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Motorbike Diaries | Vietnam Travel Vlog_09

Good morning guys! So it’s another lovely and sunny day in Vietnam We’re taking our bikes about 2 hours away which is probably going to take us like 4 hours as our bikes are not capable of reaching high speeds so yeah… packing, packing So I’ve never been that close to one of these the wind farm it’s always been a dream of mine, well not a dream but I always wanter to see one up close We decided to stop at the local dunes we’re very close to Mui Ne now about 20 maybe 30 kilometers we’re gonna climb that dune just ahead of us Idoya run! That is your daily workout year…we’re doing mountain climbers it ain’t easy! You have a lot of sand in there Shit! Damn girl! We decided to stop at the local cementary which is quite beautifully located with a seaview and no these are not nazi symbols there are basically a religious symbols of Buddhism and that’s a nazi symbol svastica so you can guys tell the difference, it’s a little bid different So here we are. We’ve arrived! at our destination which is our hotel (more like guest house) we paid for the room about 15 $ so it’s for both of us including breakfast and let’s now go in and check out the room so as you can see it’s pretty basic oh we are getting a spare bed good in case if we fight comes with the wardrobe, tv very, very basic it’s definately not as nice as the hotel we stayed at in Phan Rang however we’ve got a really beautiful patio feels very summery here and there’s place to park my bike and Idoya’s bike later we’re going to the beach to relax after 2.5 hours of drive I’m pretty knackered Hey guys so we are currently on our way to Ho Chi Minh City also knows as Saigon We just decided to stop by for a soup. Pho – in vietnamese. So just a quick catch up of what’s been happening in the last couple of days so we left Mui Ne and we went to another city – Vung Tau So we stayed in Vung Tau overnight and we left early in the morning and now we are here the plan is to stay in Ho Chi Minh for 2 nights and explore as much as we can and then from from Ho Chi Minh we’re gonna go to Phu Quoc Island which is like a paradise island in Vietnam with many beautiful beaches oh by the way I got a new pair of sunglasses Ray-Bans for 60 dong which is more or less 2-3 $ ok so we are about 40 minutes away from our hostel in Ho Chi Minh City and we came across a problem Idoya got a flat tyre luckily for us the mechanic was like 200 meters away Idoya is literally melting so hot! So we finally made it we are here in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City the journey here was horrific though there was a lot of traffic on the way a lot of trucks passing by right next to us and it was super-hot – way over 30 degrees (celcius) plus we were getting that heat from the trucks but we finally made we are here in our hostel tomorrow we’re dedicating day entirely to sightseeing anyways that’s all for todays vlog the next video is going to be about Saigon and about what we did in Saigon so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it bye! So keep yours thumbs up…keep your fingers crossed give me thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more adventures of Thomas German

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