixxer ko 70 ki speed se chalaya to average pe koi farak padega kya matlab average kam hoga meri gixxer abhi 50 deti hai koi farak padega 70 ki speed se

  10. Hello bro, I have rs200 machine. I want to know after cleaning chain with kerosine is it good to wash with water ? Before lube the chain can I wash chain in water or not ?

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