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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 02| Sujag Videos

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 02| Sujag Videos

For me, this journey is more than just a bike ride A transition from the valley of words to the wonderland of video making Apparently, I am riding the motorcycle and Momal is sitting behind But actually my daughter is driving me through this transformation Cotton is also a cash crop of Chak 12/11 Cotton-picking season has ended a few months ago Farmers come to the Cotton Ginning Machine for their quilts and mattresses or for the same they supposed to give as dowry Get a side The wedding season is at its peak It seems that no one will remain single Everyone is supposed to reach somewhere at some event Jabbar’s uncle is also getting ready to attend a wedding ceremony Village barber is online He is just a call away Small farmers spare some milk for the kids Rest is sold out But companies’ demand is growing constantly Our indigenous milk production system is unable to meet the demand Many people have established foreign breed cow farms in the chak They are producing milk just to sell it to companies We talked to Saif ur Rehman, a cattle farm owner Go bring tea How much milk does your cow produce? Our Cattle… We have milk measuring scales A cow produces up to 23 liter milk at a time It means 45 liters in 24 hours What about our local cow? It’s less. It’s maximum production of milk is around 20 liters You mean maximum production of a local cow, right? Yes What is the production of ordinary cows? They produce even lesser One who has ordinary cows 2 to 3 in a house produce 2 to 3 liters milk per cow at a time Yes Yes I have heard that foreign breeds produce more milk but also consume more fodder? Yes! They eat a lot, more than desi cows No, desi cow eat less Foreign breeds are heavier than desi cows OK Desi cows are relatively smaller in size Doesn’t it make all things even? How? If these cows eat more, their expenses would also go higher Indeed, cost goes high but in return, we get more milk Hmmm.. Desi cows eat less but give only 4 liter milk a day Foreign breed comparatively consumes more but produce 40 to 45-liter milk a day Foreign breed consumes corn mix silage instead of green fodder It is prepared in bulk and stored in a special way So it doesn’t get expired Then it is used according to daily needs Silage is, by Silage Silage contains a large amount of corn A lot of maize kernels We get 40 to 90 mounds of maize kernels from one acre That is all corn That animal eats Corn keeps the cow fat And helps produce more milk Cow fodder also contains wanda, edible oil, minerals, and cornflour So that’s why they produce more milk Right…Silage use is less laborious Yes. I have noticed that getting fodder for a local cow is a tough task Yes Yes, We have 40 animals MashaAllah, only two people look after them Do these 2 laborers take care of all 40 cows? These two workers are feeding silage now and will be free after that Milk machines milk the cows two times a day What if a farmer had that many desi cows? In my opinion, even 8 workers are not enough if they are given green fodder We prepared silage from 20 acres of corn that cost a million rupees After they start milking, the costs are met within three months After that, all their milk and calf are net profit One of my cow delivered a calf, a vet arrived in the morning, along with the owner of the semen store The doctor offered me 40,000 each for the calves which are a few days old They are this much precious and this is their benefit How many such farms are there in this area? There are currently 6 farms in our village only Is it a new trend here? Yes it is This trend has increased in the last five years In past 5 to 7 years the trend has grown! What is the reason for this shift as the companies were already buying milk from the farmers Yes they were Milk prices have increased since more companies have arrived Moreover, Many people in our village work overseas Ok Their do not have economic stability there So this is their (overseas Pakistanis’) investment? Masha Allah, my 3 brother work abroad Ok.Masha Allah They have set up this farm for me Your tea is cold (because of me) No problem, I take cold tea Call it to move her back… She (cow) is fond of the camera She wants to have selfie. She doesn’t understand my language Either her own More farms are being established Currently, Pakistan is producing more wheat than its demand But if the pressure of population continues, the day is not far when we will have to figure out the primary purpose of farmland usage. Whether we would grow our own food or of the foreign cows? They are eating for free Goats are integral part of this village They are maintenance-free cattle They do not demand much for their fodder They can live on the green garbage in the house By the way they don’t get lose out They like to “clean” the green remnants of a field Nooo… Is it recorded? Yes it is What happened ? She is complaining She is telling to her mother The banyan tree is wonderful. It is the elder of the village landscaping When the bitter realities push you into the painful uncertainty of life, its very existence draws you back to affirmation It seems as if it is saying, “This time will pass too” Shrines and Astanas are attached to the banyan tree as if they are its own offshoot Renovation of this village Shrine is under process We talked to a village elder who came here to pray Baba ji (why) village has a large number of small farmers having one acre each Was that the case in the past as well? No, earlier some people had a full murabba and some had half They had two or four or five children to inherit the land So the land was divided Yes the land kept dividing into their children Our neighbors have one murabba, previously owned by their father, now it is divided among his four sons The land for farming has gone little The farming has shrunk Yes. So the living became harder and harder Allah is merciful Some people got a job others went abroad My son whom you just met, works in Saudi Arabia The elder one was in the police department After retirement, he is working as a security guard in 8 / 11L National Bank branch Have the cattle farming trend also changed? One can keep as much cattle as he can afford I and my younger brother have 8 animals Me and my younger brother And work together Our neighbors have 70 foreign breed cows along with 5 to 7 buffalos Altogether, they have a herd of about 175 animals, small and mature There are so many animals but no lassi is available in the village Now, the companies like Nestle and Engro Takeaway all the milk for their bussiness Now you do not make butter or desi ghee No one makes butter or desi ghee anymore People of my age have had a lot of butter and desi ghee I am 82 years old I was 12, 13 years old when I migrated from India It have been 72 years since Pakistan came into being We started farming after we reached here Also started buffalo breeding We used to eat desi ghee and drink desi milk At that time, no fertilizer or spray was used (on crops) Now you take tea like urban folks Yes you are right In next episode In Chak 12/11 Who is sowing hope and who is reaping despair? Why do animals wear jerseys? And when do these cattle become the expression of the masculine pride?

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