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Motorbike Accident in the Philippines | Deaf and Hearing Couple

Hello! Welcome back to our VLOG! It’s been a long time. Yeah, it’s been a while since we posted our last vlog. If you follow our Instagram, you know why. We just got back from vacation. We had a great time. We filmed a lot while we were there and are ready to make lots of vlogs! We went to the Philippines. It was beautiful! Yeah, its one of the most beautiful countries we’ve visited. We had a great time there….BUT…. The second day we were there, guess what happen!? We went to the hospital…. We had a motorbike accident WARNING: This vlog has some blood and “gross” pictures…. If those things bother you, you can watch another vlog of ours. I’ve posted the link on this video, right there, go ahead and click on that 🙂 However, for those curious people out there, hope you enjoy! Yup, kinda gross… We had a few abrasions on our bodies. On that day we actually had plans to relax and stay in our hotel room. It was raining profusely. There was a tropical cyclone There was so much rain, it was windy and there were areas where the roads were flooded. Then just a few hours later, the sky cleared up and was blue. We wanted to take advantage of that moment, go out and rent a motorbike. Where we were the roads were not too flooded. So we walked around for a while and found a motorbike rental shop, and decided to stop there and rent one. Zach has used a motorbike before in Thailand and other places so we weren’t concerned. So we hopped on and started riding around the city. I was sitting behind Zach, enjoying the ride, looking around and feeling the wind in my hair. I felt safe, at that moment all was good. We decided we wanted to ride to the beach. It was a close drive, about 3 miles. After getting to the beach, and staying there for a while, we decided we were ready to head back. We had to drive through one road that was all mud and gravel. Ahead of me, I saw a pretty big puddle of water from the rain. Going through that was fine, then I had to stop to turn. I saw the cars coming down the pavement road I was getting ready to turn onto the pavement road, however, in that moment I wasn’t thinking and just took off way to fast. I saw other cars coming and wanted to hurry and go before them. As I was turning the bike lost grip and we slid along side the road. We were a little rattled. Court was lucky, she somewhat jumped off but my foot was stuck between the bike and the road. Zach had many injuries, all on his arm, his side, his legs and feet, I didn’t have as much. As soon as I realized the bike was falling over, I somehow moved my leg and body to avoid getting hurt. Although I still hurt my leg, some cuts and bruises on my shin. We were still in shock and confused about what happen. I remember standing up, my mind was foggy. I thought to myself, okay, we didn’t get in an accident with someone else, that’s good. I noticed my shoulder and elbow bleeding. I don’t know whats wrong with me. We just drove on the muddy road and I wasn’t thinking about all the mud that built up on the tire. That was part of the reason why the bike slid. In that moment, everything felt so slow. Z: For me it was fast! Yeah it was fast but at the same time… When we were sliding, it felt like slow motion at the same time. I was thinking, “Oh no, we are stuck, what do we do, crap, is this happening?” My mind just felt like it froze as we were sliding. Right, it wasn’t something we expected. We slid pretty far on the road, you could see the lines from our bike. Many people came over to help us, but one guy said we can go to his home. His home was close by and he had first aid. We sat outside on their porch and he started to help us clean our wounds. He helped clean the cut on my elbow, making sure he got out all the dirt. It burned so bad! I could barely tolerate it. C: That’s because it was so deep! Remember it just continued to bleed! Z: Court was holding my hand. Typically, if I see someone I know or love, in person and who is in pain I get dizzy and typically pass-out. This has happened before a few times. So in that moment I kept having to tell myself, “don’t pass-out” over and over again. I kept telling myself to stay awake, what if I need to interpret something. My body was definitely not happy It felt like my body was starting to shut down. I felt so nauseous. So I asked Darren, that guy who was helping us, and his wife for a bucket. So they gave me a bucket. Immediately I started throwing up. My body was so upset. I felt so embarrassed. I didn’t really know them and here I am throwing up continuously. Then I started to feel dizzy too! I told them I needed to lay down. Then you went to the bathroom right? Yeah, my stomach was not happy at all. I felt so sick. Then about 20-30 minutes later, Zach’s arm was still bleeding pretty badly. Darren suggested we go to the hospital. I needed stitches. But I’m thinking to myself, “THIS IS OUR SECOND DAY HERE!” But I was fine and accepted it. We were going to get back on the bike and drive to the hospital but Darren looked at us… He said we didn’t look mentally stable to get back on in that moment. We agreed and waited for an ambulance to come. We had to wait for a while but we chatted with him and his family, his wife and twin daughters. After the ambulance arrived they looked at his wound and said he did need stitches. Noooo! whyyy? So we went on our way to the hospital. Once we got there we were seen pretty quickly, the doctor came in, He cleaned our wounds, and checked to see if I actually needed stitches. Then they said that I didn’t necessarily need them. I still thought that I did because the wound was pretty open. He gave us the option if we wanted to stitch it up or staple it… But the doctor told us that the tissue was already a little damaged, so there was no point for stitches He also said that if Zach moved his elbow any certain way the wound would most likely reopen anyways. He suggested to keep it wrapped and to use an antibiotic cream daily and that he’d be fine. I was okay with that, so we bandaged it up and left. So Darren, the first guy who helped us, was so sweet! We were lucky he was able to help us. Darren wanted to come with us to the hospital. He stayed the whole time, waited for us, to make sure we were okay. Then even the next day he was very helpful! We are going back to that families home. This is Darren, he is the guy who helped us a lot yesterday! And this is Heaven Grace. She is a twin. She’s 4 months right? Yeah. So we still needed to return the motorbike. We needed to explain what happen to the rental shop but didn’t want to get taken advantage of, So Darren offered to come with us to the rental shop and negotiate the cost for us. There were some damages on the side of the motorbike. We then brought the bike to a Honda dealership, where the repairs would be done I asked court to interpret what they were talking about, but they are speaking Tagalog. Everything worked out, we were lucky we didn’t have to pay a lot for the bike. It was pretty cheap. It was about 50 US dollars. We felt lucky that it wasn’t thousands of dollars. The front cover is 400, the side cover is 175, then add the cost for loss of one day rental. Take-care. Thank you. So we had an accident but we are very lucky, we didn’t break any bones or have any head injuries. We are very lucky. A lot happen today. I think its so funny that we slid on the ground. haha My left arm hurts and now Courtney feels overwhelmed. I think its all funny. I’m okay! One day we will look back and laugh at today. Honestly, I think that I am just exhausted from today. I’m so tired. Plus I didn’t sleep well last night. What his elbow looked like a week later!

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