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Moto & Bike TV / Dominika Rides / Episode 1

Moto & Bike TV / Dominika Rides / Episode 1

What do u think of this one? It looks nice, cool! Let’s go! Try this for a start and we’ll see.. Ok, enough! What to try first?!?! All of them! Everything! You should like this one! Ok, let’s try to find your size. Try this one in small size.. Which is white to keep you cool in the heat and you’ll be visible wearing it. To be honest, I prefer black! You can see that by looking at my outfit anyway! You prefer black? If you like black Here You’ll be doing some off road riding with this one. This ones look nice! But pink? Hell NO! I’m happy with those ones! Without Giannos I shop much faster! I found gloves! Unfortunately everything I like is for men.. What are we gone do about it?!?! I’ll try those, but I’ll remove the pink laces I found some shoes too! So, Dominika, did u find the right outfits? Are you ready now? I think yes! I’ve coloured my hair, did some mani-pedi, I’m ready! So we have, hair check, nails check, helmet, jacket trousers check! Gloves and shoes that you found by yourself And you’re ready to get out there! I’m ready to test ride all the bikes out there! All the bikes? Here we go again…..

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  1. No clue what was said, wish there were subtitles at least, but you had to carry your own bags?!? Chivalry is dead! 🤣

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