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Benefits of cycling


today I spin a wheel spud ride his bike
Mia waters the garden mum waters Mia and dad wears blue gloves morning come on we gotta get up we gotta go drop this car off come on popie pants oh chocolate later for you now I get a kiss
there’s a fire and it’s called daddy’s foot and it’s gonna be up your butt fire
but fire but Geord can you please hold the camera I need to go pee thank
you morning everybody morning really early
oh we’re gonna go have a shower and go drop this car off we’ll be back in a bit
awesome and we’ve gotta quickly also open these curtains here we go
ah it’s sunlight oh wow that’s bright this morning Issy could you help me I
can’t open the curtains while holding a camera alright and the last one well
Issy’s gonna grab those other two right really I think I’m nearly there this is
so hard holding you guys it feels like she had two hands she could use
both hands I could only use one hand just one oh hang on there it is that’s better now oh come yeah my heads grown so big it can’t come off morning everybody morning Issy oh and yesterday we did some gardening which he
saw just this is what it’s done overnight
nothing much so far the trees haven’t started to grow apart from this one this
one started to grow a bit of a shoot there’s some still soil that we left out
has the new hose that we got it’s really cool um we left the hose on last night
yeah I just went to pick that up and use the lever and it went whee whoops get off the grass you should not be touching the grass or the or the
fertilizer when you with your bare hands just not right all right that is so cool everybody can just see like little
red and green and stuff that’s awesome this is the whole thing about gardening
it is well you water it every single day really one more thing I forgot to tell
you we will be making my garden today or our fruit veggie and fruit garden well I
don’t know I thought we’re getting different pots for that that’s why we
use ah well then your flowers can be in the very very end I’ve got to quickly show you that garden should I go this way or should I go around I think this way might be easier here’s my garden bed yeah I know
we’ve still got it empty all of that put some new soil in there plant some seeds
and then well we’ve had to grow the carrots said about I know it and I know
it it was like oh I know it’s there well I will remember it
I just gotta go look in the packet like doors are locked up locked up
rather blocked up see what I did there with a block ah this feels nice and heavy take about what is that 12 to 14 weeks and there’s a
thousand seeds in here a thousand at 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
yeah only seeds take them forever especially the strawberries good morning Mia are you
enjoying this good have fun but we gotta get out of here get some breakfast then
we’ll be back well didn’t actually have we cleaned up a
mess of the snow peas cuz they sort of well just making Izzy’s little
grass head look I got a dolphin yeah all right mmm so that’s the soil can I touch it it’s like normal soil that you can’t touch without gloves these are the seeds and you put the
grass seeds in there I’ll show you the box this is what it looks like can’t focus on them oh okay okay I’ve got
done someone right yeah do you want to do Mias Mia got a shark one. Look at that there’s not much water left wait so it soaks in all the water yeah so it soaks up all the water then you plop it in here
and then put the seeds in put it out in the sun that’s cool and then wait for it to start growing seven days seed start to sprout that’s a week after a few more days they start to grow hair that you can then cut and style and trim whoa this is another one of them in the
cupboard um what’s happening look at it it’s starting to become poop got it medium water Issy I’m just watching
yours and it’s starting to become poop it’s hilarious
now we’re gonna do Mias look how cool that looks everybody Wow it’s like a lot but do I just sprinkle them all okay yeah about a week so it needs to be
about a week before it starts to grow and put the rest of the soil on top okay how weird does that feel where Issy how
much more have you got a little bit left I think and put it in the sun and keep it warm in the Sun
suggest the windowsill but we don’t really need yeah I think I’m getting somewhere like
that so we’ll keep you updated in between the days and what happens with
everything till we get some okay so we can’t plant snow beans yet snow peas
snow peas thank you well that’s a disappointment I was actually gonna wait anyway I was kind of waiting to have some people snow beans wait to have some snow beans my god I can’t speak today she got me alright I’m making my sun flowers yes you are yes she is so I’ll keep you updated when we start making the garden
bed or something really really really exciting happens so see you then
between one of those two hey hey welcome back we have finished breakfast
Jordi is pulling out the go karts and he said nuts it’s yeah
he’s pulling that one out first yes does it pull out all the karts I don’t think I really need to well what are we doing on the other karts nothing
well the other karts are done apart from brents apart from dads he needs the sides on
oh yeah right now you need to know really I don’t even
know how they got this end it out and we need your what before you drive this
anywhere you need a new one of those what do we need a new of these that’s it
you’re gonna have to take that but they have to take a tyre off oh oh my god but how do we get this off it’s like
spin the wheel just seen the hands spinning cuz that’s gonna take me
forever think so oh yeah who cares if you
smash the shed Brent’s fine his was the hardest to do tada okay so I’m gonna help Geordan with the tools and then I’ll
see you when we’re working on the go karts okay well hang on alright we are going
to the shops real quick yep also heavy these doors are really
