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Moscon Disqualified From The Tour de France, And Who Is Sky’s Leader? | The GCN Racing News Show

Moscon Disqualified From The Tour de France, And Who Is Sky’s Leader? | The GCN Racing News Show

We’re back with the GCN Racing News Show. This week we recap a thrilling 2nd week of
the Tour de France in which many big stars have gone home – the sprinters dreams are
dashed in the mountains, Nibali’s by a spectator, and Gianni Moscon is expelled for punching
another rider. I’ll be discussing all of that, and question
who really is the leader of Team Sky. We also take a look back at all the action
from the BeNe ladies Tour in Belgium. It’s been an incredibly hard week at the
Tour de France, many of those still in the race were on their knees heading into today’s
rest day, but many aren’t here at all. First up, Vincenzo Nibali. The Italian had been riding a solid race,
sitting in 4th place overall, until this incident up Alpe d’Huez. Subsequent footage showed that his crash was
as a result of a spectators camera strap snagging on his handlebars. He got back on and only lost 13s to the winner,
Geraint Thomas, and incredibly he did so with a fractured L10 vertebrae. That meant the end for Nibali, who is now
hoping to recover for the Vuelta, but it also meant a significant change in the dynamic
of the race. If there’s one thing you could guarantee,
it’s that Nibali would not have settled for 4th place, and he would have, at some
point, caused some problems for Team Sky in the last week. It led many, including us, to ask whether
these climbs need to be barriered the whole way up. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think that
would be a terrible thing for the sport, for the spectacle, for the genuine roadside cycling
fans, but in 2018 when teams are spending millions preparing for this one race, it really
can’t be influenced by roadside spectators? What’s the answer? I really don’t know – let us know what you
think in the comments below. The other riders to have gone home are mainly
sprinters – Cavendish and Kittel were outside the time limit on that Alpe d’Huez stage,
whilst the following day, Greipel, Groenewegen and Gaviria called it quits as they realised
they had no chance of finishing inside the time cut. Some people saw that as a reason to re-think
the time limit and the way it’s calculated, whilst others said that sprinters need to
harden the……….harden up. Well, I’d like to come to their defense. Contrary to some thinking, sprinters aren’t
at the back laughing and joking around, being lazy – they are trying their absolute hardest. Going home from the Tour de France is THE
LAST THING they want, they simply couldn’t go any harder. I’ll give you an example, Cavendish and
Kittel were in a group that finished just 30s inside the time limit on the mountainous
stage 10 to Le Grand Bornand. That stage was this year’s Etape du Tour,
which was won by Victor Lafay, who is a pro with Cofidis. The Kittel/Cavendish group rode fast enough
to have beaten Lafay – they are not hanging around, it’s just that the climbers are
that much better. I have the utmost respect for sprinters – they
don’t have easy days, them riding in the mountains is like asking Usain Bolt to run
a marathon. Rigoberto Uran didn’t start stage 12 due
to injuries he sustained on the Roubaix stage – a big blow for EF Education first, whilst
Gianni Moscon was expelled yesterday for serious aggression, after TV footage appeared to show
him punching Fortuneo Samsic rider Elie Gesbert. Team Sky issued an apology, as did Moscon
himself: The problem for Moscon is that this isn’t
an isolated incident – last year he sat out of racing for 6 weeks after admitting making
racist comments towards Kevin Reza. After that incident Team Sky said that a repeat
of that behaviour would result in a termination of his contract. Later that season, he was accused by Sebastien
Reichenbach of deliberately pushing him off, although Moscon was later cleared. And finally, at the World Championships last
year, he was disqualified for hanging onto a team car. It’s such a shame, because the guy is clearly
such a huge talent on the bike, but unable to behave professionally – it’ll be interesting
to see if he has a future at Team Sky. This will hurt them in the race – Moscon has
been handling a lot of the early domestique duties each day, and means they are down to
just 5 helpers around Froome and Thomas. Which brings us onto our question, who really
is the leader of Team Sky? As things stand, 6 time Grand Tour winner
Chris Froome is 1 minute 39s behind his teammate Geraint Thomas. Thomas has continued to tow the line of saying
that he’s working for Froome, and on Alpe d’Huez, he clearly was before Froome attacked. But then it came back together, and Thomas
has looked every bit as strong as any other rider in the race, every day. So what are they going to do? The problem they have is that Dumoulin is
just 9s behind Froome, and a better time triallist. And THAT is a new situation for Sky, who’s
GC leader has always been the strongest time triallist of the GC contenders. If Froome attacks and gets rid of Thomas and
not Dumoulin, that’s a big problem, and could be a bit of a cock up. Thomas isn’t going to deliberately lose
time, and MUST be starting to think now that he’s on the verge of picking up the biggest
prize in cycling, whilst Froome who has won the last 3 Grand Tours in a row, is not going
to be happy with 2nd. It’s an intriguing situation, and I for
one can’t wait to see how that plays out in the last week, and also how Dumoulin goes,
because he has looked unflappable. Let us know who you think is going to win
the Tour de France – bear in mind that there are three mountain days and one TT to go,
so will it be Thomas, Froome, Dumoulin or Roglic – let us know by taking the poll on
the screen now. Earlier in the week, though, I thought this
was a really nice gesture – Edvald Boasson Hagen broke his bike on stage 11, and without
his team car nearby, Team Sky gave him one of their spare bikes so that he could continue
the stage. It’s against the official rules, though,
to accept equipment from another team, and so both Sky and Edvald were handed a €150
fine. And here is a picture of Edvald taking €150
back to Team Sky’s Servais Knaven the following day, a nice gesture on both sides I thought. Wiggle High 5’s Katie Archibald got her
Bene ladies tour off to the best of starts last Thursday by winning the opening 3.9km
prologue in quite dominant fashion. Not a huge surprise for an Olympic and World
Championship winning track cyclist, but to beat Marianne Vos into 2nd by 11 seconds is
still very impressive. Vos was back to her best on stage 2, though,
winning a 3 up sprint for the win, and coming home far enough in front of the bunch to go
into the race lead by 6 seconds over Archibald. 19 year old Lorena Wiebes of ParkHotel Valkenburg
continued her impressive season by winning the bunch sprint on stage 2a, in front of
Jolien d’Hoore no less – whilst Canyon SRAM took a 1-2 on the stage 2a Time Trial, with
former World Champion Trixi Worrack at the head of affairs, whilst another impressive
ride from Archibald took her to within 1s of Vos in the overall. Vos increased that lead on the final day courtesy
of some bonus seconds, on a stage won by Marta Bastianelli, whilst Archibald slipped to 3rd,
leapfrogged by Lisa Klein. And so Vos won the race overall for the 2nd
year in succession, continuing her incredible career, whilst Klein was best young rider
and Wiebes won the points. And we shall finish with the event that has
been touted as the toughest one day event in cycling – the Tour du Mont Blanc is 330km’s
long, with a total of 8000m of climbing, and just look at this profile – NOT for the faint
of heart, although I do like the look of that downhill start! The ride crosses three countries, and this
year we had a record time – it took Nicolas Roux 11 hours 17 minutes and 49 seconds to
complete the ride, an average speed of 28kph. Roux is a man who is no stranger to success
here, but hats off, that’s not too shabby with that amount of climbing! That’s all for this week, next week we’ll
be wrapping up the final week of the Tour de France, plus we’ll have the men’s and
women’s Prudential Ride London Classics, and also the North Cape 4000, a 4200km event
that takes riders from Lake Garda to the North Cape, crossing 10 countries in the process. We shall see you then, in the meantime, if
you’d like to see who’s the real boss of GCN, we did our own race recently, up the
Angliru no less,, and you can find that video down here……..

