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Motocyklem w Sudety Adventure Stronie Śląskie #Motozury od.3 [ENG SUB]

Motocyklem w Sudety Adventure Stronie Śląskie #Motozury od.3 [ENG SUB]

Day 3 I just sent my 40 minutes long footage so it should be enough for today Hello everyone from Stronie Śląskie beautiful Stronie Śląskie I should go this way, against the sun It’s the 3rd day of our trip We already ate breakfast I decided that I won’t be able to go higher not in this kind of shoes Yes, I know, I know “Where did you go in that slippers?!” I didn’t know that I will go anywhere. I just went on a road.. .. and it turned out as always Now we plan to go out for lunch I mean, we plan to go to the city and then go and eat something for lunch Owner of this place recommended us some restaurant Wait, I’ll take a photo Now I have kind of a problem.. I have to go down from here, but in such wet slippers.. it’s a bit hard, I’m afraid I will fall down Listen, after 1st and 2nd day of driving on motorbikes our butts are, let me say, falling apart A friend that joined us Luka Pery Arrived to us very late, about 9PM or so Really, in such rain.. in such thunders… and half a hour after he arrived it started pouring rain it was so extreme, that if he left a hour later, we don’t know how he would arrive to us.. It’s not that easy to arrive here.. Such a pouring rain! Okay, I need to stop recording because I don’t want you to watch my fall later my fall from this uphill.. I will destroy my slippers in a moment New slippers from a chinese shop… My slippers sticked to my feet.. My feet are clean now And here’s our house. Let men go to the city….. .. on a big hangover And that’s the sightseeing today. Next to a river. Today we walk a lot. Third day Surroundings here are really beautiful, there are some nice mountains Anyway, there are nice mountains everywhere – what? yeah Boys there are drinking beer till morning Behind us.. he’s going with a beer too – Do you have 5pln?
– Yes, but for beer We are next to a retention tank A nice river, it’s the same stream that’s next to us next to our house Supposedly this tank was overflowed during the flood 2 times already. We will see up there This is how it looks like from up Now I wonder how the fuck did it overflow twice… apparently, when the water is coming it’s making a huge flood Right, Aguś? Agreed. Our people are down there – Come! What? We walked like 3km It’s wet, it’s hard, we bought a backpack to take some water with us Of course, I have backpack on my back but we forgot to take water. No water! expedition Get some beer.. Tower that is going to be blew up Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid~ You are so~ adorable! It looked like a lion! Now I will show you our self made fridge Motozury have to somehow survive A stream straight from the mountains! I will load my e-cigarette Because we are going again on that mountain.. but we will go higher We will visit that restaurant Next to that extract I “loaded” it.. Maybe it will fully load.. I will let it drip Ok, we are going on two motorbikes Shit, I could wipe out my glass, I didn’t think of that No, it’s even worse like that.. We are going on two motorbikes, we decided to go hiking We will do a small round, really just 10, maybe 15 minutes, about 7-8km Maybe we will find a point somewhere to stop there take a photo, From up to down, let’s hope that we will find a cool spot Lady, don’t cross the road.. I have my cigarette I have my phone I have my wallet. Everything’s alright My ears are plugging again We rarely had occasions to ride alone Me, alone by myself, motorbike and the road Without any backpack, any bags On the 3rd day of out vacations, me and my friend my friend, Lukas, we went on a short ride around our house It was a short, 7-8km ride We were driving the way which was leading to Uranium Mine, Bear’s cave To be honest with you we called this way “a Death Road” and it’s only because this road was deeply black, it was very narrow, very winding, the asphalt was very new and there were lots of little stones on the side of the road But, when we were riding this way for the second or third time, it was fine. I remember our women reaction to this road when we were coming back from Uranium Mine Although we were riding uphill, not downhill like here But they were, they were. pretty surprised. So I will tell you, it’s a great road. Great road. Honestly we should now get there! But I’m curious what’s there I wasn’t there Ok, so go ahead, lead me, because I don’t know this way either We just passed uranium mine I saw an interesting stone there So I know that if anything happens, If I felt bored, and I wouldn’t drink beer.. I know where to go here Wait, is it recording? Seriously, these turns are very tight, blind And it’s hard to drive here, in addition this road is new so there’s lot of sand here but I