really heavy so what do we get hey doggie this is veggies more oh I am daddy I want an apple so there’s this thing here you can get
just over there free food for kids it’s awesome I love it No what should you be eating this exactly
we’re quickly seeing what we should get for Mia right what should we get her I know she likes something hang on where is it she like something really yummy
yeah yeah Mia absolutely loves this really okay we are now in the car just
bought everything we’ve all really was M&Ms and something for Mia some nice little
lollies poo likes right we just finished at the supermarket and somebody nearly ran
it in to us yes that was not very fun dad absolutely went okay well hard dad scared the poop out of me
again he will get paid back someday you can
tell by the expression on my face expression I express them expressen expressen man we’re gonna
have a few munchies and something to eat and then come back and build the go karts up oh
yes fix the go-karts and put the stuff on so I will see you when the go karts are
getting ready we’re getting everybody ok but we’re gonna have some M&Ms then we’re going to get the go kart stuff we’ll be back in a minute ok we’re not doing the
karts just yet I’m about to do a bit of trimming on the trees look why me one
second right one second I’ll be right back I’ll
quickly I know which ones I need to cut down now right first things first number one number one yeah but you see
that yellow yellow yellow one Geord’s still trying to cut down he’s stuck so I can’t even reach I need to replace the battery
and then I will be in back in five minutes let me just record until I get there
until I get there yeah there’s superhero act I’m sorry okay we are back we are now doing the
can so that we just quickly tonsured line
yeah hang on all right gonna quickly help dad get all the karts in the shed
because it’s too sunny outside all right done
dad’s just putting a cover over his kart because since the Sun has come out it is
much warmer yes so we’re doing the go karts in the shed so it’s not as hot look
at it yes it’s all the way over here now it’s over here yeah just really need to
cut that nope no hey have you seen the cable ties cable ties yeah all right
well don’t know where they are so right give me one second I’ll be right back
right we’ve done the cable ties we’ve got the cable in mm-hmm gonna do now see
this around here see what was happening before the cable was pulled
like that yeah yeah so it was pulled tight so what was happening as soon as you accelerate wasn’t
coming back properly okay we’re gonna do these cable tight so that part where
it’s going in stay straight that’s what we do leave that there for now
so that’s on mmm-hmm that is very long yeah we’ll cut it down yeah I thought I
was thinking hang on do you have to cut that down that outta the way, cable tie in there okay that’s been back nicely now screw
that all the way in the accelerator cable clamp which is
right there ya thread it through a bit what we do is it feeds back through what did ya step on stuff nip it up start with okay we’ll just go so on the carburetor not the clutch yeah
sorry I got that mixed up that’s all right is what the throttle cable connects too to the
throttle that opens a butterfly which is inside there which when you accelerate
like that air comes through okay petrol mixes big bang awesome play there which is awesome cool
oh I want to put it down and see what I look like with the helmet and neck brace
it’s one thing at a time I know that’s right last thing you want is it slipping
yeah the thing is if it slips off you just fix oil
all right that’s nice right that’s half acceleration just to get used to it you got more
there yeah yep so just to get used to it yep oh okay get a bit of room snip that
off and that’s how you fix an accelerator cable everybody all right
we’ll put this off for you Oh dad before we do do that just put that back on real quick good
spotting lad cable tie on dang it is it really
oh sorry I could I can barely see it doesn’t want to turn on know when
you get it warm we can use that into the shade yeah that off awesome yeah you
switch that off just oh right now that’s how you fix a cable a cable
on the kar that was an awesome part of the day ya know I will see you in a
minute hey guys we have just finished playing
some video games and Geordan’s on the toilet so we might go play with the hose yeah say hello Geordan you said a very
successful hello okay we are now going bike riding all right so we’re going bike riding now
I’m gonna be using one hand sorry if it looked a bit jolty sorry about that right sorry if this doesn’t look as good
as usual I’m on my bike so it’s gonna look a bit jolty – hello mr doggy so I’m
going around the block a few times and then yeah all right so if we can get
it front sorry if this is jolting Jesus I’m sorry if it’s bad
focusing I’m sorry if there’s a really bad footage mum wants me to come out
here with the camera don’t know why just go see what she wants. yes mum yo yeah oh she’s loving it nice girl nice
poo apparently Mia likes to get wet in the rain right well we’ll get back to
you when the ribs are ready the ribs are almost done flick them over little bit
season great that’s to say we knew those yummy juices
yeah yeah I know those yummy juices yes so big it’s been hours on one side but they’re massive ribs buddy nice aren’t they is it spicy ok we’ll see you when the ribs are ready okay we just pulled
the ribs out the oven and now put them into a new tray we’ll see you when you’re ready we’ll so
hungry the ribs are ready dad’s just letting them settle giving the plates over to dad braised beef ribs Jordans out of here he’s starving with mash okay everybody the the ribs were absolutely devine I give
them a A I give him an A all right guys we just finished tea and we’re
going to watch a few movies and then hit the hay see you guys in the next episode

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