100 comments on “Moscon Disqualified From The Tour de France, And Who Is Sky’s Leader? | The GCN Racing News Show

  1. For GC contention, I’m gonna have to go for Geraint Thomas. He’s looking very strong, decent gap, i think this is his year to win. But anything can happen in this last week, it’s gonna be an exciting one!

    For the sprinters on the mountain stages, I believe that the time limit will should be increased. It’s not as fun when all the sprinters get knocked out of the race, the incredibly talented sprinters should at least be contention for the green jersey. And they are riding incredibly fast up those climbs already, especially given their body type. Even just a little bit longer time limit would be nice.

    For the whole fan thing, watching the videos and i can’t imagine being one of those riders with fans all over my face. That’s cool that so many people want to support the race, but if I were riding in there I would definitely appreciate having a little space to concentrate and not have to worry about someone knocking me off my bike. Yes, there is plenty of respectful fans, but unfortunately the crowd is only as safe as those couple of dangerous fans.

  2. the spectators should be punish or jailed for causing one athletes injury, is a very serious thing to have an athlete crash just for a stupid spectator, they trained all year and just one idiot stupid spectator will ruined their race, spectators dont bring money to the athletes

  3. What's an L-10 vertebrae?

    If you don't let me get away with "predicting" stage winners after the stage is done, I won't let you get away with this.

    Love the Facebook stage recaps, keep up the good work

  4. Can you do something about that jersey lurking in the background?
    We the viewers are dividing our attention between the ever-fresh Daniel Lloyd and wondering about the state of something left for laundry pick up.