have to say, there’s really an adrenalin here We are going downhill now I think that it won’t be a problem if we rode somewhere uphill again Not it’s a dark magic, we have no idea where we are going Can you see how much sand is there on the road? Here the road is kinda bumpy Oh, some abandoned restaurant or something Here too.. some stays.. The road here is not as pretty, but we are all the time going downhill. There we again have some water streams on the right.. a small one. Shit, there is no spot to stop and take a nice photo I thought that there might be a clearance of the sun between these.. trees, to take some awesome photos of the landscape It didn’t work, sadly, it didn’t. But we will find places like these during our stay here for sure, because we will walk a lot on these roads. But, today today my mind feel like it’s not enough it’s not enough because it hadn’t see these pretty, high landscapes today we are all the time going downhills Imagine, it might not be seen but we are going down I only slightly move the control handle In front of me it’s a real motorcycle! injection 3.5/100 56 horsepower 70 in a moment touristic Honda X.. shit, I don’t remember I will show you a picture.. I will take a picture for this Honda. Very nice motorbike And I have… a good memory but it’s not good for names, for dates Look at this children playing in the water hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! some beautiful mountains in front of us! I would go hiking on these.. with Enduro! It would be amazing. Fishery, bar, fried food.. “over the ponds” There are ponds here? Shit, there’s a car behind me Some children playground.. Oh, there are some fishing grounds or maybe not We are still going downhill all the time downhills Ears are starting to get unplugged But the way through the forest.. it was a very nice way. I really have to say that it was great. New asphalt is.. but you have to be careful, thoughtful.. Because it’s so easy to fall out on a turn like this, or get in someone else’s way.. for example a speeding car from the opposite… There’s a beautiful landscape on my right My eyes are eating views like these Really, I seriously love mountains so much I thought we would stop there But we could take a photo here.. A nice view But maybe there will be another good place soon Because I think he wanted to stop Japanese garden limestones wow It’s something fucking wonderful! I would go there, here, this way Shit, I- I literally eat views like these and later I have depression at work because of this! I go back home to our, Masuria, and I literally have depression 30min after leaving this place I will already miss it a lot I will miss this area. It’s really It’s so fuckin amazing here These who love mountains know what I am talking about Fuck this motorcycle, Really, if I had to choose between a mountain mountains and a motorbike, then I think that mountains would surely win But you can always connect these two things, right? Then it’s.. absolutely.. a cosmos Look.. how much sand is here! Someone play tennis.. Here? I didin’t go that way I don’t know, I don’t recognize that We won’t get there this way? yeah We can go there and then to Stronie Śląskie by that way Like this Chevrolet Ok. We set our route. We go there. It’s a one-way road so we might not come back from there I didn’t go that way so I don’t know But there was some sign Front brakes of this motorbike are so sharp, I only touch it a little and stop ‘would like to catch a pike’ like Bąbel says.. I can’t get enough of this views I will stop recording soon because I don’t know how much memory I have left and I need to rip the footages to the computer If tomorrow we have to go to- I thought my protector is falling down from my knee but no, no, no, it’s on its place. They have weird pockets.. fastened with velcro.. Although my wife has sew them a little But I thought that the stich got ripped or something and my protector has fallen down.. Oh god, the views here are so beautiful And look, it’s Dolny Śląsk Dolny Śląsk.. I didn’t think that it would be so fun here I thought it will be worse here but no, it’s really fun And the weather today, the weather today is really good too It’s right to.. to ride a motorbike Are we going further or are we going to our house? But I saw there.. uranium mine.. we could go there tomorrow or something go inside and look what’s happening there yeah The way was so… yeah… Yeah, adrenalin I thought “what if something was going from the opposite direction” Yeah Probably to the left! To the left!! I think he didn’t hear me.. And as always, at the end of the video I invite you to watch our photos from that day, it might not be everything but I really got a lot of them so see you in the next episode, episode 4 which will be released probably in a week see you then! Bye!

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