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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 01| Sujag Videos|

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 01| Sujag Videos|

Chak 12/11 is situated between Sahiwal and Chichawatni some 8 to 10 km off the main Multan road This is father/daughter duo base station We will be visiting here repeatedly for the next several months and will visit surrounding villages as well Jabbar, my buddy and a friend of Sujag lives here in Chak 12/11 We will stay at his home Khalid is a small farmer in this village We visited his farm along with Jabbar We intend to meet Khalid at every visit till the wheat harvest Khalid owns just one and a half acres
of agricultural land which is equal to 12 plots of 1 kanal or 500 Sq yards pieces of land Agriculturally, this is very small piece of land To have a better understanding… agriculture is not even viable on a smaller land than this Khalid had 6 buffalos last year That’s why he cultivated such a small amount of wheat that he could not even meet his own household demand Unfortunately, four of his buffalos died of illness and the demand of fodder for his cattle dropped Now he has cultivated wheat on half an acre, which would be enough for his family for 1 year He prioritizes livestock, when it comes to utilize his agricultural land Our rural life seems to revolve around livestock If we calculate the daily routine of the villagers, almost 70% of their time is spent serving their cattle Anyone you meet in the village, either he is going to get the fodder or coming with it, or doing something related to livestock Many of us may have experience of exchanging
flour with goods, but this toy seller is an interesting and strange combination of old barter system and modern marketing This gentleman barters women hair for toys Yes you are right! Head hair Women throw clumps of hair trapped in the comb, into some corner of the house And kids exchange them with some toys This vendor sells the hair to wig makers This is an intelligent way of collecting women’s hair
from door to door He deserves to be praised Kids were very excited for toys and I wanted to help them But then I thought, even if I donate all the hair of my head, children would hardly manage to get a single balloon So I acted a mini Hatimtai, and distributed 10 rupees each among the kids and the cycle converted into a place of festivity Coming from far away fields Inayat Hussain Bhatti’s voice had created a mesmerizing effect in the atmosphere It was captivating Bhatti Sb, Tufail Niazi, Alam Lohar, Bali Jatti they were the last batch of true and genuine folk singers of Punjab Bhatti’s voice is like a celebration itself Jabbar took us to that Sheller attached with a tractor, where the song was playing My attention was divided into the song and maize crop Maize is ready for harvesting Harvesting and cleaning is on the course everywhere Sheller machines are separating the grains
from the cobs This is a commercial/cash crop of the village Which means it is for sale, not for domestic use However, the cobs that are left behind are used as fuel for the stoves Even these cobs are now used in brick kilns as a substitute of coal Corn stalks are also used as fodder This is a multi-purpose crop Market rate is also good these days Tanveer Hussain has cultivated corn on 20 acres of land and got yield about 70 maund per acre This time, it is the highest rate as compared to previous years Good Since the time it’s being cultivated here? You have been cultivating it for around 20 years, right? Even more than that but we are getting
the best rates this year Getting the highest rates… Why the rates are high this year? One (reason) is higher local consumption, secondly dairy and poultry farms are using it in fodder So this is the reason of high rate? So the high rates motivate farmers to grow more corn? The next morning was very foggy It feels colder in an open environment But it seems that no one can afford to
stay in a cozy place They have to serve their cattle in all circumstances… No one can take a leave Everyone was rushing towards the milk selling center with their buckets and pots We reached Khalid’s farm in this fog Farming is a difficult task Taking care of animals, tying them, letting them for fodder… protecting them from storms… After foddering, tying them in shades in this cold… That is how it is done Raising animals is the most laborious task Can anyone get up on such a cold morning? Then you think you have to manage fodder for your cattle Pappoo, please give me a hand Wheat and milk are two primary pillars
of our rural food security A poor man’s string with the life is tied with these two things These farmers are a distorted and painful remnant of our traditional subsistence economy The new market economy is also unwilling to help them out They are facing worse of both, the torment of the two worlds… Khalid’s family is not an exception In Punjab, 6 out of every 10 families live in villages Half of them are landless and the remaining 3 own farmland One out of these 3 has just as much land as Khalid possesses Total number of such families is around 2.5 million If all the family members are counted, they become 15 million people It means out of the total 110 million people of Punjab, 15 million have the life standard of Khalid’s family The number of these small farmers is
increasing constantly while their share in agricultural land is decreasing Khalid’s wife helps him in this work but she does not like to face camera We also don’t want to put anyone in trouble for the sake of entertainment Khalid’s two cows will eat mixture of fresh berseem, wheat choker and maize plants today Let’s start it He has got berseem from his own land, bought choker from the shop and earned corn stalks in exchange for labour Whoever harvests the corn; he submits cobs to the landowner and brings plants for his animals Khalid fed his cows and gave us tea with biscuits Village Tea… It is lower in caffeine and higher in sugar levels So this is your grandfather’s land… It was 1 Murabba (25 acres), right? 1 murabba here and 9 acres in chak 49/9 … Ok, so 1 murabba and 9 acres, 25 + 9=34 (acres) So there were 34 acres How many sons did your grandfather have? Five So… here we are This is the land your father inherited Well, your father … How many of you…? How many brothers are we? Yes We are 4 brothers Then it was further divided into four parts Yes So this (piece of land) Khalid inherited Yes How many sons do you have? I have 3 sons So will this land be divided among them? Yes So what would they get? Nothing Then they would get the land in marlas Yes in marlas They will not be able to do farming Yes, you are right! Today is Christmas There are around 10 homes of Catholic Christians and about 30 belong to Presbyterians, in this village They have a separate settlement with a small church A relatively large church is under construction Christmas celebrations begin with mid night service Let’s start our service Hymn We spoke to Akhtar Masih,
general secretary of the church Market attached to our church is very dirty Streets are neither paved nor do they have
any drainage system We face difficulties in coming to church When it rains, it is impossible to visit the church We face difficulties to attend any program in the church (Small) Cemetery is a big problem here For the last 100 years, we are compelled to use only 3 kanals of land as graveyard Governments kept changing, the development work carried out but no one helped us Just because we are considered poor and lower caste The powerful people of this area have
always benefited themselves; no one listens to our problems Hymn The following morning was also full of festivity Today was Momal’s birthday, which she celebrated as Santa In next episode Why overseas Pakistanis are sending foreign cows to their villages? Doesn’t even understand her own language What is silage? What did the banyan tree tell us about who drinks all the Lassi of the village?

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