  5. I have no answers. I haven't had any since I was 21; however, I do thing Le Tour needs to find a way to deal with unruly spectators. Most, from what I have seen on TV, are respectful. But the handful that create a risk to the safety of the riders should be removed.

  6. Sorry but I would love Thomas to win, but froome is team leader and he wants to create history winning 2 grand tours. So I think something will happen in the mountains that Thomas will pretend to crack. On a climb. Or work for froome then just let him go.. Sky want to be history makers.

  7. If Bahrain Merida win a lawsuit against ASO for negligence you can be sure this will sort itself out quickly.

  8. I don't want to see barriers, but if some spectators are going to be attention seeking idiots, then for the sake of the cyclists we need to barrier.

  9. Keep racing real. This means variables in the environment, including spectators. The sport is already too formulaic and prescribed.

  10. Here's a good start…. BAN Flare use in Le Tour!! Nibali couldn't see 15 feet because of the smoke coming off that stupid flare. That cost Nibali the opportunity for a Stage victory.

  11. Sooooo who is paying for the barriers? Setup, patrols, breakdown; across hundreds of miles of necessary sections…

  12. Easy solution – police on e bikes around the GC favourites up the mountain where their are no barriers. Police on e bikes on left and right clearing the road

  13. You can't put barriers along miles and miles of roads – it would make the Tour into even more of a logistical nightmare than it already is. If only there was some box you could fit onto the motos to block cellphone cameras within a near radius – that would cut out half the idiots trying to take selfies.

  14. with all the video tape and gendarmes, spectators who cause contact with riders should be cited for their tort. A fine, a banishment from attending tours.

  15. I’m tired of the media’s “who’s team sky’s leader” story. Unless Thomas attacks Froome, there is no point to it since that’s all that would really matter.

  16. I thought doping was all about blood. Didn't realize they started adding vertebrae, too! (L10 at 1 min)

  17. Dumoulin or Roglić! Either one so long as it's not a Sky win. They've won 5 of the last 6 TDFs. Spread the enjoyment! Y'all's (team Sky) budget is tenfold of other world tour teams. You've won 5 of the last 6 TDFs (as mentioned above) and the last 3 grand tours overall. ALL BY THE SAME PERSON (except Wiggin's win)!!!
    Spread the love! You can have more than one superstar in a sport. Examples: Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Football/Soccer, Cricket, Swimming, Surfing, Gaming… amongst others.
    Team Sky, be a perennial powerhouse, but don't win every grand tour. It just makes more fans hate you.

  18. the interest for team Sky is huge that Froome will winn. This is once in the lifetime of Sky. Froome cq. Sky will for ever be associated with 5 TdF victories. A couple months and nobody remembers the salbutamol affaire. Besides, Thomas is end of contract and Bernal is already in the waitingroom… (Sir) Brailsford will decide, nobody is talking about that. Don't forget it's big business…,

  19. Guys, there is no such thing as L10. L ends at L5. Or his spine is half a meter longer, which I highly doubt :))

  20. Once I crashed from the breakaway of a race. Two riders went down in front of me and I punctured on their chainrings. They didn't want to chase back on so I borrowed one of their wheels. The peleton was back by the time I was riding again, but I bridged back across to finish second. Race officials never found out!

  21. It's effing ridiculous at this point. Put up some god damn barriers. Jesus christ. How is this even a question still

  22. No wonder these guys are so fast…They have 10 instead of 5 lumbar vertebra! T10 guys not L10 vertebra (geek note).

  23. Great stuff Dan, many thanks. Too bad about the sprinters being cut, though not very common. TDF is a very tough event, all participants should be well prep'd, as for the time limit, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, fine tuning; etc… No Nibali changes everything, depending on how much room there is, maybe pushing back a bit more on the barriers to give the riders some space or just having a higher barriers to avoid bags & straps hanging over impeding with the riders. Geraint is Sky's leader and will be so until Froome outrides him. The aggressive Sky chap needs to cut down on the steroids and do some much needed maturing. Cheers.

  24. It's a disgrace that the fans are so bold to destroy the cyclists' career with such a reckless and selfish behavior rather than helping them to win. If you cannot help, at least don't disturb. YES for barriers!

  25. G deserves to win, he's worked hard for Froomey for so long, and this could be his last chance to win the tour. I love Froomey, but I think I'd rather Thomas wins this one.

  26. BIG T DUMOULIN will crush Froome in the time trail, after Thomas has missed the train in the last mountainstage. 💪

  27. Barriers are very expensive.
    Go with painted border lines for fans and add travelling marshalls to enforce the line.

