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37 comments on “Motorbikes on the NYC subway baffle passengers and police

  1. This is what happens when you pander to these people and change the bail laws. Bring back racial profiling and Stop and Frisk. Vote these democrats who changed the bail laws out of office.

  2. One more reason to have as many Police officer on subways stations. It is a nightmare ride on MTA subways. We never no if we can get off live. Awfull

  3. The train operator and conductor should be disciplined if train actually continued moving , how can a conductor not see bikes if it's his/her job to make sure passengers are on board safely.

  4. Somebody’s going to get hurt. From the gas and the exhaust from the bike that people are inhaling, it’s very dangerous. If someone gets hurt, they can sue New York City Transit

  5. Rather them bikes instead the mentally dangerous,drunks,dancers,weed & cigarettes smokers,humans shitting on trains money beggars nypd ain’t doing nothing they need to patrol the buses cause humans was sure smoking weed Sunday night on the L train shuttle bus they must fix other problems then worry bout them bikes so unsafe on the trains and buses

  6. The subway is a f’in joke, anything goes from panhandling, pole dancing, smoking, bums (not homeless) with decaying body parts etc. The MTA doesn’t care, the cops don’t care and society is used to it. A f’in embarrassment!!

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