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Motorcycle Camping Trailer – Solace Deluxe Camper Demonstration

Motorcycle Camping Trailer – Solace Deluxe Camper Demonstration

Born of a passion for travel and a need
for economy, we present Solace, the compact pull behind motorcycle camping trailer from the USA Trailer Store. With
approximately 16 cubic feet of usable storage space while in travel
position, the solidly built camper is both a roomy cargo trailer and a spacious camping trailer. With its standard 8-inch chrome wheels and an aerodynamic
cooler holder, your new Solace delivers both style
and comfort. With its ability to expand from 19
square feet in the closed travel position to 72 square feet in the open camping position, with an impressive 6-foot 7-inch ceiling , Solace can truly boast economy of space.
Features: Setup time is less than five minutes; tent poles are attached; full-size Coleman air mattress and table are included; wiring harness; LED taillights; one in seven eighth inch
ball coupler; air conditioner port; a handy zippered cooler vent that allows
access to your cooler from inside your camper; and with an independent torsion
axle suspension, Solace gives you peace of mind. The highest point the of the camper in the
open position is 7 feet 4 inches Usable storage space
of 16 cubic feet is an approximation and will vary depending on how tightly or loosely you roll the tent To find your Solace, visit Read, ride, camp, and enjoy!

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