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Motorbike trip in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Part 2)

Motorbike trip in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Part 2)

Hi, it’s Korean Blondie. Today, I’ll take to you to a place where I can get a helmet that I talked about before. The store is right around here. Let’s go! Hi, guys. This is Korean Blondie, I’m Camila. Hello, Obba. Good morning! / Good morning. We will go riding today FINALLY! Yeah! So, it’s our riding day today, and we’re getting ready to leave from Ho Chi Minh right now. Then, are we going to Cat Tien today? Happy? Cat Tien? / yeah, Cat Tien. Call a Cat Tien of City in Vietnam. Near by Da Lat? Yeah, yeah. The first big goal of our trip, ‘Cat Tien’ is to visit Danang from Ho Chi Minh. It’s hard to get there directly. It takes a long time to get there. Can you see the Tigit logo up there? This is a place I mentioned before, where you can rent a bike and buy gear. We got a lot of information from there. The BEST! We bought a lot of gear from the Tigit bike shop. They have helmets and windbreakers that you can wear over your layers. We bought windbreakers They’re used to protect you from the wind. You can also wear them on a rainy day. They have windbreaker pants and jackets too. They are a little more expensive than a poncho. You can wear them multiple times. They aren’t disposable. So they’re much more convenient. And we bought new helmets and waterproof boot covers. Oppa’s boots are leather and they’re waterproof. But my shoes were made of fabric and I needed a cover for them. Lastly, we bought a water pack, protective pads for elbows and knees. But actually, I can wear a jacket on top, so I’ll only use knee pads. On top of what we already have, my travel bags weigh about 25kg. Mine only? So we shipped out some of our bags (by train) before we left. So, we have less baggage. What you can see now is all we have. We did that because all the Tigit branches are located in big Vietnamese cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hoi An, and Hanoi. They also manage riders too. Bike riders usually ride one way directly instead of both ways. Whenever their riding is done, they just return their bike to a branch in the city there’re in. So all the branches are connected and manage that together. So we sent our big bags on the train. We only have things that we need for a month. Our bags are about 10 – 15kg right now. We need to be light because we both will be riding on the Honda Winner. To save the fuel and to avoid trouble, we needed to take the minimum amount possible. Whenever we are ready, we will take off riding. Meanwhile, I’ll keep uploading my Vlog, so please continue to watch us! Bye!

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