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Motorcycle Battery Voltage

Motorcycle Battery Voltage

There’s a motorcycle and in order to start the motorcycle you actually have to use this battery here. And I’ve connected the voltmeter which is currently reading about 11.7 volts which is really really really low. The positive terminal of the battery is connected to the positive of the voltmeter, negative terminal the battery connected to the negative of the voltmeter, in parallel, outside the circuit. So watch the voltmeter reading as it’s started. It goes down. So now after you get it running, battery, voltage of the system while it’s running at higher RPM in particular while traveling down the highway is somewhere around 14, 14.5 volts. And if you run it faster, it does get higher because it has to charge the battery. So that’s what’s happening, it’s still connected to exactly the same thing, but now that it’s running, rather than the original11.7, which should be a 12.6, now it’s running much faster.

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