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Motorcycle: CBT Test

Motorcycle: CBT Test

hi this is adanli 63 don dum dum tastier garden is going to be on the to some information some tips on them
c_d_t_ which down stands for compulsory basic training which is he says it s kind of thing that you have to do before you can talk about that in the
u_k_ the requirements for this all you have
to be sixteen years of age you have to be holding a provisional
license in the u_k_ which could have bought from the d_n_a_ and so you have to tell us about it adjustable c_d_c_ obviously to draw
blood like that or you could have if you have a losses not to call us since before february the first two thousand eleven two thousand one manual to have to be entitled to drive
the fifty cc my bed when you do your compulsory basic
training when you hear compulsory basic training what this enables you to dissolve f_c_c_ my pet limited to fussy miles an hour for too long i’m doing all out to carry the passenger plunge after this might help late spice carbon dioxide and that’s about it radio thing and as a weight limit on
they’re my favorites on it and there’s also a power output r_s_i_ pup i’m trying to make this
headache rates are for talked with the false um… so basically on your cv t there’s a few things you hafta eugenia c_d_t_ training okay so firstly
opera quickest abt trading wake you up to options you delighted be allowed to take out and
michael with the idea of what you want to take out and what to the princess aren’t we are game which includes helmet
but it’s globes jacket i’m most likely trousers gossip us what you have to take all of
them to do a cbc training but if you don’t already have a c bt certificate then this in a place to talk
to the princess pro-death the gap on the summit together or the second option is you go to them and i think absolute or anything you
need is your license to the policy of the d_n_a_ lawson’s and golf and for that white but the second
options a lot more expensive i thought i’d already pulled whereby but for some people at market hall um… because even if you’ve got what he
called take it that site mark to consider using that white spot i mean it’s not that much of the process
like five pounds on average site among saddam out you guys baton upon the
arranged a and you have to sign this form thing saying that you know you do see bt they check your by cheque fuck off their license make check your insurance if you’ve got
your embolic state checked your bike if you’ve got your invite like erode tax if
it’s really good things are not not so that you gave me a group of fall all level and then sunday basically takes its is
private car parking where you have the does said rooms which can be from stuccoed around the car park it could be figure
of aids the debate things like that size it’s not really tall domain and you want to do it we really only not
in struggle to locals ever since i was a little kid out always
driven model blacks and stuff an all-day marcos a this kind of a c nicole are jefferson’s arrived sahnoun was a send-off looking gal champlain together uh… psi he may see their son amount of
drills more so in a manner so-and-so drills fine with me will happen was alright we were going to girls uh… nai withering cycles in they’ll
pick a crushing so he made a stellar verner reed and
places like an hour or so aqua nocturnal said that he not i could ride a bike is okay for the third itself news lately but at that point them right uh… unconvinced that you can through cycles around the call pot’s
side you can sit to destroy ends and until the elbows got behind all that yet we were the or listing the side and every tourney introduced a new job
like the next year will stegar of eight got me to demonstrate which was pretty cool and then we have
to do margins he stops which was not halt you have to go to my justice dot without
crushing which i mean i guess to some people it
could be called total experience in some regard i run a fall from a crash site they were there any experience wide as
they were pink on the new site sells condoms expected sidewalks nazis convinced that you’ll
site reply keeping drive on did they take turns in the office they
may make you sign something else and basically what this says is just
like your when you out on the road is selling
responsibility to handle yarn safety is our responsibility of
being sought out they destroy it uh… when i say cranium you to sign it stateside insurance and stuff design so once they come up because you have time and we’ll be talking it is going to
carry that would be a unwanted absolutes here yeah when i did at uh… might have to have a final full
volume uh… locked in a valley worry abt loud radiate out of really hot why is side nasa critics make sure this will
turn out and then um… he takes you out in
groups to tell you it takes on the right to take some calm quiet places anita snakes destroyed around the and he might show a little safe and that
you might think you may reject sidelight them make sure all played in the campaign dot
i a mainstay properly historic before he takes to our upbeat
completed rails in the gulf war uh… details sold off a retest going to
things already theory test it basically test your knowledge on the
road pune um… yet he says you have here aren’t about
pictures any corner like talk series like uncertain calls coming here who gives
way today amounts will know you can apply to the
corner right for the time dot house on left so i couldn’t i can
come out we all know that ass it’s pretty simple
stuff policies convinced that you nadia
highway coach on c_n_n_’s thank you proxy statements that you know you
highway kadhi page uh… he takes on the right side up chhoti
somebody showed some signs are such closer on the right just checks here many places around the house online i’ll tell you a little story thing he got kind of annoyed with gravy coz and he took us this like i said she
wrote about them we were very much bigger bites around them uh… it’s basically what happened was i
am i was very much extra assign bios light one-electron lenore indicated posing as follows indicated checking the notes orioles checking on
their own thing a lifesaver check and then indicating what his slice it is
a sister um… my story house indicating and then
do much exxon all right so what you’re sites today as
a source uh… mera check by sabretech indicate and as you go into the corner
you don’t know about never checked was then taken anytime uh… vasa built it uh… yet he was going to be no invade i mean
i call got the hang of it well see s_i_d_ king brings you back and
that’s about it anjali asorio phil to mention yesterday
looking for a site check tony for me as i believe they make you
read in on the plate um… this easy if you’ve got no more solid
printed only probably where dole says we should be easy for you anyway so boiling a that’s about their way of knowing but i’ve known about this will benefit
like this inflation it’s kind of condition and this is more like my personal
experiences are nothing so you can talk about what happened on
love mom and helps you reading website when i was in my state eighty
dollars brady panicky else askance even though everyone kept telling me
that daylight came out yesterday if you don’t
worry about it also paranoid dot anything entirely and i know mondo mambo number one mocked that’s just me being annoying on the elegant alos a revision even
though i didn’t need to dialectic help unite that i’d be a lot more globe

21 comments on “Motorcycle: CBT Test

  1. Thanks for the comment buddy, nice to see it helped:)
    And once you have completed your cbt, you can drive a geared bike. However if you are 16 then it must be maximum 50cc, and if your 17 it must be maximum 125cc
    Hoped that helped, goodluck!

  2. Thanks for watching# Yes they literally get you to stand 20 meters away from a number plate and ask you to read it.

  3. You don't filter? And the CBT is easy. I also had prior riding though, and I completed it with just two hours sleep. I didn't tell the instructor that.

  4. The highway code, signs, rights of way etc etc, and if you want you can find a book in WH smiths for £1:49 😀 Good luck

  5. You sound and seem like an idiot trying to give advice when speeding round corners. Fucking sit down and do the smart thing by yourself before trying to impress.

    I wouldn't know what the fuck you were on about if I hadn't have read about it before watching this useless video.

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