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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Brian D Rogers: Too often we are called by
family members or loved ones of motorcyclists who have been involved in a motorcycle collision
with a car or truck. Unfortunately the consequences of these types of collisions are usually fatal
to motorcyclists. We have to work hard to overcome jury bias that motorcyclists are
speeders. In addition to that, most of these cases are left turn cases or lane change cases.
In those instances, the defendant invariably will tell us, I did not see the motorcyclist.
The motorcyclist was not invisible. They did not see the motorcyclist because they weren’t
paying attention or were distracted on a cell phone, had fatigued mind, or had been drinking.
We work hard to overcome the jury bias. Part of what we do is accident reconstruction with
motorcyclists. We actually set up a motorcycle and a stunt driver that tries to replicate
what happened. These are under controlled circumstances and we’ve got some examples
for you to see. We work hard to make sure motorcyclists have the same rights to use
our roads safely, and to get their families justice.

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