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More New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike

More New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike

– Eurobike 2017. We’re going to have a little walk around and see what sort of cool tech
bits and pieces we can find. Come and have a look, I’ll
show you the best stuff around. (upbeat electronic music) So for 2018, Camelbak
have got two new packs; they’ve got the TORO and
they’ve got the KUDU. So the KUDU has existed
previously, but it’s smartened up and it’s got two sizes now. And the best thing about this, it’s got a back-protector unit, can be taken off the pack completely and used on its own just as a vest. So if you’re riding in a bike park or maybe racing enduro, you’ve still got some storage in there. And the actual back protector unit itself has been much-improved
from the previous model. It’s much more conformative. It’s a four-layer system now, rather than the dense
foam it had previously. And there’s also two options of these. So this is the bigger one
that you see in the KUDU and there’s a thinner one
that comes in the TORO. Now let’s just show you
how effective they are. (thump) So to go along with the back
protection that Camelbak are offering from 2018, there’s
also a sternum protector. And as you can know, this
has got a GoPro mount built into that. So not only does it make a very
stable mount for your GoPro, it gives you that big chest protection that a lot of people are concerned about. This is compatible with
all Camelbak packs, but also it’s a standalone unit. You can wear this just
on its own for filming. That’s definitely gonna be
on our list of things to get. One of the coolest things about Eurobike is to see all the weird, quirky stuff and how modern technology
like dropper posts can trickle down to give you benefits for other riders in
different applications. So, KS, for example, they’ve
been doing dropper posts for years, one of the first
major manufacturers of them. They’re now offering this post. It’s got 250mm drop. Laugh it up, but this has
actually got really good ideas. So, think about a hire bike, for example. If you’re hiring a bike, you
no longer have to mess around with allen keys and that, you’ve got that huge range of adjustment. Or perhaps if you’ve got
a commuter bike at home and you share it with some other people. That’s where they’re going
with this sort of stuff. It’s great to see this
sort of stuff going down to mega-cheap bikes. In future, I think all
bikes will be coming with dropper posts. So, KS have got one of the biggest ranges of dropper seat posts on the market. And for 2018, they’ve
got a lot of refinements, including a new remote. But the really cool news
that I’ve just discovered, is they’ve now done a 175mm drop post. So really good for the taller
riders, especially out there. And we’ve just spotted on their stand, this really cool, bold Lincoln bike. And this one of the bikes
has got a hidden shock that’s housed inside the C-tube here. And it’s actuated by that rocker linkage. Really smart bit of design to keep the shock out of harm’s way. So one of the things you’ve
been seeing at this show is there’s a lot of ways of improving ride qualities and that. And of course, ENVE makes some of the best rims in the world. But one of the issues
they’ve been finding out is that the rims are so
strong that the weak point actually now becomes the tyre, and how the tyre is impacted and pinched on a rock or a hard impact. So, that’s inevitable with enduro and downhill riding in particular, with the pace the riders are riding at. So, they started looking at
different types of tyre rims and that to protect the rim
and help stop this happening. And what they’ve come up
with is this ingenious sort of rim strip, and it’s
got a built-in rim protector that actually stops
the rim getting damaged at the same time. And they’ve just shown
us the demonstration with a 50-pound weight, and they’re dropping it from
12 inches above the rim; and it’s actually breaking the rim and the tyre still stays inflated. So it’s not pinching. That’s really cool technology
and I’m sure we’re going to see this filtering
down, later in the year. So something else really cool are the new ENVE rims. They’re finally doing an e-spec version, so that’s really fair and actually (mumbles). And the difference is, it’s
got a 35mm rim on there, and so that’s the case
if it was 2.8 tyres, to give it a best rim fill. And actually quite a novelty, they’re using 6-bolt disc rotors on here rather than centerlock
or any other option, because it’s the best option for all that braking torque that goes in from the additional weight of the bike. They’re also using round
double butted spokes. So they’re not using bladed spokes that you might’ve seen on
some other lighter options. Just another cool way of incorporating some good features with
technology that already exists to make it applicable
for E-bike technology. Checkin’ out the Rocky
Mountain Altitude Power Play. It’s an E-bike, obviously, but it’s a little bit
different than the others, because it’s not using
a Bosch or a Shimano or a Yamaha system; it’s actually using their
own proprietary system which is an incredibly brave thing to do. But what they’ve managed to do is create a bike that houses exactly the way they want it to do. So the motor system itself is housed above the bottom bracket unit. So that not only allows short chain stays, or the chain sys that they
wanna spec on the bike; that means you can use regular
cranks and bottom brackets, so after-market components are
much easier to fit and spec. So Crankbrothers are showing off their really cool range of klic pumps. And klic is a technology that’s
used in their hand pumps, where they got a magnetic sort
of piece that goes into it. And so if I start at the top here, just to demonstrate this. You’ve effectively got a pressure gauge straight out that works on its own, independently of the pump. And then to use the pump, you’re simply using a magnetic connection. Use that as your track pump. Simple. Also, notice it’s got a
canister on the front here so you can charge this up as you would with any other type of
compressor-type pump. And then when you’re
ready and that’s charged, inflate your tyre using it. The compressor itself
can actually be removed. And you see, you charge
this and you take this in your car with you. And that will store two charges to fill two tyres for full inflation. Really cool modular system. There’s also an analogue
version of the same unit, so without the compressor. Again, it’s the same principle. Use this as a pressure gauge on its own. Click that into the pump; job done. So checkin’ out the 661 Reset Helmet. This is a brand-new,
totally unique helmet. It’s their own mould design. The best thing about this helmet? It’s €100. This is a totally bespoke design. It comes in four colours. There’s seven sizes, ranging
from XXS all the way to XXL. And there’s three shell sizes for them, And it’s an ABS shell; complies to all the standards you need. And it’s got some really
cool colour ways, though. It’s sort of tropical, jungle-type feel. Really high-end finish. You just wouldn’t know that that’s an entry-level price for a helmet. Maximum protection, maximum value. Such a good product. So this is the brand-new
POC Tectel race helmet with the SPIN technology inside. Now, SPIN is POC’s take on prevention of rotational injuries. And they do this by using
these unique pads inside, which are designed to offer kind of a shearing movement to counter
the rotational movement your head might have inside the helmet. It’s a really nice, neat
alternative way of doing it, and it doesn’t add any
additional weight to the helmet. It’s just built into the padding system. Super neat, really tidy. Built into the helmet. Good work. Okay, so that was day two indoors with the tech around Eurobike. Don’t forget to subscribe
or click on the globe; there’s a brand-new
video every single day. So make sure you do that. If you wanna find out a bit more what happened on day
one for Eurobike Tech, click down here. And if you wanna find out all about the Shimano STEPS e8000 system, click up here. And of course, if you like the video, don’t forget, give us a thumbs up.

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