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MOTORCYCLE CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES│Dumaguete Meet Up│Ride to Balinsasayaw Twin Lakes

MOTORCYCLE CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES│Dumaguete Meet Up│Ride to Balinsasayaw Twin Lakes

Where are we? and enjoyed folling around with the locals about the enchanted century balete tree Today we are going to tour Dumaguete City using our bikes and other nearby destinations super tight MoTour shirt obviously, I or we gained weight Let’s have some breakfast We still have lots of Sylvanas left! As you can see we have a kitchen here the place is nice and you can use the plates and utensils if you need to They allow guests to put stuff in the freezer like our sylvanas It’s very cozy, just like a house or home Still lots of sylvanas. Maybe we’ll just give the staff some Let’s head outside so I can show you the bulding is really new Its vibe is really like you’re at you’re home You have a lawn, where you can hang even at night the garage overall we are satisfied. In fact we don’t wanna leave yet It’s near the boulevard very accessible to the restaurants Siliman university is about a little over a kilometer It’s not located right beside the highway so it’s quiet here. Let’s eat! Here’s my breakfast. Inclusive of an instant coffee Can you give us some background about Sulit Budget Hotel? How did it start? Actually it was a retirement house of the owners She thinks a hotel will click in the city so she had it renovated. That’s why..
“Yes, that’s why its form is a house.” 20+ total capacity What year did it start? really brand new What characteristics does this hotel have that stands out compared to other accommodations around? It’s near the airport and sea port around 7-10mins travel time so the fare will be relatively cheap we have lots of Filipino food options We would like to invite you to stay here at the hotel here in Dumaguete city where you can pay less, live in style and comfort Dumaguete city is the capital of Negros Oriental This is also called the city of gentle people because of the allegedly kind locals. It is also called the university city since it has 4 universities and some colleges That includes Siliman University in the whole country and Asia a government agency under the Department of Tourism chose it to be the It’s also called the motorcycle capital of the Philippines because motorcycle is the main mode of private transport here which has a higher number compared to other vehicles.

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  1. Good morning, MoTour Team Group Philippines… Dumaguete is the popular Province in the Philippines and hometown of my Crew shipmates… Hooyaaahhh MoTour Team Group Philippines !!!

  2. Good Morning Motouristas… shoutout pala kay sir Paolo Dela Cruz, nag punta sa clinic nila CIC… 😁😁😁 Ride Safe lagi!!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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