  28. Froome winning would be bad optics, given his controversy. Probably, Team Sky is pushing Thomas keeping this in mind. Win-win for the team!

  29. event routes need to be double barrier'd in my opinion. spectators sometimes get far too close for comfort

  30. Does the Green Jersey have to finish the whole tour to win it overall?
    If Sagan gets more than anyone else, but crashes out, would he still get it overall?
    Does anyone know?

  31. There's very few black GC cyclist as it is and this prick throws racist slurs, ban the hot head, there's no place for low life like him.

  32. The L'etape du Tour ride was slightly different from the stage 10, but you indeed proved your point. Those guys in the back are not slacking, they are absolute machines!

  33. You forgot to mention the Transcontinental Race #TCRNo6 that also starts on Sunday and is very much comparable to NC4000 (but including independent navigation).
    Thanks for the TDF update!! love the show!

  34. To solve the problem with spectators running too close to the riders, Maybe the Tour should ask advice to the WRC organizers.
    Some 20 years ago it was the exact same problem in rally races. (including some fatal accidents).
    Today that is a thing of the past and spectators very much stay out of the road even without hard barriers.

  35. It's retarded how the TDF is geared specifically for climbers where the sprinters have NO chance. Sure, there's the green jersey but that's really not the ultimate price. They should alternate the layout that favors sprinters and all arounders every other year. This race as it is, does NOT prove who the best rider is, it only distinguishes the best climber. We know who the world champ is.

  36. Moscon should be out of pro cycling. Not only shame on Sky for bringing on Moscon, but also not a smart decision. Looks like he's had multiple chances to redeem himself and has only revealed himself over and over. Come on, being a thug, cheating, and racist comments?

  37. Who is the leader of @TeamSky in the Tour? Well it's either Chris Thomas or Geraint Froome, obviously. Myself I'd say Geraint Froome however does it matter, as long as they both actually manage to race as a team member then I don't see it as a issue but as a bonus. As long as they don't attack each other but still both race to the best of their ability then whoever wins is whoever wins. Sky can't afford to pull G back and also can't afford to ignore Froomes obvious history and ability over 3 weeks. So if they attack off of each other, 1 – 2 ing everyone then they can't lose it in my opinion. Even the TT yes Tom is better but how much, over 31 km, more than 60 seconds. Can't see that when all 3 want it so badly. Also I think both Sky riders will have taken at least another minute by then or at least Froome will have G might manage about 15 to 30 seconds.

  38. Froom is sandbagging. Sorry for the f1 term but it fits the situation perfectly. He is trying to make himself look weaker this year in order to make himself look more believable after all the doping allegations. I would go as far as saying he is ready to loose the tour to Thomas in order to clear his name.
    I'm honestly not even interested who wins anyway, they are both doped out of their minds.
    They and team sky are killing the sport. Doping, constantly checking their power meters in order to make sure they aren't making inhuman amounts of power, punching other riders and the list goes on… And for those who will say the playing field is level because all of them are doping should check their facts: the two other biggest contenders for the top spot (bardet and dumoulin) ride for teams which are part of the fcc ( fédération pour un cyclisme plus crédible, or the fédération for a more credible cycling) and are therefore submitted to much more rigourours testing than the riders on the other world tour teams, including sky.
    The race for third place is where it's at. The race for first is between mutants, a track sprinter miraculously turned world class climber, and a nobody, 144th of his first tour de France miraculously turned pro timetrialist/monster climber. Amazing people still buy into this crap.

  39. Why not spray temporary biodegradable chalk lines for the spectators. Use weak enforcement but more importantly, fine spectators who cause an accident while across the line. That should discourage some people which could consequently give the risk takers more room to move out of the way.
    Oh, and ban camera straps. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS. Make that a fine upon video review. I'm sure we'll then see a new market for soft protective camera cases that will keep not only the cameras safe but presumably the rides too.

  40. The only sucker is yo mama punk. Face facts and get real. Vids don't lie. Stop giving Cav bjs. He's finished. Sagan is more than just a sprinter. If not how's he still @ TDF.

  41. File a lawsuit against the reckless idiot. This would make the people accountable and would respect and make the road safer for the competitors. I don’t think it would lessen the crowds, it would just make the crowd more respectful

  42. Re the unfortunate Nibali incident – there were barriers but the crowd at that point were on wrong side of them!

  43. I think it will be Thomas. If DuMoulin has a good day at stage 19 and can gain some time on the Sky group it will be very exciting. But I still have the feeling that the Sky group will win. Thomas is also a very good time trial specialist, he wont lose much there…

  44. Fans that interfere with race crashing an overall contender should be responsible for damages to injured equal to the loss of prize money for overall win.

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