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Benefits of cycling
(Motor)Bike Ep40 Idioti pe contrasens

(Motor)Bike Ep40 Idioti pe contrasens

Omg, my heart stopped for a second I’ve already had an accident right here What the *** are you doing? Welcome to the club Ah, damn it Hit his killswitch Omg Keep your lane Are you stupid? Don’t you know what’s a lane? You’re so retarded Welcome to the Bucharest, Raducu You *** *** **** for you too *** for you Oh, *** We have like 3 minutes left I might get a pneumonia or even worse Then don’t breathe Whaaat? Omg, I’m so cold Welcome to my world, darling You’re **** you *** Hello Hello How are you? Riding Good I’m looking for you for a long time I’m looking for you for a long time Really? Why? To fist bump I thought you want to fight me I took 2 pictures right here. Nice view Take care

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  1. Marius 2.0, motor in loc de bicicleta, imparte mai multa muie, nivel scazut de injuraturi de rasa si morti, piesele se schimba usor (1 min maxim). Acum si cu, casca de protectie

  2. Tipa toata lumea " – Vrem o tara ca afara ! " dar noi nu ne comportam deloc ca cei de afara . Toleranta zero si primul impuls e violenta si obscenitatea . Sa stiti ca asa Romania nu va avansa deloc indiferent de cine o conduce .

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